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SU (c) Rebecca Sugar
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I bet when Steven swam up to her in the healing pool, she thanked him.
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To quote Benedict Cumberbatch "My crew is my family" and this image warms the heart.
Rock-Raider's avatar
Together at last, after all those years as Centipeedles.
masscrusher500's avatar
This and the Emerald family are beautiful.
spyrofan923's avatar
Can't wait to see more of these lovely ladies in later episodes. I've always been invested in Centi (damn since her intro in Season 1).
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Gorgeous! I adore the one on the far left ahh seeing these guys all together honestly made me cry, I'm so happy they're all together again <33
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Here's to them staying on Earth since they probably now know who Steven is, the child of Pink Diamond
UnicaGem's avatar
Yes, maybe they'll stay with him!!
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Ok, I know I'm spit balling here. But I would totally be ok if Steven became the emperor of earth. Think about it, he's Pink Diamond's son, therefore, he has a legitimate claim. Not just to earth, but to all those gems at the zoo... Except Holly. But alas, he's probably not one for ruling. Why am I saying this? The Pink Diamond on her chest reminded me.

 On the flipeside, this art is great.
UnicaGem's avatar
But Steven wants Connie to become president xD

Thank you! :D
trilliondollerman's avatar
Ah, forgot about that.
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reaches to join the cuddle
hugs the screen
cries :,)
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the one eye cutes!
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Awwwww their all so cute and beautiful too *hugs them all*
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