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All artwork displayed in this gallery is copyrighted.  You may not distribute, reproduce or publicly display any image without a legal license.

All images displayed here are watermarked. I do not mind if you share them on your personal blog, myspace, twitter, facebook, etc. in their original form and credit the source. But if I come across any image used without my permission - i.e. cropped or edited to remove the watermark - it will be reported to proper authorities as copyright violation.
:skull: Lack of copyright awareness is not an excuse and will not be tolerated. :skull:

You may purchase the license for most of the images in a requested size and resolution. With the purchase you will receive my permission to use them for any personal or commercial purpose. Prices of licenses are affordable, so don't hesitate to note me and ask.

Bands & music promoters - if you're interested in using my artwork for CD/DVD layouts, flyers, banners, posters, etc. - contact me to buy license for chosen works. Prices start with $50, regardless if you consider this "commercial or "non-commercial" project. Messages asking for free usage (or in exchange for a "feature") will be simply ignored.

Not all images from my portfolio are for available for license! If you are interested in any particular, please inquire about the sale possibility.

© 2007 - 2020 UnholyVault
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I love your artwork,do I have to buy them if I just want to add them to my boards at Pinterest
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No, if you display the images as they are, with the watermark, or provide the link to my gallery, feel free to add them, no need to pay for the license.
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slight-art-obsession Digital Artist
Your image "Briar Rose" has been posted on Facebook here [link] cropped, edited and your watermark removed. This Facebook page's sole purpose is to advertise his shop. He has been made aware that posting artwork that does not belong to him is against copyright laws, but he is unimpressed.

Facebook is usually quick to remove copyright violations if the original artist reports the post.