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Ninjago- Cole, Kai, Jay, Zane

By uni416
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The clothes are a bit wrong because I drew it in class ;)
I recently bacame a fan of Ninjago; especialy Cole.

Go green ninja! I know who you are!! Muahahaha!
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Jay looks evil
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Zane looks really uncomfortable
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lol, zane is like what the heck! XD
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but where is nya?
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i like jay and kai
there cool
and my favorite colors
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this is pretty cool
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i have never seen the not lego version
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You like Cole. Well I like Zane.
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they all look as if they have eyeliner on!
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Zane and Kai are the best ninjas
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Jay is giving Zane "Leh Stare".
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Zane and Cole the best ninjas Zane Gamer Icon Cole Gamer Icon 
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Jay is getting on Zane's nevbers 
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Zane is like dude let go of me
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OMG Y is Zane disturbed?????
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Jay must've just said something... I don't know... Yeah...
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They really is super cutie and cool so good work! :)
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Such perfection :iconcannotevenplz:
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Nice! Mine checking out my DA? Thankies
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Zane looks disturbed XD

Wonderful picture!
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