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By the pricking of my thumbs….something wicked this way comes



Of course we’ll need some witches…
Halloween Witch VII by Eirian-stock
Skydancer-Stock 0903 by skydancer-stock Ice Wizard 38 by AilinStock Wizard by MerlinsMoonShadow
….and some wizards…

And surely they’ll need a spell book of sorts
Old Book II by pyonpyon :thumb34435160: old books - dictionary 04 by barefootliam-stock
Surgeon's Table 01 by lockstock Stock 000431 by temabinastock  

…and somewhere to mix their potions
coppery thingy02 by Holy-Win cauldron 3 by AzurylipfesStock cauldron by Coquin-Stock
Cauldron lid off - Magic Stock by Sassy-Stock Pagan Series - cauldron by Sheona-Stock Cauldron by shd-stock

And into the pot we throw spiders…
:thumb48837195: Spider 1 by pricecw-stock Spider 3 by Battery-Stock :thumb58275902: Silent Stalker by dreamweaver69stock   SpiderStock3 by TheSlitWristsSTOCK

…and bones
Bones - 2 by mjranum-stock Bird Skull 10 by KitsuStock :thumb63241142: Small Caribou skull 2 by Arctic-Stock Brit Musuem - Ancient Skulls by FoxStox

….let’s not forget frogs…
Toad Pack by ElvenSheepStock frog stock 15 by hatestock Frog03 by restmlinstock toad 9 by turtledove-stock Aezon-Stock-167 by Aezon-Stock :thumb57699554:

Some spooky settings to set the mood
:thumb65900981: If A Tree Falls by midnightstouchSTOCK R3 by EmsemStock Fog in deep forest I by Vrolok-stock Single Rock I by DruidWuStock :thumb57712311:

:thumb64423601: Interesting Cone Headstone 2 by OsorrisStock
Tomb by le-scud Nightstock 1241 by Nightstock :thumb57219027:

What’s Halloween without a pumpkin or two?
Pumpkin Stock 4 by GreenEyezz-stock Pumpkin 2 Old by PastingPiecesStock BASIC TERMS, Pumpkin, Mr. 300 by mmp-stock
pumpkin. by grapeforpresident Pumpkin2 by ND-stock Pumpkin Stock 3 by GreenEyezz-stock
…or 6…?

Some terrifying textures
SpiritsighsTexture05 by spiritsighs-stock :thumb67051249: Memory by dazzle-textures Mindfields by Silverleaf91 :thumb65972012: text04 by Selenys-stock

And finally Brutal brushes

Blood Brushes by Dracovina :thumb67261016: Land of the Dead by rL-Brushes

Mature Content

Morbid Anatomy Brushes by memories-stock
craquelure by ShadyMedusa-stock Splatter Brushes by Hyourin

Hope you've enjoyed these.
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Hmm... well.. featuring is always good. o.o;
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So happy you featured my stock. Thank you! :heart:
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Wow, awesome feature! Thanks :D
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Oooh great idea!
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Thanks for the feacture....wonderful job!
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Thanks for the feature, very much appriciated.
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Wonderful feature! Thanks muchly for including my toady. :)
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Thanks for the feature! I really like all the pictures you picked out :nod:
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ooo! spanky stuff!
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Thanks a million for the feature. <3
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AWESOME display of stocks!! Thanks so much for including mine! :hug:
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I love the selection here, thanks for the feature.
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Thank you !

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Thank you so much for the feature:D
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:hug: :hug: Thank you very much for the feature
:heart: Jeep
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THANK YOU for leaving out the black cats, I'm gonna fave this just for that wonderful consideration.
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Wow!! Thank you so much!! Such a great surprise for find in my message box today!! I'm just thrilled to be included with such a great group of artists for my small offering!
Thank you so much again! And keep having fun out there! :boogie:

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Thanks so much for the feature :)
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