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October 11, 2014
Halloween 2013 by UnidColor is but one example of the artist's exquisite use of color and light. Halloween is coming, and this eerily fun painting sets the stage perfectly.
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Halloween 2013

Hello fellow Deviants!

Halloween hype!, I always enjoy painting them since fall is so great and cozy!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did painting it!
Done in Photoshop.

Also check out Robert, he made a wonderful Halloween composition you can listen to:…

Also check out Greg's wonderful animations of my Halloween pictures!:…

Since a lot of people wonders about the spelling of "RIP in peace", its just something that a lot of people write in
the gaming community, I guess its just a joke of a joke or something :) there is more info about it on google if your curious.


Wow thanks everyone for your comments! im glad you enjoy it so much, I appreciate it a lot.

Update 2:
Thanks so much for the DD!, I appreciate it alot <3 and I hope u all like the image, I try my best to do something this month for halloween aswell.
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Polyrender's avatar

Amazing detail and composition. And I love the screaming turquoise lighting. So moody.

Hi! Is this image available for commercial use? :)

DyslexicGamer's avatar

RIP in peace??? I don't mean to be that guy but RIP means rest in peace, so it's rest in peace in peace...

Other than that it's a nice picture

uptospeed's avatar

Your halloween art seems to be everywhere.Amazon has your paintings available and the book”Can you see what I see- Halloween edition by John Wick” reminds me of times past that I would love to visit.ThankYou!!!!

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shikomekidomi's avatar
Nice atmosphere.  Although your gravestone reads Rest In Peace... in peace.
Karnage1997's avatar
this is awesome, great work mate
GabiWieczorek's avatar
helloween atmosphere. very cool match.
SpringDA's avatar
Wow..... Just wow! 
saber7610's avatar
goofybro's avatar
Hello, would you mind if I used this painting for a school project. I study 3D art and would like to recreate some of the pieces in the painting
JustHimmel's avatar
Very nice. Do you do commissions?
abco2's avatar
Fantastic !--
nishagandhi's avatar…
Your work is featured in my blog here :)
it makes me smile
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Beautiful work!
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