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October 3, 2009
Cthulhu by =UnidColor has a dynamic perspective and shows off deliciously wonderful skills!
Featured by aunjuli
Suggested by e-nat
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Done in photoshop

For my real life friend :iconcricke5:
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When you fail at stopping the cultists from summoning in D&D Pathfinder:
skulfuq's avatar
Cthulhu F'thgan!
vitaminanime's avatar
After looking at images of cute Cthulhu, I think I just felt my sanity slip a little
Bayushi-Tai's avatar
Lovecraft would be proud !!:thumbsup:
Entenn's avatar
Excellent work!
DatMine's avatar
I can see there is a lot of skill in this painting, but the details of Cthulhu aren't quite from the stories. He wasn't morbidly obese, and the "Call of Cthulhu" specifies that he has "long, narrow wings", not those humongous things.
vitaminanime's avatar
I seem to recall he was described as "corpulent" but I'll have to look back into The Call of Cthulhu
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wow...question how long did this take you?
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LittleWitchBoy's avatar
Was one of the first pictures of Cthulhu I came across when scouring the net. Still one of my all time favorites.
ktalbot's avatar
Love the colours in this it looks great
Amazing picture, but Cthulhu needs a little diet
Versius55's avatar
This picture is like the novels... great !
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Incredible! This is among the best Cthulhu art I've seen. Would you mind if I shared it on my blog?
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MessyDoodles's avatar
Priest Guy: You shall not pass!!!

Chulhu: B*tch, please. *SQUASH*
peccatori's avatar
It's very very Beautiful. <3
samoholic's avatar
Love it, kind of reminds me of something from Berserk, great job!
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lol-kitty45's avatar
isn't cthulhu a bit skinnyer??
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