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Let's play!

Welcome to the lineart Tag-A-Long!
This game is, as it sounds, a tag-a-long. It moves from one person to the next, and is meant for pure fun! There is no limit to your artistic ability other than you should be able to create a piece of proper lineart* and color it.
It works like this - an artist creates a piece of lineart, and then TAGS someone else to color it. The person who colors it, in turn, creates a NEW piece of lineart, and tags someone ELSE to color it. And so it goes on.

How to Play

:bulletblue:  Get tagged. Keep an eye on this journal to see who is currently tagged!
:bulletblue:  Download the lineart and color.
:bulletblue:  Create a new piece of lineart.
:bulletblue:  Choose someone to tag.
:bulletblue:  Submit both Colored Lineart and your own new Lineart to your gallery, or e-mail them to either Losmios or bardicsidhe or submit to an image-storage service, like photobucket if you want to be secrative! (send anote if you wnat to e-mail us directly to gain our adresses)
:bulletblue:  Send a note to the club with links to both images, together with information on who tagged you and drew the lineart, as well as who you tag to color the new Lineart.
:bulletblue:  Don't reveal who you tag in your gallery - let it be a surprise for the one who is tagged!


These rules may be changed as a result of discussion and problems we face along the way!

:bulletblue: You can join at any time - just send a note to the club or Losmios or bardicsidhe
:bulletblue: The only people you can tag in this game are the people in the  Tag-A-Long Artists Bank.
:bulletblue: Don't tag someone who's already been tagged if there are people on the list who has yet to recieve a tag.
:bulletblue: Try not to tag the same people over and over - a score will be kept after each persons name to see how many times they have been tagged.
:bulletblue:  The subject of lineart has to be Firebringer or Vale related. It does not however have to be a unicorn, or a unicorn alone.
:bulletblue:  You may not ALTER the lines in any way, only color over them.
:bulletblue: The lineart should be fairly simple, but hinting a simple background is allowed, and more than one character is allowed. Just Keep in mind that once your lineart is done, it is up to the tag to interpret!
:bulletblue: You can put as much effort as you like into the lineart! Even creating a full artwork, eliminating the lines.
:bulletblue: Always credit the creator of the lines!
:bulletblue: Be clear on how you want your lineart used - if you allow general use, don't release it until AFTER your tag has completed coloring it!


:bulletblue: What is "proper lineart"?
A piece of lineart is basicly a drawing witch consist only of lines. There is no coloring and no shading whatsoever.
Your lineart should consist of a solid colored background The classic piece of lineart consist of a white background and black lines.
The lineart should be in high resolution, and preferbly in .png format, but .jpg is also fine.

:bulletblue: Does it all have to be digital?
No, but it would be helpful.

:bulletblue: I signed up and was tagged, but something came up and I can't do it - what do I do?
Contact the person who tagged you and ask them to tag someone else. Also contact Losmios or bardicsidhe to let them now you want to be put of the list for now. You can always be put back on when you are up to it!

:bulletblue: The person I tagged can't do it - what do I do?
Choose someone else to tag and let Losmios and bardicsidhe know!

:bulletblue: Just what exactly can I do with the lineart I was tagged to color?
You can be very rudementairy, or very involved. It's really your choice - put SOME effort into it, but you don't have to create a masterpiece! You can do solid colors, cell shading, vector, painting, etc.
The only thing you are NOT allowed to do is alter the lines themselves, only paint over them!

Current Tag

Currently on tag is DV-Skitz!

Tag-A-Long Artists Bank

These are the people you can choose to tag!
The number of times someone has been tagged is marked by a :bulletred:
To be added to this list, or removed, just send a note to the managers.


Unicorns of the Vale

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