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Hello everyone~ :heart:

This group is for owners and enthusiasts of UniCats, a closed species brought to you by mouldyCat and unicorngirl1.

Please note that this group was made for THIS SPECIFIC unicorn-cat species owned by mouldyCat and unicorngirl1 only, so don't submit pictures of your own species here (only exception is the "Featured" folder).

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: DISCLAIMER:
We do not claim to own the concept of mixing cats with unicorns and we don't mind when other people make a similar species - as long as it doesn't possess the same specific traits (in combination) that our unicorn-cat-breed has, it'll be fine. :3 (Read about those traits and features below.)

Species Specs:
UniCats are a mix-breed of cats and unicorns.
In their UniCat true form they exist with fur in all sorts of colors; on their big chest they all have some kind of "cutie mark" (may appear in the same shape on different UniCats), and they have kitty ears, a unicorn tail and a rainbow horn.
In very rare cases they develop wings when in puberty, but they never grow big enough for them to actually be able to fly.
They have an alternate humanoid form, though some of them may decide to remain in their true form forever.
Their humanoid form, in all cases, has a rainbow horn on its head, cat ears and a unicorn tail (or whatever tail the mutant/subspecies true form has).
I think they originally came from an island called Pink Britain and for some reason quite a few of them really like eating corn....... hah
There are a few subspecies, you can find the descriptions for them by clicking here >> Subspecies Collection

Species Rules
You may alter their gender/cutie mark/general appearance a little, but in either of their forms you will have to keep the rainbow horn(s), the kitty ears and the unicorn tail(s) (or mutant tails).
Cross-breeding with other species is not allowed.
This species is CLOSED for now. Currently only mouldyCat, unicorngirl1, theRainbowOverlord/Queen-of-Color, Wintryabyss, Aristanova, Oliv-e, Ashuri, StargazerSammie, & Minto-Hime have permission to make customs.
Credit them for the original design!

To be allowed to breed (or co-breed) with UniCats or their subspecies and sell the kittens, you need to have bought at least 2 (from any of those posted in our group) and you have to comment here to officially get permission >> (Get Breeding Permission Here) and to get our breeding bases (you can also make your own bases and if you want us to we will add them to our official collection ^^).

There are rules on how to breed UniCats and Unicats with their subspecies, you can find them here:
Breeding Etiquette
Breeding Rules
READ CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW THESE RULES (both links!!) If you don't we'll have to revoke your breeding rights.

Please note that each PAIRING cannot have more than 4 kids! (However, you can pair up your UniCat with as many other UniCats as you wish.) You may also cross any genders of UniCats you want, e.g. fxf, mxm is fine.

Gallery Folders:

:bulletpink: Featured
Used to showcase cool species other people have created. Suggestions are always welcome! ^^

:bulletpink: Beginners
Here you can find Adoptables/Breedings that are reserved for people who do not own any UniCats yet, as well as any information you need to get started. c:

:bulletpink: Character Reference Sheets
Self-explanatory xD

:bulletpink: Other
Any random UniCat-related drawings, paintings, pixel dolls etc that don't fit in the other categories go in here.

:bulletpink: Adoptables
Find/Buy UniCat adoptables!

:bulletpink: Herd Sheets/Breedables
Here you can put your UniCats that are open for breeding and/or pictures of your herds! (Please make clear if any are NOT open for breeding or if you do not have breeding permission yet.)

:bulletpink: Breeding
Post your pairings and cute little offspring open for adoption here. :3 You are allowed to breed and collab once you've bought 2 UniCats from this folder or the "Adoptables" folder!

