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HTTYD- Hiccups Shield Progression Pics by UnicornsInTheDryer HTTYD- Hiccups Shield Progression Pics :iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 2 2 HTTYD COSPLAY prop- fish  by UnicornsInTheDryer HTTYD COSPLAY prop- fish :iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 0 2 Toothless Quadsuit Head Base WIP by UnicornsInTheDryer Toothless Quadsuit Head Base WIP :iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 5 9 HTTYD Hiccup Cosplay - Fish by UnicornsInTheDryer HTTYD Hiccup Cosplay - Fish :iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 0 0 Hiccup Cosplay HTTYD Dagger by UnicornsInTheDryer Hiccup Cosplay HTTYD Dagger :iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 2 0 HTTYD Hiccup Cosplay - Journal Finished by UnicornsInTheDryer HTTYD Hiccup Cosplay - Journal Finished :iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 1 0 Hiccup Cosplay Helmet WIP by UnicornsInTheDryer Hiccup Cosplay Helmet WIP :iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 0 2
(Sherlock x Reader Chapter 8) The Heart Garden.
John’s door was shut. Y/n had refused Sherlock’s bed and sat quite comfortably in the corner of the couch. Sherlock paced in his room.
Normally he’d start to ramble along his violin but John had taken that away. Distracting himself by attending to his blog or making fun of John’s was out of the options. John had taken that away too.
Stupid John.
He couldn’t even find a case.
Three nicotine patches layered his arm, his mind palace was on lockdown and his heart garden wasn’t budging.  So Sherlock was left pacing the dark room reciting the periodic table of elements and their atomic numbers from the poster in his room.  
Why don’t you go play with the eyeball you left out?
I can’t. She’s there.
She hasn’t seen… she doesn’t know what I do. How will she react when I pull out a pulverised liver?
See what happens.
I can’t scare her off.
Scare her? She took on Mycroft.

