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Another background done for Tigtone!
Done in photoshop :)

link to the Tigtone facebook

And a trailer thingy!
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love the detail of birdshit on the roof !
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Ha Beef Ankles.
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Love this small-but-big city spirit
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Nice work! Ambitious detail.
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Love the attention to texture detail. Excellent work on this one! :clap:
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Cool stuff man! Cool to see you live in Sweden! I just moved here from the UK!
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That was awesome. I love the colour, the crispness. I was looking at the roof and thinking 'man the rain would just stream right down onto their worktable' then I noticed the door was smashed out.

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I love it!  All the little details... The laundry hanging, the gutters and rainbucket... The boots!
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amazing work ! :la:
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This is too awesome! I love every detail of it! The coloring is incredible and the whole atmosphere makes me wanna visit that place haha
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Heehee, didn't notice what was on the sign at first. I love it! The whole pic is great, but that sign really is the icing on the cake for me. :D
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Such a lovely and awesome painting! I love all the details you added, makes me really want to just step in there and stroll around a bit.. so much to discover :)

Great work (as always ;))!
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Wow. This is absolutely amazing. I thought at one point it was 3d made, not painting. :love:
How long does this type of illustration take you? If you don't mind me asking. :) Great works!
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How did you do the cobblestones?
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It took a while since I had to go and paint on each one of the stones in the end to make it look good.

But it started out with me painting just like a flat lineart of these stones, completely not in perspective, and quite messy with thick lines using like a default photoshop chalk brush.

I think I painted like 1 or 2 rows of stones than I just copy pasted it and merged it into a big tall texture, I think I had a few ones I applied to each road individually.

Than I just transformed it into the perspective fitting them into the empty grey roads, than at the same time I might have warped them abit giving them like a slight curve so the road wouldn't be so flat, I think I could have done it slighlty more even.

Than I think I just reduced the opacity of the black lineart giving me the grey shadows inbetween each rock, after that I had to just normally paint to give each rock some texture and variation of values etc, also added some dark darks inbetween the rocks and highlights, all done with the round brush with pressure sensitivity.

The circuluar pattern was done the same, just made like a flat texture lineart of it first, I drew like 1 rock square shape and than made like a halfcircle copy pasting it only, than duplicated that, than once I had the pattern I just transform it into the picture and freehand paint some bricks to merge it with the other smaller roads.

But yeh just loads of time spent on it!
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thank you very much for the information. It still seems quite daunting, maybe because it is. One has to wonder how much time should be spent on concept art, cuz if you really want it to look great you'll lose efficiency for your bosses.
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Have to say it, this art is awesome, I have my dudes about the trailer! did you do the illustrations for puppets?
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