:bulletpink: Customs
Custom-made UniCat characters
Bri's custom information
Ashuri's custom information
Sammie's custom information
Ashley's custom information
Quapon's custom information
Mouldy's custom information (VERY OUTDATED)
Uni's custom information (HIATUS)

:bulletpink: Collabs
For UniCat group shots, be it organized by YOU or the staff. ;3

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: If you're looking for a place to re-sell UniCats you don't want to keep anymore, please refer to this journal:…

The lovely UniCat base for our group icon was made by theRainbowOverlord <3









Gallery Folders

PixelPixiLions #1 (6 open) by Gl00myCherub
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pixelpixylions information. by andrhea-the-cat
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Character Art
[Inktober 2018] Day 18 - Bottle by DarkEcho17
[Inktober 2018] Day 8 - Star by DarkEcho17
First Encounter by WingsThePhoenix
Captain Jack by HollowTooth2345
Elfrex + Munchkin Unicat Auctions [CLOSED] by Quapon
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Eskicat Adoptables! [CLOSED] by Quapon
Adopt - Horde of New Mutants - Closed by StargazerSammie
Herd Sheets
Unicat Mutant Herd 2 Of 3 by Gl00myCherub
My Unicat collection sheet by to-much-a-thing
Unicat Herd // Breedings Open by TrollishTheTroll
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a: Maleficent by Queen-of-Color
Collabs + Events
~Unicats: Halloween party!  OPEN ~ by HappyHippoAdopts
August 2, 2018
- Added Maleficent Mutant and Disney Villain Mutant Section

July 27, 2018
- Added Piglet Mutant

June 5,  2018
- Added Sun Goddess and Fishbowl Mutants

March 14,  2018
- Added Comet and Seal Mutants

January 21, 2018
- Added Emo Mutant

January 17, 2018
- Added Jiangshi Mutant

December 4, 2017
- Added Airplane, Praying Mantis, Blue Whale, Hippo, Monstertruck, & Spider Mutants
- Updated Pasta Dish Mutant

December, 3, 2017
- Windchime Mutant

November 25, 2017
- Grinch Mutant
- Christmas Mutant

November 6, 2017
- Fly Amanita Mushroom Mutant
White Button Mushroom Mutant
- Bleeding Tooth
Mushroom Mutant
- Night-light Mushroom Mutant

October 16, 2017
- Candycorn Mutant
- Pumpkin Butt Mutant
- Graveyard Mutant
- Bones Mutant
- Angel of Death Mutant
- Stardust Mutant
- ..and a missing link to the Forest Spirit Mutant

October 9, 2017
Added Alpaca mutant

October 1, 2017
Added Trick or Treat mutant

What is a mutant unicat? A "mutant" has some sort of physical characteristic unlike normal unicats that goes beyond color or pattern, and is not a subspecies - e.g. there is only one original and its offspring that have that particular characteristic. You can only "get" mutant characteristics by breeding, or buying the original yourself. Mutation passes down in the normal half-and-half ratio EXCEPT when breeding with another mutant or subspecies - then one or two of the kittens will have traits of both. (See the breeding rules here for specifications)
Please also note: mutant x mutant = still all mutant kittens (the 1 kitten with features from both parents is called "multi-mutant"). But mutant x subspecies = one or two of the 4 kittens become a MIX. Mixes breed differently, please check the link posted previously for specifics.

Extra stuff that is not a "mutation": "Normal" Wings - One set of fluffy wings is a rare trait that occurs in unicats naturally. (Not to be confused with for example the seraphim mutant's double wings, or the housefly mutant's transparent fly wings.)

Breeding with mutants:
:bulletpink: mutant x mutant = 1 kitten like parent a, 2 kittens like parent b, 1 with features from both.
:bulletpink: mutant x subspecies is different depending on the subspecies, please check our breeding rules for details.
:bulletpink: mutant x mix = 2 kittens like parent a, 2 kittens like parent b
:bulletpink: mix x subspecies = 2 kittens like parent a, 2 kittens like parent b
:bulletpink: mix x unicat =  2 kittens like parent a, 2 kittens like parent b
:bulletpink: mix x mix =  1 kitten like parent a, 1 parent like parent b, 2 with features from both
:bulletpink: mutant x mutant with wildcard potion = 1 kitten like parent a, 2 kittens like parent b, 1 with features from both; colors/patterns for all of them as you see fit.
That means, if parent b had a wildcard potion tied to it that lets you not only change colors/patterns as you see fit but also do some body modifications (you can buy these here), only the 2 kittens that are like parent b, and part of the 1 mix kitten can use the body modification option. This applies for example if you breed the Gemini mutant with the Hibiscusbutt (this one has said wildcard).
It may change however if you breed 2 mutants with each other that come from the same "area". For example, Shark x Alphafish with fish wildcard potion lets you make 4 different fish kittens, Rosebutt x Hibiscusbutt with floral wildcard potion will let you make 4 kittens with different flowers on them each.
:bulletpink: mutant with wildcard potion with body mod option x mutant with wildcard potion with body mod option = uhm, feel free to go batshit crazy with the mixing. have fun. ;D