Shit, Mycroft.
He woul
:iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 9 8
Babysitting the Cat - A Sherlock Comic by UnicornsInTheDryer Babysitting the Cat - A Sherlock Comic :iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 2 3
(Sherlock x Reader Chapter 7) The Heart Garden
Sherlock sat quietly and watched London move from the rotting park bench. It was a quiet night, late autumn, cool and slightly misty. The park was mostly empty, birds had nested in the tree above our detective, young sparrow had dipped their heads and waited for father to bring mother a late night snack.
Sherlock frowned.
“No thank you.”
“Would be a shame, they’re apple and cinnamon.”
“(y/n) what are you doing here?” He asks looking at the girl beside him. Her eyes were red around the edges. There was crumbles of muffin on her collar and her ring finger was a little less heavy.
“I need some help Sherlock.” The brown bakery bag in her arms was placed in between herself and Sherlock once she sat down. He was shuffling sentences, replies, around in his head working for the best way to apologise. Y/n noticed. “Don’t, Sherlock. I don't want pity from you.”
“What do you want then?” He sn
:iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 6 8
(Castiel x Reader) Deals a Dead Man pt.2
The motel clock ticks once more lining two hands together. Y/n watches it uncomfortably. Time ticked too fast.
“What are you thinking about?” Castiel was leaning on the bathroom door, hands folded neatly. She turns slowly flicking her eyes away from the clock once the turn of her head forced it to be painful.
“One more week Cas.” She smiles. “I got a week to live.”
“Not exactly, we haven’t confirmed that you’re replacing me in the deal.” He growls looking away from your solemn expression.
“Yeah, I am.” Y/n stands moving over to stand next to him avoiding Sam’s floppy limb hanging over the couch. “I don’t mind.”
“You do.”
“How would you know? You’ve only had to be afraid of your father and Dean. I don’t see you having nightmares about Hell hounds or a white fire that slowly melts your flesh from your bone.” Cas looks at her sideways.
“That’s why
:iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 8 4
(Sherlock x Reader Chapter 6) The Heart Garden
“John, Sherlock, what are you doing here?” Molly Hooper asked as they entered. She had her hair down for once, no lipstick, no frills, just her and her clipboard examining a cadaver with a rather alarming amount of wrinkles.
“Can you do his face for me please?” John asks pointing behind him to the grumbling detective.
“But you’re a doctor.”
“I don’t want to even look at him Molly. He’s acting like a big child.” John replies loudly.
“I don’t know why you’re so angry John, why does it matter?” Sherlock’s blue eyes betrayed him, he was genuinely worried about how he had affected John.
“It just matters.” He replies not turning around to see him. “Thank you Molly.” John clicks his heal together. Habit. He nods then leaves. Footsteps trailing echoes behind him.
Molly looks up at the dishevelled detective shyly.
“What was it this time then? Drug lord or some Russian Ma
:iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 4 3
(Dean Winchesterx Reader) Dean and the Dog
Have you ever wondered why Dean doesn’t let dogs into his car? It’s not the allergies, fleas or the fact that it could bust up the upholstery, in fact it’s your fault. After you left, after Dixie, he couldn’t face another dog’s hair defacing the scratched seats or sharing an afternoon burger lunch with him.
He couldn’t,
And he wouldn’t.
Without Sam, you really helped Dean, it was true what he said, about not wanting to do it alone. In fact, going to Sam was partly because he was alone again. Busy with thoughts of Stanford, Sam probably didn’t notice the doggy smell of the Impala. It never even crossed his mind.
Dean however did, still does, on days where the backseat leather gets a little wet, there’s still some white ash Border-Collie hair in the cracks somewhere. Even after every restoration, the dog of yours was still embroided into the Impala.
They were your babies, the car and the dog. If you were anymore of a family the car wo
:iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 25 2
Who Are You When No One is Watching?
Who are you when no one’s watching?
What is it like to speak without another talking?
Are you a performer, a Broadway star?
Do you dazzle the steam-filled auditorium?
Watch them ‘ooo’ and ‘ah’.
Have you read alone in the recesses of the night?
Do you know the pain of loss when the words give up all fight?
Have tears welled in your eyes as they draw final breath?
“One more vowel!” you plead, “a sentence!” no words now, only death.
Are you a follower of the great act?
Do you agree to refuse that the world is now fat?
Would you quote a brand name in hope that you are repeated?
The world rolls around in pace, the authors of quotes, the inventors, defeated.
Who are you when the world refuses all stereotypes?
Are your fears diminished and quality becomes the brightest of lights?
Is it your preference, your life or the conversations that change?
Maybe that world would give us means to be ashamed.
Be ashamed of our ruling, laws and beliefs.
:iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 1 2
(John WatsonxReader)A Favor -Sequal to Superheros-
John walks into the kitchen finally building up the resolve to ask Sherlock. He needed a favour. Unfortunately it involved other people and, well, Sherlock and society struggle to get along.
“What is it John? You’ve been jittery for hours.” He mutters staring intently at the pipette in his hand.
“I need you to do me a favour.”
“I got milk already.”
“No, not that, an actual favour.” John folds his arms over the army green jacket of his. Sherlock frowns and carelessly tosses the pipette into a spare dish.
“How is getting milk not a favour?” He looked quite shocked.
“That’s an expectation, but I’m not fighting you on this right now Sherlock, I need you to babysit for me.”
“When did you become a parent?”
“He’s not mine, he’s (y/n)’s” John watches Sherlock trying to gauge his reaction.
“Well, then I’d be doing (y/n) a favour and you know how I feel
:iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 11 7
(Team Free Will x Reader) She Got Out
And that beeping is really starting to hurt.
Why does it hurt? It’s not loud?
Well, not really.
The light is loud though, it’s yelling. At the eyes on the face in that mirror over there.
Why is that stupid mirror looking like that?
It’s annoying.
Uh, sit up, why don’t you?
“Cas wake up, Damnit.”
“Dean? Wha-What’s wrong?”
“We’re so glad you’re alright, I mean, after Crowley vanished and those angels disintegrated your bones we… well, there didn’t seem like there was much hope.” His hair was long, gauze covered his face in places and his wrist was in a sling. The other, blonder and in much more pain was wincing a smile towards you. The last, with awful clothing sense had a broad smile on. For some reason, it seemed odd on him.
“What do you mean?” You mumble digging your thumb into your fore finger testing the numbness.
“Cas is
:iconunicornsinthedryer:UnicornsInTheDryer 6 9
New Deviations? Holy crap!!


