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[HQS] Stay
[HQS] Oikawa Tooru
Every time I close my eyes
Oh, I always see those eyes,
So, I wanted to forget.

Her hands grip his arm tightly, unwilling to let go
Tooru doesn't look back. He stares downwards, the shiny tiles of the airport reflects back his face albeit slightly distorted. He doesn't move, instead stays put with his arm tense in her hold.
Calmly, he speaks, his gaze unrelenting in his own eyes. "Let go."
"Don't do this to me..." the sound of muffled sobs fills the silence between them. "please."
He looks up, but he doesn't look back. Instead, stares at the departure line. 
He needs to do this. He shouldn't look back. He shouldn't think twice.
He's dead set on his goal; to be the best.
He, once again, speaks but more assertively. "Let go, [Name].
Of what should have been,
Of what we could have been,
Of what I should have done,
Of what you couldn't,

Of us,
Of him. 
"Stop holding me back." 
At tha
:iconunicornkingdom:UnicornKingdom 8 6
[HQS] Everyday
Kuroo heaved a heavy sigh as he sunk into the mattress and slipped under the covers. He stared at the ceiling, not that he could see much with the lights turned off. However, he was perturbed by two things. One, there was too much space on the bed where he was supposed to share with someone and two, you were nowhere near his arm's reach.
When he turned his head to the side, he caught sight of you curled near the edge, nearly falling off. 
He raised a brow and tried to reach for you. "What are you doing, [Name]?"
You froze and slowly turned your head to look over your shoulder. You blinked at your partner, looking as innocent as possible. "Hey, Testu..."
He rolled his eyes and pulled you roughly into him. 
"Oof!" Your face hit his chest and you rubbed your nose.
"Don't 'hey' me," he muttered, wrapping his long arms around your form and pressing you closely to him. "What were you doing? Planning to fall off the bed, or something?"
You squirmed in his hold, trying to
:iconunicornkingdom:UnicornKingdom 24 6
[HQS] Bite
"You can't keep running away." You narrowed your eyes at the male trapped before you. You tightened your grip on his wrist as you resisted to step closer. 
Iwaizumi's eyebrow twitched and he met your eyes with the same intensity. "What are you talking about?"
You bit your lip in frustration and despite all the warning signs in your head, you stepped closer to him. He didn't need to try to even pull you in and it made you bite stronger. His eyes flickered to your bruising lip before they narrowed. "Don't try to hide it, it's too obvious." You pinned his wrist to the wall.
Even though he was stronger, he didn't fight back. "You've been avoiding me like a plague."
Iwaizumi, despite being called out for his evasion, didn't turn his eyes away. His dark eyes were clear but you could see the struggle in it. Did your confession shake him that much
Despite yourself, you gave a smirk and tilted your head to the side. He caught the teasing light in your eyes and furrowed his br
:iconunicornkingdom:UnicornKingdom 23 8
[HQS] I'm home
[HQS] WELCOME BACK/ I'M HOME - Ushijima Wakatoshi 
She watched the seconds tick by, loneliness consuming her as the number of turns increased.
With her leant against the couch and the television playing, it still wasn’t enough to quell it. A gaping hole in her chest. She bit her lip glancing back and forth at the clock.
He said he’d be home by ten. Now, it was well past one in the morning. She pulled her knees to her chest and ran an anxious hand through her hair. Maybe she should’ve offered to go pick him up from the airport.
What would have happened to him? She always hated airplanes for this reason. Her nails dug into her palms as they attempted to calm herself from all negativity.
Where was that idiot?
When her phone vibrated, she almost threw it across the room. Hastily, she read the notification. Her heart raced and her eyes widened. She scrambled to stand up, grabbing the cardigan she left draping over the recliner after work and the keys
:iconunicornkingdom:UnicornKingdom 25 12
[HQS] Within the Warmth
[HQS] Haikyuu Captains - 42 - the end. 
The lights flickered in multi colours - red, blue, white, orange, green, so on, so on. The rainbow of lights entranced her, her eyes wide with wonder and her lips curved into a warm, small smile. 
It felt warm and at home, her heart.
"I feel like she forgot what's it like to be outside..." Oikawa commented, watching [Name] with a raised brow as he sat on the ice-cold bench with his arms crossed across his chest. He crossed his ankles when Kuroo began to speak.
Daichi rubbed his hands together and exhaled. "Who's fault was it to have an indoor Christmas party for a week?"
Kuroo gasped, "We should've done a New Years one too!" He snapped his fingers in distraught, "Ugh, would've been so cool!"
Ushijima voiced out his disagreement. "On the contrary, where's Bokuto?"
At this, [Name] turned around, looking at the four former captain with wide eyes. "I asked him to buy me ice cream half an hour ago."
