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Monster Tower

Personal painting of something totally random.

Done in Photoshop over a few days, took quite a while to do!.

And thanks to everyone for commenting and such here on my deviant, I appreciate it very mutch, even tho I dont always have time to answer them all!

Update: did some minor adjustments to the army ifront of the tower, infact I removed it entirely, it just didnt look good=)
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Did you use textures for the final piece? Looks like traditional painting
hobbitshire's avatar
Appearance is spectacular, especially the twisted, warped shape and what appear to be giant eyes. One question. Is the tower a lair of monsters, a monster itself, or both? (The latter two would be great).
UnidColor's avatar
Thanks alot and sorry for late reply, the tower is a creature/monster living thing, where it also produces or other monster

I unfortunately rarely check comments on older images, as it would take up too much time to answer them all! so I
spend the time on new images and answering all the notes! just incase you wonder :).
hobbitshire's avatar
No problem. Thanks for the reply.
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GerardEPowell's avatar
i'm in love with this
HelenMaier's avatar
Bloody gorgeous!
StLemons's avatar
Gorgeous! The sense of scale and unpleasant danger are superb!
PaulBaack's avatar
Spectacular! Frank Frazetta would have been proud.
Majeh4108's avatar
The place where nightmares call home.
iatemypencils's avatar
it has nice traditional feel. love this one
DSil's avatar
Horrific, haunting, and beautifully realized. This rules so hard.
Onihikage's avatar
Looks very much like where you might find the final boss in a video game!
taughtbyabadgermole's avatar
That is legitimate... Excuse me! Any monsters home?!
theubbergeek2's avatar
It's like a realistic version of Ninja Gaiden!
yapi's avatar
Great design on that tower!
RavenseyeTravisLacey's avatar
New work nice! looks greatttt!
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Hungrysparrow's avatar
Impressive sense of epic scale.
taki1's avatar
Looks oldschool. Classic fantasy illustration.
Alicemonstrinho's avatar
You should definetly upload it to the RIFT creature contest on DA! Looks like an earth monster or somehting!
MilwaukeeMeg's avatar
Fascinating. This is one of those pictures that really ask for a story behind them, and makes those little cogs in writer's head turn.
Hideyoshi's avatar
yeah, submit to Wizards, make Magic Cards! :D
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