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Portraiture of Gaben

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This is a portrait of Gabe Newell that I did for a small project with my cousin known as Mastgrr.
So I recorded this painting as a video and he made a song to go along with it. I hope you like it :).

For you who don't know who Gabe is, he is the co-founder of Valve Corporation, Doing video games like Team fortress, Half life and Left for Dead.
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*sheds tear* It's so beautiful.
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Praise our lord and savior, Gaben!
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Gaben'll appreciate <3
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He looks like he's holding in a fart.
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Worth the weight
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I would frame this and display proudly it on my wall of heroes (if I had one :P) Well done!
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Half Life 3 confirmed.
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AHahahaha lo, this is fabulous!!! XDDD all this time I watched you and didn't know about this painting :)
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He looks like a chubby Harry Potter ahha ! Added to fav !
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harry potter after cakes!! ... just kidding . GREAAT JOB!!
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Nice guy ....and troll.
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Gaben is a big troll=)
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So much work for an off-kilter Gaben. rofl
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Gaben release episode 3 today!!!!!!!!!!
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your comment and your....footer, or whatever you calls it, matched perfectly
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.... well, that was totally.. wait for it.. werth the wait.
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This is Gabe's face when people tell fat jokes about him(bunch of jackasses).
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pretty funny, dude. How come you did him instead of mike morhaime or something?
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