Ushijima pulled out his p
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[HQS] Last Christmas
The night had fallen hours ago but you remained seated on the open roof, taking in the chilly air and dark blue sky littered with stars. You smiled, glad that there was barely any light pollution at that time; you could see every star clearly. 
You glanced to your left, where Sugawara lied down on the blanket - you brought along - with his eyes closed and an arm under his head. You assumed him to be asleep and snickered.
”He's not asleep, you know.” You turned to your other where Daichi sat, taking small sips of his drink. He glanced at your doubtful face and chuckled. “He snores in his sleep.”
”I do not!” Sugawara yelled and immediately sat up, which startled the other boys that were half-asleep or playing card games - courtesy of your decks. 
You and Daichi laughed. 
Asahi’s sigh traveled through the dark night and everyone turned to him, questioning. 
But you smirked, “Tired, Asahi?” Your eyes held a teasing g
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[HQS] Warm Winter
The sidewalk was paved, free of snow but the snowflakes, little crystal of ice resumed its fall that night.
You watched the white fall onto the earth, people and other inanimate objects. You sighed, from inside the coffee shop you were seated in.
Despite the warmth that emanated, you still felt cold.
You glanced at your wrist watch and noted that it had been over an hour than the arranged time. You pursed your chap lips.
Was he coming or not?
You wished you had a rose to pluck, though, you knew what was to come.
Sighing, you decided you'd finish your drink and head back home; regretting you even decided to step out and go on a date with him - even when he was the one who was so persistent for one whole month on hearing you say yes.
The mug was placed gently on the wood table before you left the coffee shop, with the lack of spring in your steps. The phone in your jacket pocket weighed you down; the last text he sent you was forty-five minutes ago and after the twentieth minute in the s
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[HQS] Paralyzed
Your fingers gently gripped his arm and lifted it before placing it by his side. You did the same with the other arm, albeit gentler. His two other limbs - legs - followed suit. You then plopped yourself next to him on the bed after pulling him into a sitting position. You grabbed the remote and turned on the television in your room. 
"Get ready for the scare of your life," you grinned looking at him with a glint of mischief in your eyes. Before you played it, you pulled the comforter over the two of you, making sure his legs were covered and the popcorn was on the bedside table. Taking that into hand, you pressed play and snuggled into his side and his head tilted to the side to watch you; brown eyes filled with mixed feelings and he wondered, whether you could feel them. 
Gently, he nudged your head with his and confused, you glanced at him. "What's wrong, Tooru?"
He looked into your eyes for a second longer, searching before a slow smile made its way to his lips. "Nothing,
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[HQS] Pleasure
[HQS] Daichi Sawamura
evil laugh i never knew i had this in me ;D
Warm fingers found its way towards her hand and they intertwined between her equally - if not warmer - hands. She glanced up at him, a brow raised at the suddenly affectionate male.
"Hmm? Daichi?"
Daichi looked over at her with no more than a look that was devoid of any emotions since he looked absentminded. Confused, she pushed herself closer to him on the couch and lifted his intertwined hands and releasing his fingers from his hold before pulling it over her shoulder and snuggling into his side. He heard her murmur, "This is better."
A smile threatened to surface but he quashed the urge and bit his bottom lip from saying anything. She caught the twitch of his lips and a small grin adorned her face. 
I wonder, she hummed as her fingers found its way to his side, what is he thinking?
"Hey," she poked him in his side and he looked at her fully, brows furrowed and his bott
:iconunicornkingdom:UnicornKingdom 22 81
[HQS] Snow
when i put the title 'Snow' the first thing that came into my head was President Snow, the one with hidden intentions and has an affinity to white roses. Convince me, he said. They're holding hands, I want them dead, he said - I think I made it clear that I'm still obsessed with that series. ANYWAYS, continue on : )
The night was getting colder, longer, and lonelier but Akaashi didn't let the last one bother him much. The morning mists showed that the temperature was slowly dropping and he tightened his woolen scarf around his neck unconsciously, trying to warm himself before he turned into a human, blank-faced human Popsicle, according to Bokuto.
He wandered the street, snow yet to fall on the earth but he was equipped with warm clothes to fend off the cold; a coat pulled towards him and a scarf that you had gifted him one year ago, before you left for a college in a different continent. He shook his head from the thoughts that were beginning to dampen his mood and focus
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[HQS] Game Over
[HQS] Kenma Kozume
Her hair, he wanted nothing more than to play with them, feel it between his fingers.
Her eyes, he wanted to hold them in his and not exactly stare, but keep them on his for as long as he can.
Her fluttering eyelashes always seemed flirty, even when she wasn't trying.
Her lips, he wondered whether it would feel soft or... indescribably amazing.
Every inch of her he wanted to keep to himself - as selfish as that sounded.
But at the moment, it seemed impossible.
