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Not entirely happy with this one, it really lacks something I pretty mutch struggle with in most of my paintings, I think it might be lacking some interest, and well everthing feel so "sharp", your eyes probably will just fly around the picture like a confused maniac trying to find were to watch.

I kinda know what I need to focus on after doing this one, which is atmosphere perspective, push away the background by keeping less detais?, less contrast in colors and values, pull in the center of interest and have like some mid ground.

I gonna study alot of other artists how they do it, I think thats a good way to go.

And yeh ofcourse practice everything else, anatomy for example and perspective XD.

But yeh I mean this painting still took like alot of time, struggled alot with it, doing the circle on the floor is one of the hard objects

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This picture has been my desktop wallpaper for a very long time. I enjoy it everyday when I see it. You are great!
Belated Happy Birthday and many greetings from Germany! :) (Smile)
Hopy shit man!
That is amazing!
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I loved this boss in classic times.. :)

fantastic work ♥
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I love it, when I first looked at it, my attention went straight to the essence coming out of the skull, then I started seeing the gorgeous color combination, and afterwards I started taking in everything else in the picture. I dont think its missing anything. Adding too much may ruin it.
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Most amazing Sapph I have ever seen...
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This looks great!
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yes my Eye did try and find a focus to me it was the ice blue light from the dragons eyes/nose.. But for another it will be different.. When I looked again my eye was drawn to the doorway, which i didn't notice at first glance.. very awesome though
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My eye follows the spine of the Frostwyrm to its skull, and the along its breath and around the circle, then it moves to the orb and then to the door way - I like it.
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AHH I just love it its so awesome!
Too bad i killed him and his mate (jep it is in a semi official comic confirmed Sindra ans Sapph were mates (in life)
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ahh yes one of th best Frost Wrm next Sindragosa....

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Maybe it needs a victim for the electrical snore xD
But in all seriousness, this is well detailed and it shows how it looks when no adventurer walks in a raid room of a sleeping dragon.
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Aww, the draky looks sad :D Well no I think there is not a problem with the background. I think :P
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wow amazing artwork *.*
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the most beutiful boss in da Naxx.
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Beautiful. :clap:


Trigon: Did Arella told you what happen to your father?

Raven: She told me enough. She told me you kill him.

Trigon: No, I am your father.

Raven: NO!!!
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I don't think it lacks sharpness mate.
I think if it does, its compensated by mood and atmosphere.
Nice job!
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This is freaking amazing!!
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very nice painting!

tho you might want to improve on the bones..
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This is fantastic dude
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Jag gillar den! Gillar verkligen de blå färgerna och hur skelletet är uppbyggd. Men du kanske har rätt, det är något som saknas? Någon trevlig detalj?

Aja, bra jobb som vanligt!
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Ooooo!! I really like this one. The mood really shows. I love the wings and the texture on the dragon. The time and attention you put into the details is marvelous. Awesome work. ^^
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Amazing work. You described pretty well the sensation I had: my eyes were looking at every corner of it! :D

Congratulations and thank you for the lesson in your comments :)
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