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 Kaimana sat up in her hospital cot, I hope Simon's okay,of course he'll be fine,he's smart,he's Diamandia's champion.And worst of all he's probably a better fighter than me! How could this happen? I mean I want him to be okay and I'm glad the champion has come,but when did I become so weak! I Come on,I got beat up by a bunch of freaking children! ...On land but still! My brother is the Kane of the troops,my mother made High Colonel and I train and spar regularly!,she wondered,emotions ranging from worry to hope to jealousy to anger. No matter what it takes,I must be stronger!,she vowed.

 Just then a black haired boy came in the room and swam up to her,"Simon!". Her cheeks and eyes raised as a big smile illuminated her face and she,most likely without thinking,gave him a tight hug.Simon's eyes widened as color left his face,he rarely was hugged by women outside his family,it felt odd yet somehow good.Kai suddenly realized what she did and released Simon with an awkward grin."I..I didn't mean to do that",she said with a forced giggle.
 "It's alright,what's this?",he gestured to something that looked an oddly shaped guitar but with a stringed coconut center,a spiral like fret covered in seashells,and at the very top,something resembling a flute."It's an omni,it can make all sorts of sounds depending on how and what you use it with." "I heard some odd sounds-I'm sorry I like it,it's not odd." "It's okay,the world is a better place for a bit of oddness although I admit you could have used a better word." "Do you sing too?" "Yeah,but not as well as you do." Simon raised an eyebrow,"I thought mermaids had unearthly beautiful voices?" Kaimana burst out in laughter,"Not to be offensive,but the things Humans come up with! Some merfolk do have powers linked to their voices,but come on! Why would that be? And why only women?"

  Simon just shrugged,"I didn't come up with it." "How about I play and you sing with me?" "Sounds good." She leaned over and took a stick from out of another box and gently moved it across the shells and blew on the flute-like extension.
Come with me,glide through the wide blue aquamarine
  Above the sea,we'll dance to the harmony of life
 Rejoicing in the wonders around us,the beauty of nature
 And the joy of our togetherness shall unite us
 The darkness in every man,is no match for the inner candle
 Let it glow and grow and enlighten the world
 When shadows surround,you must spread the light
 to the very maw of death

"Um,Kai what's this song about?" "No one knows,it's ancient and originated in a foreign language,legend has it that it's some sort of set of instructions." "For what?" "No one knows but it's still taught in case it can be weaponized against Jessar." "Did it work?" "Jessar's still out there and the guy who tried screaming it while standing on the island hasn't been seen since,you tell me." Kaimana had another thought,"You were part of that choir,anything you can tell me about them? Fears,weaknesses,allergies,disorders? Any weak body parts." Simon was about to open his mouth."Before you say anything I'd like add besides the dangles." Simon closed his mouth.

 "Why do you ask?" "You'd be asking too if you got beat up by the tot squad." "Tot squad?" "Sounded better in my head.Nevertheless,such indignities shouldn't be allowed to happen." "What do you mean,you were outnumbered?" "Mostly by minnow sized children and I'm from a United Forces family,they're the ones that should be in the hospital or mounted on a wall!" Simon grimaced,"Isn't that a bit extreme?" "I don't like to be embarrassed." She looked at Simon with pleading eyes,"Please,I need to be ready for next time."
If anyone was wondering,the United Forces are a combination of the army and police and the above song can be song to the tone of "I Am" by Hitomi.


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simonpark81 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
deeper than some professionally written manga stories i have read.
you asked and i came... looking through your stuff here.... not bad at all! you have great potential, especially with the story writing.
i like how the song seems already to have a lot of credence to the plot.
sounds like the sort of thing final fantasy team would come out with-
"the last one that tried was never seen again-"
rofl love it:)
unicornomics Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012   General Artist
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