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My main topic today is something I am asked about rather a lot – the topic of stock requests.
If you're a stock provider that takes requests please be aware that some people have really odd fetishes – and their reasons for requesting stock might not be for art purposes. I have seen requested stock taken off dA and used on fetish websites.
If you're noted for a request doing a quick few checks can ease your mind greatly.
:bulletblue: Check their gallery – does it have manipulations or referenced drawings in? Or is it empty?  
:bulletblue: Has the requester added about a zillion photos to the collection "Dead sexy feet"?
:bulletblue: Do a quick sweep of the stock gallery – have other people done the same type of stock for them? Have they ever been used?
:bulletblue: Don't be afraid to ask them why they want a certain type of photo – if it's legit they wont mind telling you – and don't be afraid to say no.

If you are requesting stock a brief description of what you intend to use it for can make all the difference. :)

3D Stockers Support by eggy-chan

Stock Contests

There are normally a lot of contests flying about in the land of stock – so have a look at what might tickle your fancy.

A short list of some I've stumbled across.

Shelldevils Mucha contest
Helly7307-stock's Fantasy Contest
little-stock and cat-in-the-stock's New Dawn Contest
Greeneyezz-stock's "The picture that doesn't make sense" contest
Mizzd-stock's Urban Fantasy contest
Eli-stock and Mommynme-stock's Opposites Contest

I :+fav: what I use by rinoatimber

A quick look back on March
Updraft by PersephoneStock :thumb79548048:
:thumb79738930: :thumb80574502:
:thumb78866552: req4_yob_pack by jademacalla Ninja 2 by arya-poenya-stock
ew sirck by DinoCruton-Stock Audiophile 11 by wookiestock :thumb78793272:
Blue Dress Lexi 9 by Falln-Stock   Flower Fairy 003 by pyerflystock Red Drape IV by JimbosbabyStock
magic pose stock by DemoncherryStock :thumb78765849: :thumb79867032:
Rabbit: Innocence by yourstock Arara Stock 3 by waterlenna Tamarind and Silver by NickiStock
Kitten I by KW-stock Ben 3 by stormlor White Backed Vulture Zip 2 by SalsolaStock
Lily Stock II by Moonchilde-Stock trees by JellybellyStock :thumb81404020:
.berry fruit. by Charmanderc Daisy Stock 1 by athlinia-stock Some flowers by drilli-stock
Bahamas : 05 by taeliac-stock Church 87_ quaddles by quaddles Montpellier Stock by paul-goddard
Ladder by avine-stock Abbey gate by Redlantern-stock
Stock 8 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock :thumb80703648: Just a Few Steps by midnightstouchSTOCK
Sea Stock by StellarMage-Stock From The Beach Stock 8 by SimplyBackgrounds Sky stock 1 by Sheiabah-Stock
Pink flower mask pack by NickiStock :thumb79097585: Flowers in Watering Can by thiselectricheart
Puffball 2 by bean-stock LocketStock 2 by MadamGrief-Stock Orb 3 by EverydayStock

Any questions or concerns please contact LawrenceDeDark Lyastri or myself.

© 2008 - 2021 UnicornReality
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stormlor's avatar
Thanks so much for the feature! And I love the other stock picks. (:
thiselectricheart's avatar
Fantastic feature. Thanks for the feature :D
KW-stock's avatar
Thank you so much for the lovely feature!!!!
And the DD. :P
DinoCruton-Stock's avatar
thanks for the feature.
Keith is going to be like "wtf. I look like a jerk in that picture."
but I like it.
UnicornReality's avatar
:hug: No problems. I liked it too. We are always short on male stock so it's good to see some posted that is useable. :)

I also enjoy Keith.
DinoCruton-Stock's avatar
as if we're what you consider 'male' right. hahaha.
UnicornReality's avatar
:lmao: My favourite kind of male!
eli-stock's avatar
thanks for mentioning our contest :hug:
JimbosbabyStock's avatar
Thanks for the's so greatly appreciated ;)
shanghai-STOCK's avatar
Thanks for the feature =)
Sheiabah-Stock's avatar
Great information, never thought of the requests like that :sprint: weird....a great group of stock here too and I especially like the stamp about faving the stock you use :D Thanks for including one of mine :)
midnightstouchSTOCK's avatar
Thanks so much for including one of mine in with such a fabulous collection! :hug:
DawnAllynn's avatar
Great information, great links, and wonderful collection of stock images :)
Charmanderc's avatar
I have been featured? O_O
:glomp: !!!
pendlestock's avatar
Thankyou for the feature wifey :heart:
empty-phantom-stock's avatar
Oh the beautiful stocky-ness from the Land of Stock in the Sea of Resources..<3
Moonchilde-Stock's avatar
Wonderful selection of stock. Thank you so very much for featuring one of mine among them! :hug:
bean-stock's avatar
So awesome!! March was a good month for stock. :clap: Thank you so much for including me! :)
ShadowCatStock's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring my stock =^_^=

As for requests. I have done some for people who just love to see them. I don't mind doing that kind as long as they are creative and interesting enough to be useful, a good addition to my gallery =^_^=
I see them more as "suggestions", and they have been good ones =)
As long as they follow your own rules and boundaries, their OK =)
BreezyStock's avatar
Whoo! :heart: Faving article for beautiful usable inspiring stock~!
jademacalla's avatar
Thanks! And wonderful stuff.
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