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Halloween 2018

By UnidColor
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Its been a while, sorry about that! but I hope you all are doing fine.

Another year and another new Halloween image! this time I wanted a little bit more of a fall feeling to it, anyway
I hope you are having a nice fall and Halloween (we got snow here already unfortunately!)

Also If you feel like it please check out the links below.
Robert Russell does awesome Halloween music each year together with my artwork:…

Also Nocturnaloner made some awesome animation from my Halloween artworks here:…

Updated:2018-11-19 (Adjusted a few things and tweaked colors)
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Just saw this today. The 2018 Halloween pic is nice too.

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this is by far the most atmospheric ,detailed and hypnotizing artwork i have seen...

Speechless. I used to play this game called Medievil and your artwork reminds me that but better haha !

MediumCrazy's avatar
very detailed, has a traditional painting technique and style feeling with modern fantasy setting. well done.
Zirkon777's avatar
Sorry, i´m late :D Great work!
Drew-Id's avatar
Everyone else's superlatives and then some! Magnificent work!
MajorasMasks's avatar
This is amazing (yeah, I'm quite behind in checking my inbox...  ^^'  )
ErikShoemaker's avatar
as always, top notch halloween art!
VSales's avatar
I missed you so much, I really love your paintings. Would like to see more
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I spent a couple of minutes just appreciating the amount of effort and details in this piece. You're such a true inspiration to me.
buried-legacy's avatar
Fantasticly done. You really put effort into it and it shows. Keep doing what your doing
Geoffryn's avatar
THAT looks suspiciously like the Inn of the Last Home...!
Percevanche's avatar
It's always a treat to see this every year!
marijeberting's avatar
Really wonderful Clap and thanks very much for the watch :D (Big Grin) 
AleksWarrior's avatar
These Halloween pieces are almost magical! Amazing work :-D
setdisplay's avatar
I always love your Halloween illustrations! I wish you would upload more than once a year because they're so awesome xD
Ravenmare1111's avatar
I'm so excited for this! I was waiting to see what you would do this year. It's amazing <3
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Another year, another fantastic halloween piece.  
I like the more fall take on it this time.
I wish there were more shows or music that captured the spirit of halloween (that weren't catering to little kids almost exclusively), they always seems to be left behind in favor of thriller/gore/jump scare movies.
SuperTanookiBros's avatar

wait is TNBC a Halloween or a Christmas movie?
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Awesome, thank you and Happy Halloween!
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Beautifully rendered *D* I love the palette you chose for the forest especially - Great work :clap:
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