Hello everyone!

Sooooo....yeah. I got in a reminiscing mood about a week ago and went rambling through the Vale. And I'll tell you what, friends, I MISS IT. So, I want to propose trying again, but perhaps with a massive time jump? New characters for everyone, new plots, new purpose, new life?

So, anyone in?

There are specific gallery guidelines posted on the front of this group. It's an excellent idea to read them before you spend the time and effort submitting artwork to us. UotV is not a generic unicorn group.

From our guidelines:
1. What kind of submissions can I contribute?
Most submissions that are complete and relevant to the group.

1.a What is relevant to the group?
Artwork that is either Vale related or FT related

This means that this group is ONLY for the following:

Art pertaining to characters, concepts or events from Meredith Ann Pierce's Firebringer Trilogy

Art pertaining to characters, concepts or events from the Firebringer Trilogy fansite, "Unicorns of the Vale."

From this point on, I'm adopting a 'no gray area' policy. Even if a submission looks like it could be a unicorn from Meredith Ann Pierce's books, unless it's clear that this submission fits our gallery guidelines and does pertain to the FT or the Vale, it will be refused. This is a specialized group, frequented by fans of the series. There are plenty of unicorn- and fantasy-related groups on DA that would be much more appropriate for artwork that does not meet our gallery guidelines.

Thanks for understanding. :heart:
I received some information recently about Contributors vs. Members, and how DeviantArt limits the number of groups you can choose to be a Contributor of if you are not a premium member. I admit, I haven't had a lot of time to research all of the ins and outs of DeviantArt Groups, so I was glad to be notified of this limitation.

To counteract this, and the fact that some of you may not be able to be a Contributor, I made some changes to the system while still keeping in mind what Losmios originally had intended for the group.

Contributor roles haven't changed. If you currently have Contributor status, or if you receive it, you can submit artwork and fiction freely to the group without moderator approval.

If you currently have Member status, you can now submit artwork or fiction to the group! HOWEVER, all submissions are subject to moderator approval. Before you submit, please take into consideration whether or not your artwork belongs in the Firebringer Trilogy fan group galleries, or would be more appropriate in a general unicorn- or equine-related group gallery instead.

If you are currently a Contributor and would like to return to Member status in order to be a Contributor elsewhere, note the group or note me any time and I'll take care of it for you.

Thanks so much to happyjoeismyfriend for bringing this to my attention!
If you tried to submit a favorite suggestion, or submit a featured piece of artwork, and got turned down - I apologize for that. Believe me, it wasn't because of the quality of the work! Groups are still a whole new ballgame for me, and it took me an unreasonable amount of time to find how to change the settings.

Submissions to the "Featured" gallery, and submissions to group favorites are still subject to moderation, BUT they shouldn't sit around and expire.

Again, sorry about that! If you submitted and it didn't go through, please try again.

Bear with me, I'm more used to handling the group as it was prior to the introduction of all the new gear. Thanks for your patience!

- Scy
Hello everyone, hope summer is treating you well! I'm a bit late this time with starting this up but will let the deadline last till end of August as compensation!

The theme this year is: 3

So, what exactly do we mean by that? Three?? Well, haven't we all been in a situation, when there were three poeple involved? And itusually means a lot of complicated and interesting things happen!
To continue with the them of 3 there are 3 subcategories from which you may choose to base you artwork, those are as follows;


:bulletred: Love
:bulletred: Conflict
:bulletred: Secrets

All medias are accepted!
You may submit one artwork to each category!
Main deadline is August last (but may be prolonged if neccesary)


Other than the glory of winning first prize...? So far we have teh following;

You will of course have your winning artwork on the frontpage for starters, and you will recieve a one year subscription!

If anyone feels up for donating prizes for runers up and first prize just send us a note!

If you have nay questions, just ask, or suggestions for that matter!

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