"Hey Kenma," She nudged her shoulder with his. Electricity ran through his veins. "Why aren't you practicing?"
He liked how she, even though she had never played a game in her whole eighteen years, was interested in his and watching intently as his avatar moved and occasionally, giving points on what to do, at least suggesting. He liked this.
He liked her.
Kenma, barely looked at her. He shrugged, his fingers moving in a planned motion, eyes fixed on the screen. "I don't know."
She frowned, gla
:iconunicornkingdom:UnicornKingdom 16 5
[HQS] Do You
Say this whole world can know you're all I need
'Cause baby some day I'll drop and hit one knee and tell you
I'm not afraid to change your name
'Cause I'm crazy about you

    She pulled away, gasping for breath and before she could regain her composure he had dived back in and pressed his lips firmly against hers. Her eyes fluttered close and her heart picked up pace. Her arms ached from having them wrapped around his neck for so long but she didn't mind since she started feeling numb when his fingers trailed down her back. 
    "What are we doing, Hajime?" She pressed her palms against his firm chest and panted, trying to regain her breath. He pressed closer but she stayed firm and face scrunched and flustered. He closed his eyes and swallowed. 
    They opened to reveal a look with mixed emotions. She couldn't name all of them. "Isn't this what you wanted?" His voice was husky and she shivered. His hold on her waist tightened.
:iconunicornkingdom:UnicornKingdom 41 8
[HQS] Fulfilment
[HQS] Tanaka Ryuunosuke 
Her heart stuttered at the close proximity; his lips were inches away from hers and she had no idea how to react.
Panic? No, no. Then, he'd know that she was head over heels for him. Act nonchalant? Hmm, if she did, she couldn't calm the erratic beats of her heart. Smile? Who smiles when they are cornered by their dream guy? Blush? Too bad her cheeks were already flushed, warm under his touch.
"What are you doing?" She mentally pat herself on her back, pride filling her and momentarily pulling her away from her situation. She barely stuttered. Her heart, however, maintained its beat, thumping loudly in her ears and against her ribs. 
His breath fanned her face as he let out a low chuckle. Her heart went into overdrive and she feared that she would faint any second. Her was in her throat when he began speaking. "I finally got you." He pressed his forehead against hers and grinned.
If she wasn't so blindly in love with him, she would ha
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[HQS] Dark Blue
[HQS] Bokuto Koutarou 
Dark blue, dark blue, 
Have you ever been alone in a crowded room
When I'm here with you?
His lips invaded her skin and she gently pushed him away, smiling softly. 
"That tickles," she pursed her lips at the pout formed on his pink, kissable lips. His thin lips moved and she almost did not catch his words. 
"Come on," he opened his arms to her, his monochrome hair flat against his head. "I had a long day at work." 
She refrained from rolling her eyes and for a moment, she contemplated before walking into his arms and wrapping her arms around his waist as she placed her neck at his neck. "There, a hug. Now go eat dinner, Kou."
She meant to break free after a short while, but his grip was unrelenting. "No," he breathed out, moving a few strands of her hair. "I'm not hungry," he murmured as he tightened his grip on her. 
"You didn't eat, Kou," she attempted to push him away but he didn't budge a sin
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Certain Things
His heart was in her hands, hers replaced his. 
His love was only for her and she accepted it.
Accepted everything; his personality, looks, his little habits and quirks. She never minded the way he was imperfect, because she never believed in pure perfection.
Because, to her, he was perfectly imperfect. 
Certain things that made him who he was, which she adored, his crooked smile, his bright eyes and his big personality made her attracted to him; like a moth to a flame.
There were certain things she ignored, too. The way he bit his fingernails when he was nervous, or the way his leg bounced when he was excited. All the little things.
She was everything he dreamed of; the dream girl, the perfect girl. 
He loved her, the way her eyes would bright up at the sight of him. He always hoped that it would only happen with him. Her smile, oh her smile, he never knew something could kill and make him feel so alive at the same time. 
The way she'd tangle her fingers with his,
:iconunicornkingdom:UnicornKingdom 4 2
[HQS] Closed Spaces
[HQS] Ennoshita Chikara - 33


Ennoshita sighed at his teammates. Why did they have to be so observant at the wrong time? His hands attempted pull the door of the equipment room but it didn't budge. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath when he realized they had set the both of you up into walking into their trap. 
His nose scrunched and a scowl marred his face, Must be Tanaka and Yuu.  
Your voice called out softly and he stiffened. "[Name]?" He blinked in the dark, willing his eyes to adjust to the darkness quickly. He spotted a figure a few feet in front of him and he relaxed and reached out to you.
"[Name]? Don't--"
He paused when his hand wrapped around something thin and he jumped when he felt a hand on his opposite arm. He pulled a face as he released the mop, which he had distinguished and placed his hand on yours.
"T-The door?" 
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