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Diablo III Desolate Sands - Cave of the Betrayer

By UnidColor
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Image done for the Diablo 3 Anniversary!
It was recently posted here along with other great art!
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boehlahz's avatar
Beautiful work. What a talent!
sevenofeleven's avatar
Come to the Cave of the Betrayer and have a Kulle time!

Looks great.
DarkFriday's avatar
Excellent work!

I just made this my Win7 desktop wallpaper!!

TY  :)
Nasooto's avatar
Ofta du är svensk! :D du är typ min nya idol xD hur jäkla snyggt som helst
windboi's avatar
man, I was hoping that there ll be video of this, haha
Enoa79's avatar
Beautiful work. Very well done.
SeraphsAngel's avatar
Just D2 and D3, Diablo1 is thankfully free of its sandy evil.
missZoid's avatar
it reminds me of the sene form the lion king when Sinba and Nala want to go into the elephant skull. that mood!
really compelling picture, super interesting. love the use of colors with the blues even in the floors off to the side.
UnidColor's avatar
Thanks alot for the comment! and I agree:D
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ChrisPaulBlack's avatar
Fantastic Work. The contrasting blues you put in really make it interesting.
UnidColor's avatar
Thanks! oh yeh had to balance it out with the overly yellow image,
the color would have made for a good focal point in the picture contrast wise, but had to make it darker so it hopefully wouldn't take too much attention away from the cave.
SeraphsAngel's avatar
Hate desert style zones but LOVE the artwork. Nice job :D
UnidColor's avatar
Thanks! oh yeh they do tend to appear in many games:D
thomaswievegg's avatar
När åker du och börjar jobba åt Blizzard då Patrik?
UnidColor's avatar
hehe :D förmodligen aldrig, men kanske något inom tcg?=) vem vet!
thomaswievegg's avatar
Tror du har en riktigt bra chans att få jobb där om du skulle vilja. Du kan ju alltid söka här: [link] ;) Ja deras tcg borde du verkligen kunna bidra till! :) Har du kontaktat dem tidigare?
3dayWeekend's avatar
Desloate Sands, perhaps? ;) Nice one, anyway!
UnidColor's avatar
Indeed it is !, thanks!
TJverhagen's avatar
great piece, I love the look of that zone.
The play through not so much.. kind of a pain in the butt:)
UnidColor's avatar
oh yeh! especially the part after doing that cave+ other place, when you go to zoltun khuul's place
RavenseyeTravisLacey's avatar
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Thank you Raven!:)
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