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Green Forest

Just a simple piece I guess, it serve no true purpose more than something I wanted to paint, so nothing fancy concept wise, nor mutch of a storytelling picture.

But I hope that's fine,

After doing an fast sketch of the scene with a simple brush I added alot of photo textures of woods and vegetation on top,and than continued painting right over,
Its speeds things up and gives a slighty different look, and its more fun that way.
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It's curious how this really remind me of "Craig of the Creek", while the show was released in 2018...

they picked some inspirations on deviantart i guess

good work tho

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Love this!! Really gorgeous piece. Hope you don't mind, but I used this as the header for my tumblr blog. I credited you, but wanted to let you know as well!!
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This reminds me of that trip to Oregon.
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nicely done. I like how the golden glow of the sky looks against the green of the forest.
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Awesomeness! Seriously so profesh done. really love this

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Hello, my chatlands username is Lucine. I was wondering if I may use this for a chatlands site I am currently making, soon to be uploaded, called 'Inverno'. C: This would NOT be used for profit, merely for... Display, I guess you could say. Users would be able to come in, and view this amazing piece of art. I would give credit to you, yes. I would also inform you of when Inverno is uploaded. What do you say? C:
Notice: Signature would stay there, and I would link back to this if asked where I found it.
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May I PLEEEEEZE use this as a chatlands room, I promise to give all credit to you ;_;
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So atmospheric. Excellent work!
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Marvelous composistion UC! Simple & mysterious. I see a Story here!
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Hate to sound like I'm just asskissing, but where have these been all the time I've been on this site?
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I can almost feel the moss! :) good stuff.
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Very beautiful. Green is such a nice color.
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The depth and detail is astounding. This is incredible
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simple but nice...
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feeric and epic
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oh my ;;A;; so amazing.... I lost my words.... ♥
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Art has to have a purpose??? This invites the viewer to take a walk into it. Great stuff.
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Very nice! It has a very ethereal and atmospheric feel to it, like it's a magic wood in which not everything is all there. ^_^
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