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Mature content
Together Forever :iconunicornfantasy1:UnicornFantasy1 1 0
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Another request~ by UnicornFantasy1 Another request~ :iconunicornfantasy1:UnicornFantasy1 3 0 Lottie~ by UnicornFantasy1 Lottie~ :iconunicornfantasy1:UnicornFantasy1 3 0 Canada senpai! by UnicornFantasy1 Canada senpai! :iconunicornfantasy1:UnicornFantasy1 4 0 Freya by UnicornFantasy1 Freya :iconunicornfantasy1:UnicornFantasy1 4 0 Chica by UnicornFantasy1 Chica :iconunicornfantasy1:UnicornFantasy1 5 3
Req: Summer Rain (PruAus)
Summer Rain PruAus fluff
Prussia x Austria
-Prussia's POV-
"Damn it..." I hissed. I was standing in the summer rains since Roderich kicked me out again. 'Does he never feel pity?' I thought, shivering slightly and taking in my surroundings. "Geez, in the rain Roddy?" I wrapped my arms around my body as I sneezed. My surroundings were bare of any shelter, nothing to protect me from the rain. The only sort of protection being a nearby tree. I leant on the tree, it's leaves giving my some shelter for the rain. A shiver shook my whole body, I'm sure to get sick now.
Soon, a figure came out of the house with an umbrella. The masculine figure looking around before spotting me and walking over. He spoke with a soft voice "I can't believe I actually feel sorry for you..." I smirked and gave my signature laugh "kesesese~ who wouldn't feel sorry for the awesome me in the ra-" I was cut short as the other male smacked me upside the head. "That's enough from you.. Hurry up and get under here.." He
:iconunicornfantasy1:UnicornFantasy1 7 7
Kindness (country!reader x Sealand)
What is kindness?
The quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.
Kindness is something Peter needs. None of the other nations see him as one of them no matter how hard he tries to fit in. The say he's to small to be a country yet Wy is recognised. What's so different about her and Seborga? Why is he different from them?
He was sitting outside the world meeting room since none of the other counties would allow him in. He was looking around the room, taking note of the various artworks in the hall. He looked into his lap, wishing that just once the countries would let him join. He looked down the hall, and there, standing in the doorway, was another country since they were wearing a military uniform. They noticed Peter and walked up to him. "Hello little fella, are you lost?" This country knelt in front of him and looked at him. "Oh, yes.. I'm fine, I'm not lost." Peter smiled at the stranger to show for his words. "What're you doing here?" The nation asked.
:iconunicornfantasy1:UnicornFantasy1 15 26
Human Pokemon: Sylveon by UnicornFantasy1 Human Pokemon: Sylveon :iconunicornfantasy1:UnicornFantasy1 6 0


Time for a pignic! by Marloeshi Time for a pignic! :iconmarloeshi:Marloeshi 256 65 Material studies by Manweri Material studies :iconmanweri:Manweri 137 27 [MMD] Winter by MonochromeIllusion [MMD] Winter :iconmonochromeillusion:MonochromeIllusion 275 13 Gift: Sakura - Icon by ChiChiSnicker Gift: Sakura - Icon :iconchichisnicker:ChiChiSnicker 4 2
My deviantart story
Hey everyone, it's me, History-and-pasta. AKA Cat-tan or as I am known in real life, Caitie.
So, I thought I would give you guys my deviantart story to join in this celebratory occassion. Alright now... Here we go.
It honestly started around here:

First it was mainly these drawings, MLP, Sgt. Frog, or Sonic...
Then after a month or two, it was this sort of stuff:

Request~For Cuervo-arenero by History-and-pasta
Request for UnicornFantasy1 (England) by History-and-pasta
Me dressed as Japan 9-16-13 by History-and-pasta
Request~ Mew Rose for megashadowmew by History-and-pasta
Princess Yumiko 9-8-13 by History-and-pasta
Romano X reader- you wanna bet? by History-and-pasta
CHIGI!! (romano~) by History-and-pasta
benny human~ by History-and-pasta
Ti amo (N. Italy X Oni) 12-2-13 by History-and-pasta
:iconhistory-and-pasta:History-and-pasta 4 34
Starlight Shorts Miku by Cioccolatodorima Starlight Shorts Miku :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,766 55 Boku wa Kanada da yo by Cioccolatodorima Boku wa Kanada da yo :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,712 226
BTTxChubby!Reader: The Way You Are
     "I'm not coming out," your muffled voice sounded from the bathroom. Gilbert Beilschmidt continued to knock obnoxiously on the door.
  "Come on (Name)!" he cried with that German accent of his.
  You looked down at yourself in the bathing suit. You were sitting on the toilet, so your exposed thighs were more squished out than normal. Your stomach popped out a bit in the front of the bathing suit and you shook your head again, even though the white haired boy outside your door couldn't see you.
  "No, I'm not coming out," you insisted. You would sometimes swim by yourself or with your family but once you were going to swim in front of your friends you felt insecure.
  "Open up, ma chérie~" Francis Bonnefoy joined in the 'Try to get (Name) out' game.
  You stood up and paced the bathroom, "No, you guys go swimming, I don't think I'm going to. I'll just put on clothes and watch..." you said quickly.
:iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 178 56
Japan x Reader - Stolen Kiss
“ And if I kiss you, darling
Please don't be alarmed” – New York, Ed Sheeran

[f/n] tried not sneezing again, rubbing the used tissue furiously over her nose before reaching out to scoop another one from the already empting box (it was amazing how she managed to finish those in record time, she would enter Guinness records one of these days with the right amount of bad luck and one of the nasty colds she always seemed to attract). The hard process of moving around while having the flu and the fact that she was buried by no less than three blankets made it very difficult to reach for the tissues that were calmly resting on the little table next to her bed.
Just one more inch…
It wasn’t surprising in any way when the girl felt herself losing the support offered by her mattress and rolling on the cold ground, becoming a mess of covers, pajamas, used socks and a tennis shoe that shouldn’t even be there (God, how she needed to clean up her ro
:iconaranel753:aranel753 204 46
Frozen From Within by LoCeri Frozen From Within :iconloceri:LoCeri 256 24 Miku Nendoroid- 3D Drawing on Paper by XenNa-Scarlet Miku Nendoroid- 3D Drawing on Paper :iconxenna-scarlet:XenNa-Scarlet 167 50 MMD hoodie Jacket by mbarnesMMD MMD hoodie Jacket :iconmbarnesmmd:mbarnesMMD 166 51 MMD Tanktop pack by amiamy111 MMD Tanktop pack :iconamiamy111:amiamy111 1,134 152 mmd wavy skirt by Tehrainbowllama mmd wavy skirt :icontehrainbowllama:Tehrainbowllama 757 183 MMD -School Uniform -DOWNLOAD by MMDFakewings18 MMD -School Uniform -DOWNLOAD :iconmmdfakewings18:MMDFakewings18 1,880 79 MMD-White Frilly Tank-top by Tehrainbowllama MMD-White Frilly Tank-top :icontehrainbowllama:Tehrainbowllama 1,157 130




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