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For this weeks Enviroment of the week challange entry on

Edit: I uploaded a new bigger file here incase u want it as a wallpaper.

Go and click on the download button to get the full version of it, you will have to crop and resize it yourself, also it can be fun to just check it out in full size.

(Just to let you know, I dont work at full size, I tend to have a rather big document, but I working zoomed out at about 25% when I normally paint, so yeh its not suppose to viewed at full size=D)

The picture you see now above this text (asume u clicked on it and is full size) is probably the size I work in when im putting im more details (small details I zoom in abit more), else in the very beginning I can work even smaller.

Working zoomed out is generally better for enviroments, not needed to go super detailed.
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Absolutely beautiful. However the water falls on the left should be casting more shade on the bottom left portion, which would also emphasize the city proper.
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This piece is lovely and inspirational!
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Very, very nice imagination.
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I mean this is awesome
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Wow, this definitely looks like a utopic paradise in a state of decadence. Nod 
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I love all the legends about the lost city of atlantis ! Your interpretation of the myth is wonderful ! Your Atlantis, between forests and waterfalls, make me dream ! I want to visit it. You draw some details, some colours... how many time did you spend to create this masterpiece ? ;)
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I want to go there.... :omg:
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Whaou this is beautiful ! I'm gonna make a chillstep music on it, I'll post the link here when finished !
If you want, you can check out what I've already made :
LadyThylia-beaumont's avatar
your work is just incredible.
l1quidluck's avatar
wow!! this is amazing!
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I just wanted to let you know that I put this in an art feature in my group :iconrealmsoffantasy-myth: , in the article "Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 50 - Atlantis" You can find it here: [link] ^_^
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Epic! *sails off to Atlantis*
julie-marie2's avatar
this is incredible! wonderfull
Oldin72a's avatar
awesome, awesome, awesome... Its wonderfull
SkyDragonElements's avatar
my eyes just can't believe it
i loved this, and the style
Angelsohma's avatar
This is AMAZING!! Do you mind if I use it for my idea of Atlantis in a book I am writing? This picture is beatiful. The colors are amazing, this is my idea of Atlantis only mines under water, but this is TOO COOL!!
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This is an awesome piece of artwork, beautiful job!
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i have looked at a lot of pictures of Atlantis because i find in fascinating and this picture has to me been the best depiction of it i have seen incredible.
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