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Halloween 2015

By UnidColor
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Here is a Halloween song to feed your Halloween spirits! done by Robert Russell, he has 
been doing Halloween music each year too!…

Also check out Greg's wonderful animations of my Halloween pictures!:…

I hope u all are having a nice and cozy fall! and I hope u will enjoy this new picture aswell!

The picture ended up quite wide, so it's displayed quite small, but feel free to download it and view it
on your computer!

I had orginally planned to incooparate some animation in this picture, but due to the size and difficulty of it all I had to go
the regular route, so will have to experiement with it more on simpler images.

Done with photoshop.

Edit: adjusted the colors and some minor stuff!
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thanks dear you have a splendid collection for halloween- my my your art and creations are truly awesome-- thanks dear- have a great day & do take care & be safe Hugs Ven

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Wow this is incredible! ✨🌸✨

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This is just my favorite Halloween Artwork of all time, I didn't know it was yours, and I just discovered your work. Sincerely, I don't know how you're doing but... I feel like you entered my head and pictured EXACTLY my vision, my aesthetic, just... the way I see Halloween. It's such an important event for me, I love the Halloween mood, ambiance... And it's not n my opinion something juste cold, grey with horror movies. It's something very colorful, festive, with hot colors, A LOT OF PUMPKINS AND CANDLES xD 
The colors you use, the ambiance of your works, the "crowded" aspect with a lot of details... I don't really know how to explain it with the right words, but you just perfectly described and pictured what Halloween is for me, and when I look to your artworks I just feel SO amazed. Thank You Soooooo much for your work, so inspiring ! <3 
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You r great !!!
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such a nice drawing , love the athmosphere !!!!
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Absolutely fantastic!  I love it!
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This is what I like to see when Halloween comes; a town drowning in decorations and the air thick with magic.
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very beautifully☆゚*・。
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I love your artwork!
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Holy... this is amazing
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This is awesome artwork! Love the colors!
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16 been cool and now been super cool lol
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It's amazing! One of the best Halloween-themed works I've ever seen!
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Can i use your artwork for my school's halloween themed prom night ? :)
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Ooomfg thE DETAILS!! OoO

This is so amazing u can just look at it for so long and keep discovering new things I love it. Thank u for makeing so awesome stuff..
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This is so so good! I love it man!
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Not enough detail 
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wow this amazing, great job!!!
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