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Halloween 2012

Anyone else enjoying fall as much as me?, I always kinda want to paint something related to it every years I think.
Definitely my favorite season.

Feel free to DL larger version.

Oh my god! so many comments, thanks everyone and
im super glad you all like it so much! I dont know
how to begin answering them all!

Here is some answer:

This was done in photoshop.

I was working in it for abit over a week, how many hours I don't know exact, But probably 25+ hours or more (so hard to keep track on time when painting).

Ofcourse for those who wants, feel free to use it as wallpaper.
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Such a warm and beautiful autumn picture! I like it!

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Wonderful, thank you so much ! Happy Halloween !

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This picture has been my (Spo)oktober desktop for the last couple of years. Glad I found the creator. THANK YOU!
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Happy Halloween! :halloweenpumpkin: 
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I'm glad I found the source. This is everywhere. I love it. 
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I also love fall, its also one of my favorite seasons.
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oh my gosh your halloween art is so beautiful <3 
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I'm so glad to have finally found this painting!  I tried to reverse image search through Google before I actually noticed your signature in the wood on the fence.  I love the use of color and lighting to set the atmosphere, especially the contrasts between the foreground with the jack-o-lantern and the background with the moon and the house.
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I know it is not fall, but had to fave it. Just love this!!!!!!
Everything is so enchanting. Just enough detail to keep me engaged.
Great work.
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Beautiful, the textures make everything look so solid!
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This is beautiful.
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This looks like something from the World of Warcraft! :)
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Beautifully Done!
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Use this every year as my wallpaper on PC phone and tablet. Just brilliant! thank you
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Hello, I was wondering if it would be okay to use this on Chatland's Catpawisland website. It would be a NO PROFIT situation, I just need for a room background, and it'll only be up temporarily. But I require your permission to upload it for a halloween event. I hope to hear an answer from you soon!
Thank you for making my Halloween so much better. I like your new art too.
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I really love this! I'm using it as my desktop image cuz it's perfect for this time of year. Great detail, colors, ambiance.
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It's so beautiful!
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Wonderful atmosphere and gorgeous colors! I love this and wish I could jump into it. Great work! :heart:
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Showcased here : Halloween Showcase  Happy Halloween!
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Absolutly amazing!
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