List of original mutants and owners:

"Dagon" (sea creature) TaintedOneNinja
Firestarter (living fire tail/anywhere on body) Aristanova
Uni-Hellbat (UniHellcat with Bat wings) SugarRoseDoll StarryKnightPixie
Unicat-thulhu (Sea creature) TaintedOneNinja
"Seraphim" (Double wings) SugarRoseDoll…

Common House Fly (3 sets of legs, fly wings, fuzzy ears) Wintryabyss
Nightmare (Sideways mouth, 6 eyes, front paws have webs in between their paws, fish gills behind their ears) Aristanova
Dragon (Scales, wings, and other dragonyness) serenawolf
Squid (Tentacle tail) Aristanova…
(#5 here, the Aries mutant, is listed further down in the Bovidae-themed section)

Mummy (Falling-apart bone-exposed bits) vortex-larva
Werecat (Big teeth and huge claws on all feet) serenawolf…

Trick or Treat (pair of devil horns, ghost and bat companions, treats and crosses on their backs and hind legs, back wings on hind legs, larger bat wings for winged versions, jack-o-lantern tail with pumpkin vines, visible fangs) themaunster…

Tufted winged (Smooth tufts on ears and extra one below tail tuft; also wings) StargazerSammie…

Hindu demon (2 tiny horns, 3-forked tail, pointy teeth) unicorngirl1…

Gemini (4 ears and 4 eyes) unicorngirl1…

Hand Tail (tail ends in a hand instead of a tuft) unicorngirl1… (parent on the right)

Dumpling Belly (transparent belly filled with dumplings): vortex-larva

Forest Spirit (mushrooms/grass/flowers on the back, dragonflies as always present companions, extra fur on outer sides of ears (fir fur xD), liane-like moss hanging off the tail) Wintryabyss…

Egyptian Mutant (double wings, extra fur inside the ears, eyes are usually more slit?) unicorngirl1… (1st parent)

Kitsune Mutant (UniKitCat) (large pointy ears with fuzzy ends, almond shaped eyes, five fluffy tails, claws) Ashuri

Gem Mutant (gem growths on cheeks, behind front and back legs and on back feet, on their hips, down their back and tail, and a large growth on their tail) taaffeiite

Candle Mutant (Candle in place of tail, Candle ear, Melting Wax front paws) LavenderSeaFairy…

Teapot Mutant (has a teapot pouring tea instead of a tail) StargazerSammie…

Blissful Mutant (Extra Earfluff, Wing shaped tendrils under ears, Curling tail) StargazerSammie…

Raccoon Mutant (Slightly shorter and more rounded ears than a basic unicat, thicker tail, always has raccoon stripes, always has the black and white raccoon eye markings, always has a plant based cutie mark [ie. flowers, trees, fruit, vegetables, so on]) StarryKnightPixie…

Sea Mutant (water over the back down like a tail, coral around eyes / back feet / back, fish and jellyfish as always present companions, water wave ears) StargazerSammie…

Floophy Mutant (extra fur on front legs, on butt and above the eyes (like extra fluffy eyebrows xD); "floophies" dangling off each side of head; prefer breeding with pastel colors, but are not limited to it; when breeding them with triplecats, the 1 mixed kitten you'll get from it may have 3 floophies on each side of head instead of 3 tails) lovelesschild
Satan's Pawn / Satan Spawn (glowing eyes, bigger paws than those of usual unicat, giant claws, special wings (they always have these); some of them randomly develop long upper jaw canine teeth, similar to those of a saber-toothed tiger) Elevera…

Valentines Mutant (Beating heart instead of tail tuft, tiny hearts growing out of ear tips, ear bottoms and tail)
Tech/Cyborg Mutant (USB cable tail, square eyes/mouth/teeth, blinking LED panel implant on its back, mecha paws with sharp metal claws)
Universe Mutant (Planet growing out of back, little stars around butt area and tail tuft, always has either a little star or a crescent moon on forehead. Doesn't need air to survive.) Ashuri…

