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Hello everyone, hope summer is treating you well! I'm a bit late this time with starting this up but will let the deadline last till end of August as compensation!

The theme this year is: 3

So, what exactly do we mean by that? Three?? Well, haven't we all been in a situation, when there were three poeple involved? And itusually means a lot of complicated and interesting things happen!
To continue with the them of 3 there are 3 subcategories from which you may choose to base you artwork, those are as follows;


:bulletred: Love
:bulletred: Conflict
:bulletred: Secrets

All medias are accepted!
You may submit one artwork to each category!
Main deadline is August last (but may be prolonged if neccesary)


Other than the glory of winning first prize...? So far we have teh following;

You will of course have your winning artwork on the frontpage for starters, and you will recieve a one year subscription!

If anyone feels up for donating prizes for runers up and first prize just send us a note!

If you have nay questions, just ask, or suggestions for that matter!
Is there something you have been thinking about for a time, an idea, or maybe a question you are philosophing about, that concerns the FT or maybe the Vale? Are you good at writing and enjoy creating articles about your thoughts? Why don't you send us a note about your idea for an article topic relevant to us, and you can be featured in our journal!
Hey all, sorry for the wait on this!
It is now OKAY to start submitting again, as long as you have read and understood the guidelines! If you have any feedback or questions, this is the place to give it!

Gallery Guidelines
These guidelines are meant to ensure the quality of our galleries, as in a nice collection of artworks of a variety of styles and skills, as well as keeping the galleries tidy and ordered to make browsing easier!
This is a work in progress and more things might be added, or other thinsg might be changed. We reserve the right to at any time change the rules as we see fit.

1. What kind of submissions can I contribute?
Most submissions that are complete and relevant to the group.

1.a What is relevant to the group?
Artwork that is either Vale related* or FT related**

2. How to I become a contributor?
You have to recieve an invitation to become a contributor. If you have not been sent one, you can apply for one by sending a note to the group.
To know if you might be qualified, consider this - you create artwork with effort and care and it shows in your gallery. You are familiar with either the FT or The Vale, preferbly both.
Note that if you have only one piece that is relevant for our group, you might recieve a fav instead of a contributors invitation.

3.What kind of medias are allowed?
All medias are allowed as long as they are well made and complete pieces.

4. How do I know which folder to submit my work too?
Refer to the Folders guide at the bottom of this page.

5. Can I put one artwork in several folders?
Yes, if they are relevant for both. For example, you have made a photomanipulation of Jan and Tek - this qualifies it for both the Photomanipulations folder and the FT Related folder.

6.There's not an appropriate folder for my submission, what do I do?
You may suggest a new folder to the mods at the forum or through a note

7. Is it only 'art' I can submit?
No, you may also submit prose and poetry, as well as designs, as long as it is relevant to the Vale and/or the FT!

*Vale related - submissions that have somethign to do with The Vale group.
** FT related - submissions that have portray or imagine something from the actual Firebringer Trilogy.

Special Note - we assume and expect that you have all rights to the submissions you make to this group. Art thefts are not accepted and will be deleted emmediatly.

The Gallery Folder Guide

Unicorns of the Vale related
Factial contance.
Images and text pertaining the Firebringer world and/or the Vale group.
It can be a map you have drawn over the Firebringer world, or racial descriptions. It can be a philosophical essay on the religious rituals of the the Vale dwellers etc. It can be graphics/designs for the dA group etc.

The Lineart-Tag-A-Long
This is where you submit your artwork for our ongoing game. You submit your clean lineart as well as the one you have colored! No other artwork is welcome, and you can only add artwork if you have been tagged in the game! If you want to join the game, check out this unicorns-of-the-vale.deviantar…!

Contest - name of contest
Contest entries will be entered  in their related folder. Everey contest will have a folder of its own.

Personal Characters
Artwork or prose/poetry pertaining to one of you personal characters or that of a friends. All medias are welcome, but not ref sheets.
   Subfolder - Reference sheets
   Reference sheets of your own characters. Note that submissions into this folder should have evident design attributes rather than a scribble of what a certain character looks like. Quick ref drawingd belong in your own scraps.

From the FT
All submission in this folder should pertain to the Firebringer Trilogy, ie NOT your own Vale characters etc. It may be interpretations of situations in the book or portraits of characters in the books.

All submissions are made with some kind of craft, like clay or fabric yarn. Both FT and Vale related pieces are allowed.

Artwork in the style of, or actual graphic comics are featured here. They may pertain both to Vale related characters and situations as FT related.

Here you can submit your photomanipulations, both Vale and FT related.


My best regards to you all, happy submitting! :heart: Losmios
...until we have a set of guidelines ready for artcontribution! Sorry, but the gallery is not supposed to be full of ref sheets and such, those should stay on your own gallery. We want all artwork etc to show effort - in this instance I mean that there shoudl be a thought behind the piece of art, and not just a unicorn against a flat surface. Will get back to you with guidelines soon!
Until then, be well!…

You don't have to be a member of the Vale to participate, but we love new members!

Edit: Sorry about that if you clicked a dead link earlier. Good grief, dA does some stupid edits to links when you try to use basic html.

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