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Happy New Year, my little unicorn. by Almatea-Art
Monokeros by christoskarapanos
Unicorn of The Roses - hand painted stone pendant by LunarFerns
Quest: Coloring Contest by AngelaCross
Traditional Art
Butterfly unicorn by Nativehorse100
Purification by MelanippeArt
My Own Little Museum by BambisParanoia
TiRoc versus Unicorn by BlueWingedCoyote
Digital Art
Unicorn Rolling by HorsesPlease
I Play Dead, And The Hurting Stops by BambisParanoia
Ych 20|For noctiilucent by Alucsard
Nice Night for Gaming by FluffyMae
Forest Romp by Unicorn-Wizard-Steph
Unicorn of Treefern Trail by Unicorn-Wizard-Steph
Legend. by ashuriiART
The Maiden And The Unicorn by Lady-Akyashaa
Models, Sculptures, Dolls
Unita Sculpture 2 by Louisetheanimator
Unita Super Form Sculpture 2 by Louisetheanimator
Unita Super Form Sculpture Process by Louisetheanimator
Unita Sculpture by Louisetheanimator
Unicorn Coin Purse  by UnicornLover2500
Unicorn Calender  by UnicornLover2500
my The Last Unicorn tarot deck  by UnicornLover2500
My Unicorn Earmuffs by UnicornLover2500
Non-Equine Unicorns
Justified And Ancient by BambisParanoia
Doble Minded Man by SoulieCrystalline
MerMay Unicorn by TheWhiteShark
Junicorn Unicat by TheWhiteShark
Anthro Unicorns
Lesbian Pride Flag Unicorn by nickyflamingo
In Bloom Brisa Aarush Tempest by nickyflamingo
Reward ACEOs Vivien and Diana by nickyflamingo
Parvaneh by dismaldaydreamer
Character or Species Design
Iris blue reference sheet by IrisBlue16
[open] Adopt: Rosy Gold by Flora-Tea
#36 Horse Adopt Auction [CLOSED] by DetachedAgressor
#46 Horse Adopt Auction [CLOSED] by DetachedAgressor
Contest Winners
Africa Unicornis by Sieskja
Nyalacorn by Blackwolfoffireworks
majestical girafficorn by blackmustang13
The Unicorn and the Kelpie by Leashe


African Wild Dog Grand  Unicorn by Reptangle African Wild Dog Grand Unicorn :iconreptangle:Reptangle 339 39 Unicorn Form by unicorn-skydancer08 Unicorn Form :iconunicorn-skydancer08:unicorn-skydancer08 47 89 Unicorn Crest Papercutting by swandog Unicorn Crest Papercutting :iconswandog:swandog 456 68 Tough as Nails by Cacodaemonia Tough as Nails :iconcacodaemonia:Cacodaemonia 280 96 Unicorn by drakhenliche Unicorn :icondrakhenliche:drakhenliche 104 14 Unicorn foal by Glasmagie Unicorn foal :iconglasmagie:Glasmagie 275 42 Unicorn by OneWingedAngelKisaki Unicorn :icononewingedangelkisaki:OneWingedAngelKisaki 4 0 Unicorn by JonesWannabe Unicorn :iconjoneswannabe:JonesWannabe 13 3 Sophia and the Unicorn by ElXi-Ameyn Sophia and the Unicorn :iconelxi-ameyn:ElXi-Ameyn 607 31 Cloudy lilac unicorn by thai-binturong Cloudy lilac unicorn :iconthai-binturong:thai-binturong 248 21 Cuttlefish unicorn by Reptangle Cuttlefish unicorn :iconreptangle:Reptangle 690 41 The Last Unicorn by Hellbeholder The Last Unicorn :iconhellbeholder:Hellbeholder 173 19 Blessing of Unicorns by MATTimagine Blessing of Unicorns :iconmattimagine:MATTimagine 5 0 Equal Power by Nigreda Equal Power :iconnigreda:Nigreda 408 39 The last Unicorn by MasakoHime The last Unicorn :iconmasakohime:MasakoHime 236 34









Unicorn Club Rules

This is a group for anybody who loves or likes unicorns! You don't have to draw unicorns to be in this club, you just have to love them. If you're a unicorn artist, you can display your art in our gallery. You can submit your art if it has something to do with unicorns, including anthro-unicorns and alicorns :) Whatever kind of unicorn you submit, please make sure it has a visible horn, since by definition unicorns are uni "one" corn "horned."

General Rules
:bulletred: To join the club just click "Join our Group" at the top of this page!

:bulletred: Once you're part of the club, you can display our icon in your profile by installing the "Groups" widget.

:bulletred: To post art here, go to the Gallery tab at the top of the page, and hit "Submit to this Gallery." Then choose the correct folder to submit to. You are limited to 3 submissions a day. Mature content is not expressly forbidden, but please keep in mind that people of all ages watch this group, so use the filters appropriately. We discourage images that promote hate or harm towards, or by, unicorns, since the group is for people who love unicorns :)

:bulletred: Only the media folders (Traditional Art, Digital Art, etc.) are open to submission. If your art fits the content folders (Non-Equine, Anthro, etc.), the moderators will copy it there.

Need a visual tutorial on how to submit?

Current Activities:
Our Journal!
Submit to our Gallery!
Lets beat the blues with some blue unicorns, shall we? I know I'm cheerful about finally making it back to dA and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with you and your unicorns :D  So lets see your blue beauties! Blue, mid blue, bright blue, electric blue, grey-blues and baby blues are all invited to come gallop around in the comments below. Let them be discovered, rediscovered and appreciated by the friendly folks here at Unicorn Club.

Remember your art should follow Unicorn Club rules and be child-friendly and have a distinct horn. And remember to have fun!

Here's a blessing of blue unicorns from our club featured folder:

Name of Image

Name of Image

Name of Image

Name of Image

Name of Image

Name of Image

Name of Image

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I don't know how often the other moderators are around, but I try to make sure I check in every few days if not more often. If submissions expire, it's usually just because no one has had time to check and approve them, in which case please just resubmit.
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Happy International Unicorn Day!

I've got a story that I've written and published that can make a good present:
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Is this group still a thing?
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Hi, I started a unicorn otherkin group on facebook:…
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I'm curious if unicorns that aren't based on horses are accepted  Commodora by Mit-boy
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