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Stock and Awe by UnicornReality :stock: by UnicornReality

Welcome to the twenty-second edition of the still awesomely named Stock and Awe a series of newsletters as suggested by you!

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New stock

From the Stock Gallery in the last 24 hours.
Stock-90 by Dagwanoenyent-Stock Tombstone Stock 26 by FairieGoodMother colorado5 by whenirunSTOCK
Model 05 by kaya01-stock Orc Stock - Djambia 10 by orcbruto Tribal V - Stance by BlooDoveStock
:thumb111996580: stock - 62 by moshing-emo-stock Lake- STock by SeXc-AnGeL

Stock to Art

Underwater 10 by TheRedBamboo Breath Of Life by scheherazadenerai
Smiley Happy Stock by DemoncherryStock Boy Study 1 by Magedo
:thumb105679134: Retro Halloween - in colors by ForbiddenParadise
Sloth Girl 2 -Stock 70 by CurlStock Murdered Fae by Siajcat

Featured Stock

Victoria Frances Sleeping by Kittyd-Stock

The Dreamer by FrozenStarRo Serenity by aegina Fairy dream... by moonchild-ljilja
Deep Sleep by the7eventhrider:thumb101206361: Sleeping Beauty by Foxfires

Spotlight on... by UnicornReality

An interview with...SilvieT-Stock

1:First off - what inspired you to start a stock account?
I don't really know what inspired me. I just know that I like to be "useful" to people and I love digital art too. :)

2:How did you choose your username?
This is the simplest question of all. ;)
My username in the art account is SilvieTepes, so... ;)
And Silvie Tepes is the name of the main character in a novel I wrote ages ago.

3:What is it about the stock community that keeps you active?
Actually it's just for myself that keeps me active, even if I like to share with other stockers ideas or stuff like that.. ^^;

4:How would you like your stock to be used more?
I do love macabre and horror art, but dark is fine too, even if my stocks sometimes can seem "clichè" (you know, the goth sad dressed in black girl, cemeteries and so on); I want to get inspired and take some gruesome stocks... lol! :D

5:Do you have any tips for people starting a stock account?
First of all, do not use camera phone, even if it's the latest mobile with 5 mp and stuff like that.
Then.. be creative, don't take "MySpace" poses, and think about some theme, use make up or whatever.
No blurry, no overexposed pics.. if they are too dark, adjust with photoshop, curves are made for "emergences" like that.
No small pics.. they are useless, people doesn't like using "stamp size" pics.

6:Why chose to stock at DA and not morguefile/sxc/photlia/etc...
Of the sites you listed I only know sxc, but I think that DA is more useful, if we talk about modelling stock in particular.
But I know too less sxc to express a plain opinion.

7:How far would you go to take a stock picture?
In this latest period I was thinking to take some topless stocks, or stuff like that (but not totally naked.. it embarasses me a bit), so.. why not? :)

8:Are there any things that you wish people would stop doing with your stock?
I don't like a simple filter colour change. I really don't like.
And I hate a thing that a lot of people doesn't do, but it's very important to me. Noting me the stock used.. how many uses I found without knowing of them.
That's it.. the misrespecting of rules. They must stop this.

9:Show me three of your favourite stock uses!
Appearances can be deceiving by FrozenStarRo -> this is maybe my favourite, it has a really important message to me, too.
Rose Red by LadyDebz -> one of the very first usages of my stock.. :)
The Conjuror v2 by lockjavv -> this and the version 1, are absolutely stunning in my mere opinion, and this is my fav if I have to choose one of the two versions.. you know, I am a fire sign. ;)

10:Is there anyone at dA whose stock you particularly admire, or have any other stock artists influenced your own work?
Influences actually no one, I just do what I am able to do, what I can provide, with my own forces and stuff, and most important, what I am inspired (from my own ideas) to do.

11:What is your biggest inspiration to create stock photos?
My biggest.. oh my.. don't know, I mean, I have a lot books and I have a lot ideas about, and before or then I'll create a very long myth series inspired to any myth I can afford, for example. It's the main idea I have right now.
Books (descriptions, characters, and so on) have always inspired me.

12:You're an Italian deviant - where in Italy would you like to go for a super stock session?
Italy is awesome, and even if people is not so good, places are really fabulous. I can't decide between castles here in Emilia Romagna (or Umbria or Marche), monumental cemeteries, or big parks.
For example I would, like before or then, to take a huge stock session in Bucci Park in Faenza.
I have already taken some stocks there (for example some ducks or the trees inside the lake), but I would like to be taken myself in it.. and the same coul be said of monumental cemeteries and castles actually. ;)

13:If joannastar had a flavour, what flavour would it be?
Lol.. just to say something.. cinnamon? :D

Thank you SilvieT-Stock! And yes, joannastar does taste like cinnamon! All Christmassy and toasty.


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Thank you for featuring my work! :)
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Thanks for featuring my work!! Holy poop! Love it! :D
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:hug: Im completely honored to be considered a favorite. My art piece anyway lol. :rose:
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awesome journal... im sooo pleased with the feature :D :love: thanxxx :lol:
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Thanks for featuring my Djambia stock =D
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thank you so much for featuring 2 of my works in this wonderful newsletter
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Wow, thanks so much for the feature, dear.
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Thank you sweetie. :hug:
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:worship: humbled....and so grateful...thanku. This was a cool read.
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