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Stock to Art

Some inspirational art that has been made with the awesome stock images provided by Deviants! :D

Spring Stock III by Reine-Haru:thumb87849411: Cat Stock 001 by JoalitaLadyStock In the shadows by stockmichelle
:thumb244692639: Prize for evergreen16 by h0wr she and her cat by mushyak-gone-wild DETAIL...... by KE22

Stock 264 by Lady-Moriendistock hooded child stock by twigstock B is for Bear by ChewedKandi
Red Riding Hood by AshleighPopplewell Please take my heart by Sweetrosali Little Red by PlaceboFX


The fantastic Dan-Heffer got Deviousness! So thrilled, Dan is a really dedicated Deviant and I hope he gets a lot of new friends.

Look how beautiful he is, like a newborn puppy. I want to touch his hair and feed him sandwiches.

Plus he is clearly insane Lady GaGa.

New Stock

:thumb246243038: I Keep You Safe by Eirian-stock Ladies On Friesians 02 by ponystock VS0024 by Variety-Stock
:thumb246450219: wolf stock 15 by Sikaris-Stock:thumb247166478: Bird Stock 1: Parrot by HOTNStock





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Thank you so very much for the feature!:hug:
HOTNStock's avatar
This is a really cool feature ~ I love seeing all the 'Stock to Art' pieces. It's amazing what some people can create!
UnicornReality's avatar
I like them too! :D
Dark-Phoenx's avatar
i wanna try this one :3
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I'm sorry for being stupid but what's an stock image?? :O_o::(
UnicornReality's avatar
An image that can be used in your own art. :)
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Stock photography is the supply of photographs licensed for specific uses. It is used to fulfill the needs of creative assignments instead of hiring a photographer. Today, stock images can be presented in searchable online databases. They can be purchased and delivered online. Often, they are produced in studios using a wide variety of models posing as professionals, stereotypes, expressing stereotypical emotions and gesticulations or involving pets.

See this link. [link]
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Now i have a question :hmm:... A person could use the stock phoyography for a drawing?? Not tracing... Something like... drawing that pose but changing everything from hair to background
Silvermoonlight217's avatar
That would still work as well for any media type.
Sir-Drago's avatar
OMG, Stock art is really helpful and great! :eager:..... i'd wish base users would stop tracing those stupid bases and start practicing with stock pictures then start to try their own poses and scenes :/
UnicornReality's avatar
You put so much effort into that. If only you got a life.
JoalitaLadyStock's avatar
Thanks for the feature! :D
RaeyenIrael-Stock's avatar
Some gorgeous art here abouts.
Endorell-Taelos's avatar
Awesome feature collection. :la:
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