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Snow Castle

Done in photoshop, took a couple of days due to all the rendering of details.
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stunning, great illumination
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Why does this remind me of Castle Crashers 

this is great 
Crystalliana's avatar
Wow. What a work of art!
AvatarSpectr's avatar
This is absolutely amazing. I love the striking blues of the ices and even a balance of its wild vivacity with the brown shrubs in the path.
gkrit's avatar
ooooo interesting! One thing though... its somewhat hard to establish a focal point in the image as there are a number of aspects that can be a little distracting. Overall -- colours, textures and concept are rlly nice.
gkrit's avatar
i prob shouldve specified what the distractions are -- and its all the harsh white points on the canvas.
Ozzith-Fox's avatar
Whoah how do you do this!
Ocarina-Witch's avatar
AMAZING! I Wish I Could Live There
TsumexxXX's avatar
Kinda looks like Everfrost in EQ2. I know you didn't image it around it. It reminds me of it, though. Instant favourite
dreamlightsinc's avatar
This is so creative I don't even know where to begin...
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Dude, that's so awesome.I love the collors... keep up the good work
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э. Нет слов...
idia199's avatar
This is brilliant, you really got a lot better since I last looked at your gallery. Nice detail.
uvnik's avatar
unreal awesome!
DreamTheorem's avatar
This is beautiful, I love the colours and the calming atmosphere. Really great work <3
pandora14's avatar
You did an amazing work :) !
NanoCigT's avatar
yoyshaia-chan's avatar
O.O; How do you have the patience to do that? Each individual point of ice, and are those people, walking up the slope? I loove it xD
YariAsari's avatar
Really damn impressive, detail was worth it :D
Epantiras's avatar
*Insert jawdropping emoticon here*
That looks great and... is it me or the ice on the right has mouths?
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