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Simple Code 2 [NON CORE USERS]


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Cute Things

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L x Reader oneshot: Ignored

You admit it, you absolutely ADORED him… And you WERE very happy when he proclaimed you his girlfriend… But L sure didn't act like that to you… In fact, he practically IGNORED you! ~ You watched the task force as they began the meeting. Staring at L's pale face, you began to wonder… 'AM I even his girlfriend?' When the long dull meeting was finally over, you tried to go and talk with him. But OF COURSE, he brushed you off to go talk with Light! … and was he staring at Misa?! "[Name]?" A voice brought you back to reality. You turned to see your close friend Matsuda. "Oh, hey." You said, a bit of anger in y

Death Note

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Death Note: Flash Game

Dating Sims

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Unrequited Love Ch.4 Izaya x Reader x Shizuo

It had been a few years and here you were in Ikebukuro once again yawning and stretching. “Ahhh….” “Still not awake [name]-chan?” he asked you with a chuckle as you shook your head with a smile following him.  “So why’re we back here?” you asked him as he chuckled and looked to you with this red eyes of his before grasping your chin in his lithe fingers. “You changed didn’t you? More hard on the surface?” he asked tilting his head as you pouted and glared at him. “Oooo~ a glare~ I love it~” he told you as you smiled now and followed him. “You still haven&rsqu


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Make the Best of It. Soushi Miketsukami x Reader

It was your first day at The Maison de Ayakashi Complex. You're family was now wanting you to live on your own,and experience new things. But sadly,you didn't want to be there...at all. You didn't want to have any part in the social experiment everyone was trying to pull. It wasn't something you liked,you always lived in closed doors and never cared about the outside very much. Sure you could talk to people,its just that you didn't like them. They treated you differently for the family you came from,sure you had the luxuries but you could never find someone who liked you for you. You then closed yourself from everyone else so you wouldn't ge


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Chocolate - Rin X Reader

"You ate my chocolate..." The way his ruby eyes shone with hurt and disappointment; it made you feel tremendously guilty for what you had done. "Rin...I-I'm sorry..."   You looked up at him, your own eyes shinning with tears that would soon be shed. "Are you?" He turned his head away with a sigh, leaving you with pain and regret. The tears slowly began to fall from your eyes, one after another; causing a downpour of sadness that streamed across your cheeks. "I am... I really am!" You grabbed his arm in an attempt to make him face back towards you, but to no prevail. "[Name]..." His voice was hushed; silenced by the distrust in which you


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Japan x Reader I Rove You

You ran and ran which seems like it was for ten hours but it was only an hour. You were starving, dehydrated, and wounded. You need help, it seems that your voice is barely audible and coughing up little bits of blood. Over the weekend, you wanted to go camping so you asked America to take care of your state, Hawaii, just for 3 days, he could handle that. But while you were out picking lovely flowers in thanks for America watching over, someone raided your tent and all your resources were gone. In panic, you ran out of the forest but along the way, you fell onto rocks and broken glass that were originally beer bottles. It was night time now a


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A Lotta Faces


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Shintaro x Soda-chan

Kagerou Project

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Kill la Kill

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Me Me Me

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Mirai Nikki

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Chibi sakura miku

Miku Hatsune

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Bullet - Kitty -

Page Stuff

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One-sided Love

That look in your eyes, Filled with love and joy, Brings me nothing, But sorrow and grief. For countless times, Your efforts led you nowhere, But into bottomless pits. Not a moment too late, You are back again, Eager to win my heart.


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RWBY promo poster


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unbelievable. | hideyoshi nagachika x reader

"For the last time, Hide, no." You grumbled angrily to the dirty blonde haired boy, who's persistence was currently ruining any remains of your good mood. He let out a hearty laugh, and you groaned at this, since it showed he wouldn't give up his pursuit. "Please (Name)-san? I'm asking you from the bottom of my heart." Hide continued to plead. You closed your book, before placing it into your purse, and opted on ignoring him. Moving the straps onto your shoulder, you got up from the park bench you were previously sitting on. And without another word, you walked away. Hide hurriedly noticed this, as he got up from his spot and ran over to you

Tokyo Ghoul

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