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Hello everyone~ :heart:

This group is for owners and enthusiasts of UniCats, a closed species brought to you by mouldyCat and unicorngirl1.

Please note that this group was made for THIS SPECIFIC unicorn-cat species owned by mouldyCat and unicorngirl1 only, so don't submit pictures of your own species here (only exception is the "Featured" folder).

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: DISCLAIMER:
We do not claim to own the concept of mixing cats with unicorns and we don't mind when other people make a similar species - as long as it doesn't possess the same specific traits (in combination) that our unicorn-cat-breed has, it'll be fine. :3 (Read about those traits and features below.)

Species Specs:
UniCats are a mix-breed of cats and unicorns.
In their UniCat true form they exist with fur in all sorts of colors; on their big chest they all have some kind of "cutie mark" (may appear in the same shape on different UniCats), and they have kitty ears, a unicorn tail and a rainbow horn.
In very rare cases they develop wings when in puberty, but they never grow big enough for them to actually be able to fly.
They have an alternate humanoid form, though some of them may decide to remain in their true form forever.
Their humanoid form, in all cases, has a rainbow horn on its head, cat ears and a unicorn tail (or whatever tail the mutant/subspecies true form has).
I think they originally came from an island called Pink Britain and for some reason quite a few of them really like eating corn....... hah
There are a few subspecies, you can find the descriptions for them by clicking here >> Subspecies Collection

Species Rules
You may alter their gender/cutie mark/general appearance a little, but in either of their forms you will have to keep the rainbow horn(s), the kitty ears and the unicorn tail(s) (or mutant tails).
Cross-breeding with other species is not allowed.
This species is CLOSED for now. Currently only mouldyCat, unicorngirl1, theRainbowOverlord/Queen-of-Color, Wintryabyss, Aristanova, Oliv-e, Ashuri, StargazerSammie, & Minto-Hime have permission to make customs.
Credit them for the original design!

To be allowed to breed (or co-breed) with UniCats or their subspecies and sell the kittens, you need to have bought at least 2 (from any of those posted in our group) and you have to comment here to officially get permission >> (Get Breeding Permission Here) and to get our breeding bases (you can also make your own bases and if you want us to we will add them to our official collection ^^).

There are rules on how to breed UniCats and Unicats with their subspecies, you can find them here:
Breeding Etiquette
Breeding Rules
READ CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW THESE RULES (both links!!) If you don't we'll have to revoke your breeding rights.

Please note that each PAIRING cannot have more than 4 kids! (However, you can pair up your UniCat with as many other UniCats as you wish.) You may also cross any genders of UniCats you want, e.g. fxf, mxm is fine.

Gallery Folders:

:bulletpink: Featured
Used to showcase cool species other people have created. Suggestions are always welcome! ^^

:bulletpink: Beginners
Here you can find Adoptables/Breedings that are reserved for people who do not own any UniCats yet, as well as any information you need to get started. c:

:bulletpink: Character Reference Sheets
Self-explanatory xD

:bulletpink: Other
Any random UniCat-related drawings, paintings, pixel dolls etc that don't fit in the other categories go in here.

:bulletpink: Adoptables
Find/Buy UniCat adoptables!

:bulletpink: Herd Sheets/Breedables
Here you can put your UniCats that are open for breeding and/or pictures of your herds! (Please make clear if any are NOT open for breeding or if you do not have breeding permission yet.)

:bulletpink: Breeding
Post your pairings and cute little offspring open for adoption here. :3 You are allowed to breed and collab once you've bought 2 UniCats from this folder or the "Adoptables" folder!

:bulletpink: Customs
Custom-made UniCat characters
Bri's custom information
Ashuri's custom information
Sammie's custom information
Ashley's custom information
Quapon's custom information
Mouldy's custom information (VERY OUTDATED)
Uni's custom information (HIATUS)

:bulletpink: Collabs
For UniCat group shots, be it organized by YOU or the staff. ;3

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: If you're looking for a place to re-sell UniCats you don't want to keep anymore, please refer to this journal:…

The lovely UniCat base for our group icon was made by theRainbowOverlord <3









Gallery Folders

Character Art
OC - Camellia by S-aiitoChan
BAD KITTY by zippyskipy
Unicats Galore by DarkEcho17
strawberry reference by sweetwater2001
CLOSED - Trade for a normal Unicat by S-aiitoChan
Unicat Vending Machine by xavs-pixels
Unicats WANTED! by HappyHippoAdopts
Unicats Gatcha Mixing (open) by Gl00myCherub
Elfrex + Munchkin Unicat Auctions [CLOSED] by Quapon
[CLOSED] Witch Subspecies Adopts by mouldyCat
Eskicat Adoptables! [CLOSED] by Quapon
Adopt - Horde of New Mutants - Closed by StargazerSammie
Herd Sheets
~ My Unicat Collection ~ 33 by HappyHippoAdopts
~ My Unicat Collection ~ 32 by HappyHippoAdopts
Unicat Herd|Breedings Open by m-e-la-n-c-h-o-l-y
Unicat Herd by Roadkill-The-Raccoon
Breeding WitchGoddess -OPEN- by StarryKnightPixie
Unicat breeding batch 95 3 OPEN by pokjyshaw
Seashell X Cotton Candy {OPEN 4/4} by m-e-la-n-c-h-o-l-y
Breeding Jakob and Rein ( 2 open ) by Wuerfelspiel
Custom Unicats - Ice Cream + Donut by Quapon
Custom Unicats - Long + Gumball Mutants by Quapon
Custom Unicat - Cela by Quapon
Custom Unicat - Hollowtooth by Quapon
Collabs + Events
Easter Event - (Closed) by Gl00myCherub
New ToyHouse Purge!!! (OPEN! 20+ characters added) by mihopony
Sorry for the lack of activity, the admins have been very busy with life which is why I'm making this announcement. We would like to welcome xxliquidrainbowxx as our first contributor. She will be helping the other admins and myself with managing the group to make accepting new breeders and other stuff more quickly.

We aren't currently in contact with mouldyCat at the moment but we are hoping that will change soon. But in the meantime, we are doing our best to keep everything running as well as we can. Thank you for your patience we appreciate it. :D
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S-aiitoChan Featured By Owner May 7, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I've seen this rule that says "You may alter their gender/cutie mark/colors/styling/general appearance, 
but in either of their forms you will have to keep the rainbow horn, the unicorn tail and the kitty ears.
and wondering how far I can go
(1 Reply)
MangleAWOL Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
That moment when you get into unicats but realize you have like 0 artistic abilities to make the kids of your only 2 look good...
S-oujiiSan Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
If we may want a unique custom of Unicat, will the admins post the custom information in the group or we should watch all of the admins for the update?
(1 Reply)
WingsThePhoenix Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so i completely forgot where the journal ones to post/trade your unicats and i have a few i wanna trade, anyone willing to help me out on where that might be?
(1 Reply)
S-aiitoChan Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist

If I want to get a unique character (I've seen amazing ones but I feel like having my personal unique Unicat) is it considered as customs?
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