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September 13, 2011
Crusaders Coliseum AnubArak by *UnidColor

Looks like an epic battle is about to emerge! The amount of detail here take me away!
Featured by TommyGK
Suggested by jcbarquet
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Crusaders Coliseum AnubArak

A Fanart I made in Photoshop, a boss from the new instance:
Crusaders Coliseum.

Copyright Blizzard Entertainment

Download for bigger picture.

Wow thanks alot for all the comments and the DD! I appricate it alot!.
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HammerinInkminer's avatar
An-Old-Otaku's avatar
They are so toast!  :no:
Wipe.  Too many were down. 

Nice work by the way.  :D
Oblivexx's avatar
Middle guy: F*** this tournament.
Laticis's avatar
Etalon11's avatar
I used it here, I hope you don't mind :3
1LAW1's avatar
But party too small.
1LAW1's avatar
Its my favourite WC3 characte too!!!
nickynedev's avatar
Anub'Arak is my favourite WC3 character, great job
Nightmarecl's avatar
Stellar work with Anub'arak, easily a favorite. So let's see, great color, high level of attention to detail, gorgeous lighting and beautiful textures. All in all, magnificent, well done Unid, keep it up.
NobleFiveJorge's avatar
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! I don't know what's more frightening, the idea of getting eaten by a whole horde of those little crawling ones, or getting the shit kicked out of you by that huge thing!
Nrethal's avatar
I really like how not every bug looks the same. It really shows that you worked hard on it's details and that it wasn't just a repetition for you.
IcorRepugnante's avatar
Just EPIC! love the inminent ambush of the minions!
realmckay29's avatar
Ah, very nice :) I wish WoW was free. $15 a month is a lot for someone with no job :-/ I miss my toons.
DarkVanir's avatar
Absolutely massive. True win.
Hamsterloki's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful! Breathtaking work on teh colours!
Razthor's avatar
uuu i remeber that part of the raid XD

dificult enough but in the end i think i did it all by my self :lol:

awesome work by the way :la:
DSil's avatar
Awesome scene! I like that texture on the ground a lot, it emphasized the depth of scene.
Kechuppika's avatar
Timepest's avatar
This is gorgeous; it has a proper 'ominous' quality to it!
Conuiron's avatar
This is insane, I mean just wow. I love the size and scope of this, very cool.
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