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And The Heavens Shall Tremble

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I finally got around to make a fanart of my favorite game:
Diablo 2, however I think this picture is more of a mix of
Diablo 2 and 3 I guess.

In this picture you see Diablo fighting, or rather hes killing a Paladin, which ofcourse is a Hammerdin for those who know more about the game. I was planning to add more characters fighting him, but I decided not to do that because I thought it might become even more harder to read this picture than it allready is.

As for hes shoulders, I wasnt sure how to make them look interesting, so I thought I might make it look like the crystal on hes forehead would start spreading out towards other parts of hes body.

Anyway I belive started this picture about three days ago, so I guess it didnt take that long time, maybe 25 hours or so.

Update1: increased the contrast! It might just have been abit too dark.

Update2: Made Diablo's "background" leg and arm the ones towards the background abit more detailed, to fit the picture more.

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Damn amateur, attacking a huge dragon-like monster with a blunt weapon, pfft. Won't even bruise him. But a sword might at least cut the skin open...

...*cough* I mean, nice picture ;)