Fairy Mutant (swirling fairy wings, long ears with curled ends, split tail with curled end and fairy wing growth and the base, fairy based cutie marks (i.e.: fairies, fairy dust bottles, butterflies, flowers, mushrooms))… LadyoftheLily

Cyclops Mutant (large single eye, toothy mouth, torn ears, extra fur line on chest/stomach, tail ends in eyeball instead of tuft)… MJLauren

Cheshire Mutant (Vanished/outline bits that can move around (IE not always in the same place), large creepy grin, poofy tail and extra fur on cheeks, cat eye markings)… MJLauren

Disney Villain Themed Mutants (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
WildCard allows you to make different Disney Villains
Maleficent Mutant  (extra horns, blank eyes and scary mouth, dragon wings, triple split dragon tail with spines and thorns, flames on feet)…

Carnivore Themed Mutants (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
WildCard allows you to make different types of Carnivorus Dinosuars

Raptor Mutant (long feathered tail, feathered hair on front legs / below ears / on head down back, big claws on all feet, large toothy mouth, reptile eyes)… xxliquidrainbowxx

Plush Mutant (Button Eyes, X mouth, Sewn On Fabric Swatches on Body, Stub Tail) Candi-Kii
Griffin Mutant (Curly Ears with Feathery Bits, Birdy Beak, Talon Front Feet, Birdlike wings, Golden Band on Tail) StarryKnightPixie…

Cerberus Mutant (3 heads, 3 fluffy tails, fire on feet, tufted ears, glowing almond eyes with slit pupils, claws) mamaFoxi…
(These are supposed to be rare. There is no official limit, but please don't over-breed them ;))

Eyeball Mutant (3 Sets of Eyes on face, Eyes on legs, Eye tentacles on back, Eyeball on end of Tail, all eyes are same color) Oliv-e…

Steampunk Mutant (Mechanical Ear, Mechanical Leg, Pocket Watch tail, Cutout with Internal Gears on legs) - StargazerSammie…

Venom Mutant (Eight eyes, Large fangs, Rattlesnake tail, Toxic fumes emitting from the body) electribee…

Reindeer Mutant (slightly narrow eyes, reindeer antlers/ears/tail/hooves, extra fluff on lower chest) STARDU5T…

Kangaroo Mutant (Longer back legs, long tail, belly pouch) pokjy…

Phoenix Mutant (feather tufts on feet and ears, large avian wings, talons, large avian tail, feathery eyebrows, beak, can breath fire and fly, fire themed cutiemarks) LavenderSeaFairy…

Magdra Mutant, Lillie-Pop…
- Large striped horns on head, either side of Unicorn horn
- Floppy, thin ears
- Lots of tufts of fur on either side of face
- Big three-toed feet with claws
- Four wings on either side
- Big, curled tail with small fur tuft
- Slightly different eye shape

Otter Mutant (extended body, short legs, webbed feet, otter tail, small round ears, otter eyes with big round pupils, darkly colored otter nose) DarkEcho17…

Demonic Mutant (Long snakelike tongue, Soulless eyes with no irises, Ribbony wings (always have wings), Stitches and scars, Pitchfork tail) xxliquidrainbowxx…

Gore Mutant, Gaster-Story…
- Ripped body parts with blood dripping out
- Blood is exact same colors as cat's eyes - inheritance works the same as eye color. CANNOT use blood color on offspring patterns.
- Extra blood splatters on body and dripping from eyes
- Thin, hooded eyes
- Can be winged or wingless - if winged, wings are ripped

Dullahan Mutant - Quapon
- Spirit coming out of neck
- Unique Hand like tail
- Glowing Yellow Eyes
- Sharp toothed grins…

Popcorn Butt Mutant - gloomy-cherub
- popcorn near the ears
- popcorn on the back
- bag full of popcorn instead of a tail…

