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Thanks For The Epics

And the Warlock says to the guild:

"Thanks for the epics!"

Than takes the gold from guildbank and /guildquits.
Ofcourse the guildleader is hunting him down!

By the way, this did not happen, just some random stuff I came up with.

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The color palette and general shape of the monster remind me of a classic Frazetta painting, not sure of the title but it was used as the cover of the Nazareth album "Expect No Mercy". Were you thinking of this reference? Great painting.
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Goregeous.....I love fave Char in WOW.......cheers......awesome work.....
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happened to me in another game!!!
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t6 was the best wl set ever!
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hehe thats funny :D
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I really like the shadow in the background, maybe you should do some action sequences in future drawings,no?

And it`s great BTW!
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ah godness :D It's so great :D really good job man!
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do u use bamboo pen?
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using normal wacom graphire or whatever they all called=)
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Wonderfully painted! I'm totally faving this, excellent work.
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You're amazing mate; you need to come on msn more tho.
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Heh thanks, but I always end up spending too mutch time on msn when I do go online=)
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Not enough - I miss you =[
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Haha, najs! Händer det här ofta i wow eller? :P
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Tack, hehe nja det händer nog inte så ofta, men någon gång ibland händer det nog, med tankten på alla miljoner som spelar spelet.
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Awesome painting! And the idea is pretty hilarious too. That has happened to a guild I was in once, oh... the guild leader was not pleased...
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Thankyou=), yeh thats pretty annoying when it happens indeed heh., the only time something similar happen for me was during pre Tbc, at majordomos chest in molten core. but most people just laughed cause the loot was shit hah.
Random it may be, it is frickin awesome.
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Thanks alot!=) im glad you like it
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