I got a tattoo! Updates ahoy.

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Hello Deviants! How's it going? Long time no see. My child takes up all my time.

ALL MY TIME. Aren't these things meant to sleep at some point?!


AAAAGES AGO. Seriously. So long ago this happened -

I saw this Beings by HenarTorinos by HenarTorinos which is one of my all time favourite pieces on the site.

So I commissioned a tattoo design.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 17.43.02 by UnicornReality

Then I never got it done as I am a huge wimp and scared of pain and piercings and veins and needles.

Then I gave birth and thought "I CAN DO ANYTHING".

So I went and got it done. :)

Satyr tattoo by UnicornReality

Joy. I didn't cry, vomit, punch the tattooist or run away! Success.

Scream is doing brilliantly. He is nine months now.Currently shouting at his Dad. He enjoys shouting.

Hope you're all doing brilliantly - I hope to be back in force one day but LIFE HATES ME.

I love you.

:heart: :peace:

Thank you to everyone who drops by my page for a visit, thank you for the favourites they are truly appreciated. I will reply to all comments I get and to notes that are asking questions. I will also drop by everyone who's watched me to give some love.

Thank you for all the love, stock use and avatar wearing you do! It's awesome and it is not unnoticed. :heart:

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misterdoe's avatar
He looks just like his mom :)
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
:love: :hug: lovely tat! And i hear kids are time thiefs :nod:
Lintu47's avatar
Cool tattoo and adorable kiddo :love:
Tsa05's avatar
Woooooo! We love youuuu! Cute kiddo~~ Reminds me of Toby from Labyrinth with the stripey pants ;D
Hope to see you back more moarishly soon :) Your life doesn't hate ya--it lurvs you soooo much that it wants alll your attention!
UnicornReality's avatar
Tsa05's avatar
Hahaha, okok, hereee! You can have more hours in each day! I promise!!!!
Ehh, we can just mmm, shorten the calendar by half! Yeaaaa! 48-hour days!!!
Kipporah's avatar
You'll be back some day, you know 20 years from now. No I'm just joking, sooner I think.
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar

It is almost your birthday.  You neglected to mention that part.  WELL NOW EVERYONE KNOWS

He is adorable ^.^ 
Soul-Daemon's avatar
Wait until they hit about 13 years of age the hormones should kick in and suddenly it will take a bucket of ice water and a fog horn to get them to wake up and grunt at you.  

cool tattoo :nod: 
rockgem's avatar
bless the little chap - he's growing fast and so adorable  I got a tattoo recently too - at present its healing so itches o_o its about half done at the moment - i have to subject myself to another 2 hours at least to get it finished... i fall asleep while getting tattoos because i am odd like that and there is probably my tattooist with amusing photos of me snoring or drooling while he's merrily stabbing me with inky needles...
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