Alpaca Mutant - theRainbowOverlord/Queen-of-Color
- alpaca ears
- oval eyes
- alpaca muzzle
- longer than normal neck like an alpaca
- curly fleece all over their body; no manes or short hair, fleecey is all they come in
- alpaca tail
- alpaca hooves…

Stardust Mutant - StargazerSammie
- Star shaped tail (4 point)
- Stardust Clouds around Tail and horn
- Star Sparkles
- Unique Eye Design: Glass Stars…

Graveyard Mutant (Little skulls in ears, grave stones with grass and flowers on back, 1 companion spider with web and 5 little companion ghosts. All companions and the spider web may appear in different places.)
Bones Mutant (Cat skull, spine and a bone on back/butt, and the tail doesn't have any fur/flesh/muscle/skin - it's just bones.)
Angel of Death Mutant (Scythe "antennae", very long fur, and part of the face doesn't have any fur/flesh/muscle/skin, so the skull bone is partly exposed, making it look like a mask with shiny eyes (without pupils) popping out of it.) gloomy-cherub
#3, #4, #5 here:…

Amoeba Mutant (Amoeba-like body with membrane surrounding; Eyes are "endosomes" in two nuclei; Can be "fluffy" or not, but cannot have wings; Does not need to be anatomically correct! You can have anything floating around in the kitty and any sorts of patterns going on) Tomboy-Kei

Tatzelwurm Mutant (Big lizard eyes, Scales on face and going down body, No back legs; lizard-snake-like backside) Almatheja

Jellyfish Mutant (Pupil-less eyes, Jellyfish tentacles as tail/back of body and coming out of ears) LavenderSeaFairy

Flag Tail Mutant (Flag as tail) Tomboy-Kei…

Ghost Mutant (Surrounded by up to 13 ghosts - there will be less while the mutant is still a kitten, but once it is fully grown there will be 13 ghosts) mouldyCat…

Airplane Mutant (wings and engines of a plane on back, back portion of plane as tail tuft, spinning propeller on horn) - gloomy-cherub…

Praying Mantis Mutant (front cat legs further back and praying mantis arms in front, antennae around horn, big praying mantis eyes, mantis wings, mantis abdomen instead of tail) - gloomy-cherub…

Blue Whale Mutant (baleen whale teeth, eyes very far apart, whale flippers instead of front legs/paws, blowhole on forehead, tail/back body of blue whale [dorsal fin, peduncle]) - gloomy-cherub…

Hippo Mutant (hippo mouth, a few wrinkles around eyes, big belly) -gloomy-cherub…

Monstertruck Mutant (various car/monstertruck parts as bodyparts on more truck-shaped body: Engine, heckspoiler, wheels, exhausts, lights; headlights as eyes; underbite mouth with big teeth, big monstertruck wheels instead of legs) - gloomy-cherub…

Spider Mutant (spider abdomen, palps/fangs, web coming from back of abdomen; more regular [for a feline] large fangs inside mouth; eight eyes; eight legs; if winged, wings are made of webs) - gloomy-cherub…

Jiangshi Mutant…
- Hat with talisman
- Two more talismans on tail
- Talismans must include designs of some sort; these cannot be left blank
- Coat with big sleeves (be sure to include cutie mark next to cat as well as on chest if cutie mark is covered)
- Big claws on front paws
- Serpentine eyes

Emo Mutant…
- Beanie
- Choker
- Eyes always lidded, with eyeliner all around eyes
- Fangs sticking out of mouth, even when mouth is closed
- One piercing in each ear
- Thin metal chain wrapped loosely around tail
- Pentagram shaped tail "tuft"
- If winged, wings must be black

Comet Mutant…
- Galaxy swirls on ears
- Ice dust particles around legs
- Comet as a tail
- Pale, sparkling eyes

Seal Mutant…
- No ears
- Back of body is tail/back of a seal
- Flippers as paws
- Whiskers
- Small nose
- Two dots as markings always above eyes (these will be made obvious on the bases)
- Different eyes from other Unicats, shaped somewhat like sideways teardrops

Sun Goddess Mutant…
- Wolf shaped features in general; head, ears, muzzle, paws...
- Curly wolf tail with ink dipped at the end
- Floof and curls on shoulders and ankles
- Mystical looking floating and wispy flames over the back
- Thick outlines, as if drawn with ink
* - Main fur color can only be pure white or off-white (hex codes #FFFFFF and #F9F0E5)
* - Markings/patterns, flames, and ink, however, can be any color.

