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Reference 2.0 - Seraphina Waller by UngodlyIllusions Reference 2.0 - Seraphina Waller by UngodlyIllusions
My The Walking Dead character.
Not very much of an update, just made her hair longer, skin tanner, and gave her a little chub on her legs and arms to show muscle.
I also updated her prerequisite skills, before she was just out of college and training in ROTC, now she's older and has been training in the army for about half a year before the outbreak.
Here's some info you need to know about her:

<name> Seraphina (Sera) Waller
<age> 29 years
<status> single
<prerequisite> army trainee/big game hunter
<home state (pre-outbreak)> North Carolina
<height> 5'9"
<weight> 155 lbs.
<hair> dark brown
<eyes> gold
<ethnicity> Cherokee Indian/Norwegian
<home group> Woodbury
<final group> prison
<personality> tomboyish, intelligent, witty, clever, motherly.
<siblings?> Emily Waller, 25, female - Alive? no.
Keagan Waller, 13, male - Alive? no.
<background> Sera's mother and father were always fighting, and her father abused her mother, mostly sexually. He stayed drunk most of the time, from what she can remember. At the age of about 3 or 4 her mother met another man and left her father, they got married, and along came her sister. Her father-in-law was a sweet man, and treated all 3 of them with respect, then he joined the army. 12 years later, her mother was pregnant again, and happily, Sera found out she would have a brother like she always wanted, although she loved her sister Emily. Her mother decided to join her father-in-law in the army, and they were both sent over-seas 5 years before the outbreak. Sera, Emily, and Keagan lived with their grandparents for a while, and one day they got a call saying their parent's bunker was bombed in a surprise attack. About a month later, the outbreak came, and with it came the deaths of Sera's grandparents and little brother. Sera and Emily go on without anyone else until Emily became sick. The Governor found them huddled in a pharmacy surrounded by sheets and curtains to shield them from the cold. The Governor took them back to Woodbury where they were treated and taken care of. Sera became a night watchman on the gate and a cook as well, she also grew to know Andrea pretty well. Emily became a personal assistant to Milton and ran errands. Emily unfortunately found the Governor's daughter before anyone else and was killed on spot, Sera knew all of the Governor's secrets but never told anyone (She was on his side for a while). The Governor told Sera that Emily was attacked while out on a run and turned, so she had to be killed. Sera mourns Emily's death for a long time, then she meets Merle and they become best friends. The night of the raid to bring back Daryl, Sera is left behind, and finally meets the Prison group and learns of Merle's and Andrea's deaths. She then joins the prison group along with the children and elderly and tries to become friends with Rick and the others.

Hopefully this gives you guys a summary of her life story so far. (:
Any other info you need, please just ask. (:

Art and character © me
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N-U-K-E-D Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
She's so gorgeous !!!

UngodlyIllusions Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! ^u^
I tried to make her a little more believable this time lol
N-U-K-E-D Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You've succeeded!
UngodlyIllusions Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
missymoomeow Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
She may be pretty
But long hair isn't a good thing with zombies behind you
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