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Far from home

Well, one more environment!
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you got the key to success, your stuff is 😍
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I can't put my finger on which one right now, but this painting reminds me of a Michael Whelan piece. Great atmosphere and sense of alien-ness. The silhouetted man vs the giant head gives a sense of oppressive danger and loneliness.
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You've got a great creativity!
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This is an awsome picture!
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Great ! 8D
That remember something: [link]
He who would cross the Bridge of Death
Must answer me
These questions three
Ere the other side he see."
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Thanks alot that was a really funny videoXD

Yeh just need an old guy in the picture too:D
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You're welcome. This movie is priceless ! A cult film. :heart:

Yes !!! A very old creepy tramp ! Do it ! XD
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How can you have so many ideas for's amazing !
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Thanks alot!, well just being crazy minded!, I try to get inspiration from nature, just twist it up and wholah!.
Also seeing alot of crazy stuff helps!=).
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*This* is weird :D
It left me speechless!
My favourite part is the little man and the unstable looking bridge that goes deeper and deeper in the scenery. Ack excuse my poor choice of words v_v
The stone (organic?) pipes from which comes the smoke look like they're coming forward the viewer instead of actually growing in size, is it meant to look like that? And that stone platform they're on, it looks as it was floating, am I right? I mean, is it was a "pillar" partially hidden by blue fog or a floating platform? I'm making these questions because I think it's important for you to see if "ignorant" viewers perceive the environment as it is meant to be perceived.
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Cheers! thanks for the comment:)

Heh well they are suppose to be organic, growing left to right, but the issue might be the contrast and colors are so strong on the tip of them so they lean forward, sort of just "pop" out of the picture, which would be my misstake if that is the case:).
But at the same time, I putted a spotlight on them to sort of create a focus just there.
It could also be because of their shape, but yeh maybe deep in my mind I sort of wanted them to be creepy, very organic moving plants:).

Yeh the platforms are just floating around magically;) yeh if there would be pillars they would definitly been visible tru the fog:)
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lol where does this stuff come from? XD
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Heh no clue man no clue=), or well I think I saw some wierd plant before, but I sort of forgot how it looked like, so I made it up and I just felt like adding some smoke, and they became some smoking plants:)
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Love the atmosphere man :) Great work, reminds me a bit of pirates of caribean hehe
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Heh great thanks, I have never seen that movie tho, but I could imagen the figure could be a pirate for sure:)
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Really nice atmospheric perspective!

You should post the desert one, too! ;)
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Thanks, im glad u liked it=).

yeh I might do that, I will just have to fix a few small things on which I dont like ;)
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Cool. :) I look forward to seeing it.
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woot colouring is amazing
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