Fishbowl Mutant…
- Tail wraps around a spherical fish bowl
- Fishbowl contains gravel, plant, and a fish or turtle (choices of fish/turtle familiars are in the bases!)

Piglet Mutant…
- Floppy pig ears
- Snout in place of cat mouth
- Deep eyes, more shaded than typical Unicat eyes
- Curly pig tail
- Chubby belly
- Front and back feet of a pig

Lantern-themed Mutants (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
Bright the Lantern Tail Mutant (lantern holder tail (tail can be colored with other metallic colors) with lantern attached, cutiemarks are lantern-themed, moth companions around tail) (came with wildcard potion with body modification option to create new lanterns attached to the metallic lantern holder tail) StargazerSammie…

Bright's Offspring with varying types of lanterns: (all have: lantern holder tail (tail can be colored with other metallic colors) with a type of lantern attached, cutiemarks are lantern-themed, moth companions around tail)

- Candle Lantern gloomy-cherub
- Light Bulb Lantern StargazerSammie
- Jack-O'-Lantern gloomy-cherub
- Green Lantern (DC-inspired) StargazerSammie…

Anime-themed Mutants (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
Midori the Anime Mutant (Big wide anime eyes, Crazy hair with matching tail tuft, Anime-inspired cutie mark) The-Skittle-Overlord
[comes with anime wildcard potion with body mod option: new tail tuft and hair on head inspired by anime character hair (must not cover a significant amount of the Unicorn horn), & new eye shape, also inspired by an anime style]…

Midori's offspring with varying anime-inspired traits (all have: Anime eyes, Crazy hair with matching tail tuft, Anime-inspired cutie mark):

- Mahou Shoujo The-Skittle-Overlord
- Shounen The-Skittle-Overlord
- Fantasy The-Skittle-Overlord
- Bidanshi The-Skittle-Overlord…

Bovidae-themed Mutants: (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
("bovidae" basically means "horn carriers" - but no, the reindeer mutant is not part of it, like other deer kinds it belongs to the "cervidae" family instead ;))
- Aries Mutant (Extra pair of curved horns on sides of head) Elevera
#5 here:…
- Taurus Mutant (Tauren Horns, Long thin tail with tuft, Mane/Hair on head/shoulders which should always be the same colour as the tail tuft, Hind legs have hooves, Folded Ears) KittehzAdopts…
- Sheep Mutant (2 little extra horns, sheep ears, sheep nose, big eyes with thick and dark dreamy eyeline and goat-inspired horizontal pupils, sheep hooves, short sheep tail, lots of wooly curly extra fur) Wintryabyss
[came with bovidae special breeding wildcard with body mod option for creating other mutants that fit in the Bovidae family]…

Sheep mutant's offspring:
(coming soon)

Opposites-themed mutants: (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
Love/Hate Opposites Mutant "Lovesick" (based on opposites of love and hate, mask on face, colors/patterns are always split in the middle of the body (the split has to be visible in some way, two tails: each representing one of the opposites)
(came with limited wildcard potion with opposites theme that included body modification option)… Quapon

Lovesick's offspring with varying opposite themes:

- Comedy/Tragedy (Happy/sad (or literally comedy/tragedy) mask, two joker tails - one droopy, one "normal") Quapon
- Wild/Tame (Mask on face; tame side - curly tail, bow (this is part of the mutation - NOT optional accessory); wild side - chipped ear, messy long tail, "earring" (also part of mutation, not optional))  Quapon
- Heaven/Hell (Mask with cat face shape; heaven side - long flowing tail with halo; hell side - thorny tail with spiked flail at end)  Quapon
- Life/Death (Mask with barn owl shape; life side - live tree as tail with two bird companions and nest with eggs; death side - dead tree with companion bird skeleton in nest) Quapon…

