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Halloween 2021


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Happy Halloween everyone!

Check out Robert Russell's youtube for his latest Halloween composition along with
my Halloween picture here:…

I hopefully didn't scare anyone with the late upload this year!
I might have to come back and tweak it in the future, I just
finished it so need some time to let it sit.

Update: Added some atmosphere, an overall colors tweak and the candles and things glows more!
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Absolutely beautiful. I'm speechless...

ArtbyBones's avatar

Just amazing! Very creative mind...

Mikecy's avatar

What an outstanding job! Thank you!

This is the perfect amount spooky and just plain beautiful. It seems to capture the very essence of Halloween :O

stoudaa's avatar

Always looking forward to these! This one is delicious as usual.

manati20's avatar
Cabbagecabrera's avatar

It's so spookily beautiful. This is where I want to live.

MelodicChronic's avatar

The coveted UnidColor Halloween painting!! One of my favorite paintings of every year. Very well done, my friend. I love how the houses are alive in this one.

Trunchbull's avatar

every year that the halloween season comes about, i start thinking about what piece you will create this year

i like seeing the guy with the horns throughout the years . he seems on keeping his costume as simple as possible

he used to walk with a friend, but since we last saw him in 2018 [i did not miss the pumpkin with the devil horns in 2019] he has not walked with another. i hope his friend is alright. ):

Shazabia321's avatar

Absolutely amazing! You do an awesome Halloween art piece every year all well worth the wait!

I love it!!!!!!!!!

SulaimanDoodle's avatar

Beautiful spooky scene!

VanyerXIV's avatar

YESSS There it is! Omg this is soooooooo sick lol. You are literally phenomenal at this, and capture the true spirit of Halloween perfectly every single time, thank you so much for doing these every year. This was WELL worth the wait, absolutely incredible man. You seem to be such a mysterious, but phenomenal, artist. Because it seems that you only appear at Halloween, but man is it so worth the wait lol. Thank you for yet another awesome Halloween-rich masterpiece!

Dimitrisdimitris2's avatar

Imagine this artwork in a 3d game enviroment like in unreal engine 5. Would pay for it.

VanyerXIV's avatar

If there was a game based on UnidColor's Halloween world realistically in Unreal 5 that would be soooooo sick haha, I'd pay for it too.

rinkubj's avatar

so beautiful thank you so much you're doing gods work

Daro1234frog's avatar

Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] Awesome!!!!! :DDDD

FireOpal-Blade's avatar

Another job well done!

Mintzen's avatar


Dimitrisdimitris2's avatar

Great lighting and colour palette, Love it!

bcrbuio3tvrbvt's avatar

Darkest one yet. Appropriate for the times.

Kindredpixels's avatar

Your Halloween edits are so inspiring mate!!❤️

eugenx's avatar

Been anticipating this. You capture Halloween the absolute best thank you.

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