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Diablo 2 Claw Viper Temple

Thanks everyone for all the comments!

This is an image I did earlier this year for Game-Art-hq's Diablo tribute.

I wrote some info about the image aswell, check it out in the link!…

Also here is a link to their website:
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Unholy Crap bro im 6 years behind in skill i'll catch you someday. <3 The feels from seeing new art for this game. Thank you for the hard work its Gorgeous!!!.
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New wallpaper = found.
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I really love your art, just, i'm thinking about what you are drawing, what would it be if it was made in 3d like a real SAO game or some more realistic minecraft, the universe would have a bound, a soul in every places, mezmerizing
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All these diablo 2 stuff you have is so impressive and amazing. You really capture that "gloomy imminent doom" feeling that diablo 2 has.
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It's beautiful!!!

Can you do an image when appear Duriel in Tal Rasha's Chamber?
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Oh my goodness this is amazing! The level of detail here is unbelievable! Just look at the flickering glow of the fires, the beams of moonlight piercing the clouds. So many eye-catching elements. Thank you for sharing this.
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Purfect work! Always loved the 2nd Act.
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I thought the game crashed when the lights went out:fear:
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This is fucking amazing!
Such memories! Those darn ugly half snake half mutant things killed me so many times back then!
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Aaahh.... nostalgic
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so beautiful!! *__________*
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Hi. You're amazing! If you could take a quick second to answer this, you would honestly change my life: What do I physically need to do during practice, each day, to eventually be able to create art like you? How did you learn and become so amazing?!!

Can you please break down exactly what one extremely motivated beginner student would need to do, each & every day when he or she sits down to practice, in order to create these incredible photorealistic 2d digital drawing/paintings?

People just say 'Practice.' But I do not know 'exactly' what this entails. 

Can you maybe make me, like, a list or something?!! So I can then go out and explore those topics? Or at least tell me what I need to physically be doing with my practice time so I can get as good as you? 

If there's any books/DVDs/tutorials you can recommend that totally helped you get better, that would be so freakin' incredible!!!

Thanks for the help!

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Awesome work man, very well done! really captures the feel of Diablo2
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Seeing the Worldstone Keep, Throne of Destruction, Pandemonium, and Durance of Hate in this sort of way would be absolutely awesome.

I so need to study interiors, buildings, or just generally scenery.
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It's very hard to say that this is a dreaded place (where people are sacrificed) with an artwork like that. Amazing :D
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Ah... it brings memories :)
Diablo 2 was somehow much more memorable than it's modern counterpart. But maybe it was just because the industry was young and there were no games like it in those times.
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NOSTALGIA! o dear sweat lord in heaven... X) for nostalgia :/ for disappointment in D3 :D for great piece of art! very nice mate! DAT TOMB!
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Wow, so many memories! Awesome work! This makes me want to draw my own fanart of landscapes and places in Diablo II, but I'm terrible at inanimate objects and mine wouldn't be as good as yours.
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Seeing this brought back so many awesome memories and nostalgia from D2.  Thanks for sharing!!
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