Fish-themed Mutants: (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
- Shark Mutant (Shark tail / dorsal fin / shark mouth / black shark eyes / gills): xxliquidrainbowxx
- Alphafish Mutant "Goldie" (Fish tail, gills, catfish "whiskers", lionfish and other fish back fins, ear fins, front leg fins, fish eyes, may have scales somewhere on the body) (came with limited wildcard potion with fish theme that included body modification option): Wintryabyss…

Goldie's offspring with varying fish mutant traits:

- Clownfish Mutant (fish tail, ear fins, front leg fins, gills, catfish "whiskers", fish eyes, back fins) theRainbowOverlord/Queen-of-Color & Wintryabyss
- Siamese Fighting Fish / Crowntail Betta Mutant (fish tail, ear fins, front leg fins, gills, catfish "whiskers", fish eyes, back fins) theRainbowOverlord/Queen-of-Color
- Rainbow Fish Mutant (fish tail, ear fins, front leg fins, gills, catfish "whiskers", fish eyes, back fins, scales) theRainbowOverlord/Queen-of-Color & Wintryabyss
- Vaporeon Fish Mutant (fish tail, ear fins, front leg fins, gills, catfish "whiskers", fish eyes, back fins, "collar" fins) Wintryabyss…

- Halfmoon Betta (fish tail, ear fins, fins on stomach and sides of chest, gills, fish eyes, back fins) mouldyCat
- Winteria Telescopa (fish tail, ear fins, front leg fins, gills, huge fish eyes, fish mouth, back fins, fins on side of chest) mouldyCat
- Anglerfish (fish tail, ear fins, fins on side of neck, gills, fish eyes, back fins, 3 pairs of anglerfish "whiskers", anglerfish "fishing rod" with glowing "bait") Wintryabyss
- Happy Fish (fish tail, ear fins, fins on stomach and sides of chest, gills, fish eyes, back fins, happy fish mouth) Wintryabyss…

Plant-themed Mutants: (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
- Pitcher Plant tail Aristanova…
- Venus Flytrap tail (little extra "appendix" on tail may grow in some way, or fall off) mouldyCat… (2nd breeding, parent on the right)
- Cherry Tree Mutant (cherries and leaves growing out of ears, leaves on butt, tail is a cherry tree branch with lots of leaves and cherries; keep the branch parts in wooden colors!) mouldyCat…
- Peach Tree Mutant (little branches with leaves and peaches growing out of ears, the tail is a big peach tree branch with lots of leaves and peaches on it; keep the branch parts in wooden colors!) Queen-of-Color…
- Pumpkin Butt Mutant (Pumpkin leaves/vines coming out of ears, pumpkin with leaves and vines on butt) StarryKnightPixie
#2 here…

Hibiscus Mutant (hibiscus flowerbutt, hibiscus stamen growing out of ears, hibiscus leaves on back) Wintryabyss (has 2 limited wildcard potions with floral theme that include body modification option)… (parent on the right)

Flowerbutt mutants that are offspring from Hibiscus and have different flowers on them: (for owners see deviations)

(all have, depending on their flower: flowerbutt; foliage/flowers on back; stamen/vines/flowers growing out of ears)
- Rose, first 2 kittens in this breeding:…
- Tiger Lily, White Anthurium, Red Poppy, Yellow Chrysanthemum…
- Pink Moth Orchid, Panola Purple Faced Pansy, Northeastern Wildflower, Blue Hydrangea…
- Kalanchoe Pumila, Snapdragon, Bleeding Heart, Lavender enchantedprey5280.deviantart.c…
- Carnation, Bird of Paradise, Camellia, Columbine…
- Opuntia ("Cactus"), Rafflesia, Sakura, Water Lily…
- Catnip, Yarrow, Red Clover, Belladonna…
- White Lady (skeleton), Water Droplet, Anemone (includes fish companions), Neo-Flower…
- Psychotria elata, Hoya Wax Flower, Sundew, Naked Man Flower…
- Pokeweed, Titan arum, Snake's head fritillary, Ghost Flower…

Fungus-themed Mutants: (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
Neoshroom Mutant "Para" (mushroom tail instead of unicorn tail, small mushrooms growing on the body, eyes may glow in the dark) (came with limited wildcard potion with mushroom theme that included body modification option): theRainbowOverlord… (parent A from 2nd batch)

