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Classic WoW - Darkshire

By UnidColor
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I felt like trying to do a paintover so I found a very good screenshot to paintover.

Here is the original screenshot, I unfortunately don't know who took the screenshot! but I hope it's fine that I used it!


I hope you guys like it, might end up tweaking stuff if something that bothers me.

Update: tweaked a few things.
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SDWH General Artist
What a cool,
Spooky-looking village this is!
"Darkshire" is a perfect name for it. ^w^
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pnscribblesHobbyist Digital Artist
Jaw dropped. Not because this is the best painting in the world, bur because the combination of WoW Classic and UnidColor is just too good to be true! Please do more! :happybounce:  
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i hope classic is not gonna disappoint >.<
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i want some more of it!
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zacharyknox222Hobbyist Artist
i love it!
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zacharyknox222Hobbyist Artist
i like it!
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Darkshire, one of my favorite classic zones,
dark, mysterious, ominous and stocked with ruins and abandoned farmsteads,
which both beg to tell their own stories and sets the mood of the forsaken municipalities of Stormwind.

And this wonderful piece of art makes it come alive, Exquisite work with a number of nice details (even if you've omitted a few from the original screenshot),
though after Legion, I don't know if the nightwatch would still be in charge of security, quite unlikely really
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Oh my god, I can't wait.
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Very strong painting and great brushwork, as always.

Can i write a little critic? - i think you missed brown colors of the wooden parts in the building and rooftop (even if we see brown colors barely in the screenshot).
As for lighting - in my opinion moon light is a bit too strong, it compete with light from the windows. There are nearly no reflections from windows light in the bottom sides of the roofs.

Sorry if this is too much, I think it might help you. Your art is always inspiring me :-) Keep up the great work! 
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Thanks for the points Zoriy, I will see I can tweak it some more later on, the reflections under the roof I had not even thought of!
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An amazing redition of Darkshire! It really captures the creepy, but beautiful atmosphere of Duskwood, just in time to get hyped for WoW Classic arriving late in August! ;) I've added this pic to my DA favorites! :D
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Thanks for the comment and the fav! It was definitely harder and more work than I thought, but I always loved the loading screens in WoW so felt like a good idea to give it a try as Classic is on the way.
I always loved the original zones and thought maybe and some art could hype it up and what better than the good old Duskwood!
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One can definitely see the work you've put into it! :) And I agree, the loading screen art images were always fantastic at setting the proper atmosphere.

Mission accomplished, I was already hyped for Classic Duskwood, but I'm even more so now. ;)
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SailorOnyxPlutoHobbyist General Artist
Never played Wow but great work!
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Thanks, yeh the game has very beautiful enviroments!
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Just for the sake of explanation, legal WoW Classic servers, the original version the game, are coming on August 28th. That's what likely inspired this pic. :) (Smile) 
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Dark and amazing! :toocool:  Congratulations by this great work! :winner:
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Thanks! and thanks for the comment.
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  You deserve the praise!  :pat:
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ChrissyBirdStudent Traditional Artist
love love love this zone, such memories here <3
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Thanks, yes a great zone indeed!
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