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Just a random environment piece I guess, so it's not from any existing game or anything like that : )
Felt like posting something as I have been pretty bad at it lately.

Done in Photoshop like the usual.

I hope u will like it, but I guess I might be doing updates to it as I usually find
stuff that bothers me about it after I have uploaded it.

Edit: Here we go, felt like I had crushed the value range in the shadows a bit too much, felt so flat and boring, so I went in and added some even darker values to pull some attention there and giving it more form.
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an eyecandy.
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That's beautiful
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Incredible.. !
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Ihis has a kind of Alice in Wonderland feeling, I love it! Would love to play a game like this, mostly an adventure one :3
Absolutely wonderful Patrik. If you're going to edit in the future, I would consider adding some more purple/blue glow on the path so that it even more clearly guides your eyes towards the focal object of the comp.
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It feels like it's an underwater scene. But then I noticed the butterflies so that can't be :)
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 i dont want to seem judgy but it clearly looks like its ilustrated based off of Naausica of the valley of the wind.
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Amazing work!!!
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oh, i love you :D
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Mushrooms too far are similar like candies XD
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Like contrast and colors.
remind me a little bit his plants…
 They are different, but both looks like mushrooms growing in rock caves :)

OR what is that in the center? :)
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I'm a huge fan of your recent uploads.Love how your style has become thruought the years this vibrant and sleek. All best and wish you'd upload more! 
btw. do you have any blog/ place with your wips, sketches, and other lovely junk? :D
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Thank you for sharing 
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Beautiful contrast and composition! Stellar work :clap:
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This is awesome!
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Awesome work! Such a fantastic and deep atmosphere, like in a Fairy-tale!
Very nice!!!
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Magical +o+ the colors are stunning!
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It's beautiful, man! Fantastic job!
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