My child swears.

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Hey. How’s it going?

I’d say life is busy but that’s a lie. It’s just exhausting. By the time I’ve sorted Screamy out and sat down I’m too knackered to create or browse online. I just end up reading nosleep stories on Reddit or doing quizzes to see what sort of bread I am!

What hat exciting things are happening in your real life and/or dA life?

How is 2018 treating you? I’m kinda surprised that America isn’t a pile of smouldering ashes yet. Soon. Soon. 

And yes. The child has picked up some swear words. Hearing “get off me you fucking bugger!” Coming from a three year old is both hilarious and mortifying. 

:heart: :peace:

Thank you to everyone who drops by my page for a visit, thank you for the favourites they are truly appreciated. I will reply to all comments I get and to notes that are asking questions. I will also drop by everyone who's watched me to give some love.

Thank you for all the love, stock use and avatar wearing you do! It's awesome and it is not unnoticed. :heart:

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My child was the same way... hell even at 7 and a 1/2 she still swears a lot but we make it a point to say we only say that around certain people or at home only. 
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I'm not very active here lately too :(  but we'll be parents soon :aww: :love: :aww:
I can't believe your Baby is 3 years old already o.O
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I'll be straight with you: America is a pile of smoldering ashes, but we printed out a really long landscape image of a functioning country and wrapped it around our borders for anyone looking in from outside to be deceived by.

It's all over for me now that I've given it away. Remember me as a whistleblower.
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My kids always swore like longshoremen! Sadly, they got the habit from me :giggle:
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=0  It's been 3 years already?!?!?! Auughhghghhh!
Also, umm--what kind of bread *would* you be? Asking for a friend!
=)  Glad to hear you're still cruising along!~
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