Para's offspring with varying kinds of mushrooms:
- Fly Amanita, White Button, Bleeding Tooth, Night-light…

Genie-themed Mutants: (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
Genie Mutant "Jini", belongs to StarryKnightPixie; (has limited wildcard potion with genie theme that includes body modification option to create new bottles and lamps)
(Genie Tail and Smoke Wisps, Golden Cuffs around front paws, Hoop Earrings [These are permanent and not optional], Bottles either sideways or upright at the end of Genie Tail)…

Jini's offspring with varying kinds of bottles/lamps:
(coming soon)

Candy-themed mutants: (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
Candycorn Mutant, belongs to StargazerSammie
- Lightly rounded ear tips
- tiny candycorn coming out of ears
- candycorn horns
- candycorn on back/butt. (The colors of the candycorn can be changed.)
#1 here…

Candyland Mutant "Confection", belongs to StargazerSammie; (has limited wildcard potion with candy theme that includes body modification option to create offspring with different candy on the back/tail)
Body traits:
- chocolate splashes on paws (color can be changed in breedings as long as it is one of the colors of the parents)
- twizzlers sprouting from the ears
- fruit ring candy on the cheeks
- dot candy freckles
- jelly beans in the hind legs
- gumdrop down the back
- chocolate kisses alongside the gumdrops
- lollipop tail…

Confection's offspring with varying kinds of candy on back and in exchange for a tail:
(all have: chocolate splashes on paws, twizzlers sprouting from the ears, fruit ring candy on the cheeks, dot candy freckles, jelly beans in the hind legs, also some kind of specific candy on their back and in exchange for a tail)
(coming soon)

Weather-themed Mutants: (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
- Cloudy Weather Mutant (Clouds partly covering back, butt and tail.), mouldyCat
- Thunderstorm Weather Mutant (Clouds with thunder bolts partly covering head, face and butt.), Minto-Hime
- April WeatherMutant (Rainbow on back and raining clouds covering butt.), Night-Class…

Snail Back themed Mutants: (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
They all have 2 pairs of "antennae" (1 on head, 1 on face) and a snail shell on their back; they may ooze radioactive slime when in distress.
- Land Snail Mutant, mouldyCat
- Pointy Shell Snail Mutant, THEOLAS
- Sea Snail Mutant, Gaster-Story…

Pastry Butt Mutants: (ALL FROM SAME AREA)
Macaron Mutant, Candi-Kii
- large macaron as tail
- smaller macarons and round sprinkles up back
- ears have small macarons with extra candy toppings
Cupcake Mutant, Candi-Kii
- large cupcake as tail
- sprinkles up back
- whipped cream on ears…
Pancake Mutant, Xocoa
- Stack of pancakes on back, pancakes as ears
- Syrup on top of pancakes
- Square of butter on forehead and on top of pancake stack
- Three-pronged fork sticking out of pancake stack
- Cutie mark is usually a kind of fruit, nuts, etc (to match breakfast pancake theme)…

Fast Food Butt Mutants: (ALL FROM SAME AREA)…
Hamburgerbutt Mutant, gloomy-cherub
- Large burger on back with smaller burgers coming up back
- Lettuce and sauce coming out of ears
Pizzabutt Mutant, gloomy-cherub
- Cheesey pizza on back
- Cheese coming out of ears

Spaghetti (Pasta Dish) Mutant gloomy-cherub
- Spaghetti with meatballs on back/butt
- Spaghetti instead of tail, with small fork sticking out
- Spaghetti and meatballs on head and/or coming out of ears…

Grinch Mutant lovelesschild
- Curled hair around horn
- Eye brows
- Manic grin and expression
- Extra chest fluff
- Extra fur on feet
- Max with a santa hat for a tail
- All have manes
Christmas Mutant @ lovelesschild
- Holiday lights sprouting from ears
- Extra hair on legs
- Snowdrift with snowman and presents on back
- Christmas tree for a tail
- All have manes…

Windchime Mutant StargazerSammie
- Fluffy tufts at the base of their ears.
- Two bells protruding from each ear.
- Long spiraled tail with dangling chimes from the top to the base.
More Journal Entries


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