Oz Comic-Con Adelaide 2015: HTTYD by lizardman22 Oz Comic-Con Adelaide 2015: HTTYD :iconlizardman22:lizardman22 7 8 Ashe League of Legends Reference 1 by ShinjusWorkshop Ashe League of Legends Reference 1 :iconshinjusworkshop:ShinjusWorkshop 49 2 Ashe - League of Legends by NunnallyLol Ashe - League of Legends :iconnunnallylol:NunnallyLol 59 3 Ashe - League of Legends by NunnallyLol Ashe - League of Legends :iconnunnallylol:NunnallyLol 95 7 Ashe Hood pattern and tutorial by ShinjusWorkshop Ashe Hood pattern and tutorial :iconshinjusworkshop:ShinjusWorkshop 259 35
Dear Heichou.
Dear Heichou.
Is that your real name? - I am having trouble believing it is, then again, you could be from literally anywhere and that makes me sound really ignorant, so. I'll accept that as your name. Anyways. Hello, How are you? Is that a good question to write to you in my first letter? I hope it is, because otherwise i'm not sure what to say. I'm being real here, I have no clue what I'm doing.
My therapist says I should look into getting a pen pal. And by therapist I mean my actual therapist. She said If i didn't start talking to .. someone. Anyone, she wouldn't write a letter of recommendation to let me out of the Shiganshina Country State Ward. - That's a big bomb to drop on my first letter to you. My mom used to say to lay on them at the start, that way the go before you get attached. - Okay, it was actually a huge misunderstanding. I was defending myself. And it was the other asshole who brought the knife into the group home in the first place. - Anyway. I didn't mean to stab h
:iconminku-sama:minku-sama 2 0
evil within x  snk by MellodicTime evil within x snk :iconmellodictime:MellodicTime 5 0 Eren x Levi : Kissu? by Rinera Eren x Levi : Kissu? :iconrinera:Rinera 1,154 246
drunk // [ levi ackerman x reader ]
"Wohlan Freund! Jetzt hier est ein Sieg! Dies ist der erste Gloria!"
Levi groans and pulls his covers to his face. His attempts at trying to shut out his phone's blaring ringtone are futile as his steely eyes slowly slide open. He narrows his eyes at the phone vibrating and loudly singing on his bedside table. The teenager ungracefully throws his arm on the table, fumbling with his hand until he feels the grip of the phone. Bringing the phone to his face, he squints from the almost blindingly bright light that the device emits. Levi doesn't bother to read the caller ID before pressing 'accept' and putting the phone near his ear.
"It's two fucking a.m." he deadpans.
He is greeted by a loud background noise consisting of shouting, glass, and obnoxious music. Then an overly cheery tone nearly blasts Levi deaf and he winces as the girl practically shrieks into the phone, "Levi! I'm so glad you picked up! You're a saint!"
Crucified Christ, he thought, his mouth turning into hi
:iconaishiterus:aishiterus 84 9
Jean X Marco Coloring by IREKOOO Jean X Marco Coloring :iconirekooo:IREKOOO 17 1 Let's call him Marco! by Sally-Ce Let's call him Marco! :iconsally-ce:Sally-Ce 251 50 Snk - Salute by Hypernobility Snk - Salute :iconhypernobility:Hypernobility 210 87 Marco X Jean 1 by TaPloAlBoReMiXxz Marco X Jean 1 :icontaploalboremixxz:TaPloAlBoReMiXxz 318 18


Free to watch!…

Yep, also if you think i should make a masterpost of links to awesome sites and movies and shows and references  and blahblahblah
please comment because i have heaps of great bookmarks and shit
also i apologise for not writing.
give me a week
im not feeling it atm.
but i love all of you guys so much for sticking with me.
also the toothless cosplay is gonna take agess
but holy shite its cool.


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