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My Bio
I am available for commissions and project works!

Othernym: GTD-Carthage
E-mail: gtdcarthage@gmail.com, gtdcarthage@yahoo.com

Things I worked on:
Yurei Ninja, Endless Runner Game (iOS, Android)
- Concept Artist/Designer
- Level Designer
- Environment Artist (3D modeling and texturing)
- Character and Prop Designer/Artist (3D modeling and texturing)
- Animations
- Special Effects
- UI Design
- Promotional Materials

What I do:
* Adobe Photoshop
* Blender
* Substance
* Unity 5 (with C#)
* Unreal Engine 1-4
--- Seven years spent on mods, specifically on level design, for Unreal Tournament games.
* Source Engine
--- Has designed levels for Counter Strike: Source and Left4Dead
--- Has designed levels for Doom (yes, the old Doom, Doom is like my C for C++ progammers)
* PaintTool SAI
* 3ds Max
* Google SketchUp
* Some other multimedia software I'm not usually recruited for. (After Effects, Sony Vegas, etc.)

What I produce:
* Environment art
* Game assets
* Game level design
* Occasional character art
* Game prototyping (still in study!)

Tools of the Trade
BFG9K, BFG10K, Redeemer, Ion Painter, Dark Matter Gun, Authority Pulse Gun, Hammer of Dawn

ST-7 Longhorn Light Tank

ST-7 Longhorn Light Tank

Modeled with Blender and textured with Quixel. Done through the high-poly to low-poly bake workflow. Should be a game-ready asset!

I Did a Thing (And it's 3D)

I Did a Thing (And it's 3D)

ALL HAIL THE BLENDER MASTER RACE. Only 10% triangles an average Neptunia model has! (but that's including their set equipment; also have never played) Armature was generated from Rigify, skinning not perfectly adjusted (just automatic weights with minor joint repaints). Multiple meshes, multiple materials, and not quite optimized for game nor animation. All texture maps were hand-painted in Photoshop. BUT THERE YOU GO. Any Blender people out there know how to relax UV islands into squares (preferably without having to drag every single vertex into place)? Something like this: http://behance.vo.llnwd.net/profiles/83046/projects/197666/830461

Deconstructing Deconstruction - The Goodbad

Deconstructing Deconstruction - The Goodbad

Ah, the deconstruction. Nothing speaks postmodernism more than that which breaks the walls by being a wall itself. Deconstruction is one of many schools of literary criticism and frequently deals with art, culture, fiction, and philosophy. It's become a popular train of thought because in today's generation, to question and criticize everything is one of our most common traits. Which is good, because that means you know the vacuum cleaner the salesman is selling doesn't really make your house a happy place into which the tides of fortune would flow to. Which is bad because... wait, there's bad? Yes, there is. Read on. Seriously, what IS a d

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MedjugoreHobbyist Digital Artist
Eye catching and beautiful!!!!
YantiskraProfessional Digital Artist
Your art is amazing and the complicated sci-fi patterns left me in awe.
CzepekuProfessional Digital Artist
Brilliant landscape work, your knowledge of lighting and color is clear in your works. Can I ask where you learnt about color and light? I'm still learning and I've been recommended a few sources but I'd like to know where you learnt yours. Keep up the good work anyhow :).
Hi, thank you for looking at my work. I checked your portfolio and I can't help but feel your work is quite professional already with light and color seemingly not an issue for you as it still often is for myself. ;)

But just in case, I highly recommend Jeremy Vicker's Practical Light and Color from Gnomon - it's an amazing tour regarding color choice and realism and is often one of my more fundamental recommendations for budding artists more than anything else. (although as said earlier, your work is already professional so I won't describe you as 'budding' particularly - more like 'blossoming' instead? ;P )

As I gaze upon your work actually, I like how your work shows a lot of material roughness and grit, while I still often have an issue with hard and splintery objects like wood or rock still looking kind of... clay or melted. I hope you don't mind me turning this into a trade of sorts, but I'd like to know if you've got any resources regarding proper use of textures and so on.

Thanks, and keep up the good work too!
CzepekuProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks so much :). Well there is a really good course on matte painting on CGMA online which you can buy. I highly recommend it, the teacher is a top professional and he'll teach you the ins and outs of how to use textures from photos. I also recommend finding some brush packs which already have texture to them. Loosely glazing brush patterns over surfaces can give you texture too. Additionally, sometimes I play around with blend modes and opacity in the layers, multiply, overlay, linear burn etc. See what works, see what gives you the right kind of texture. 
AthareaHobbyist Digital Artist
hey! your art is fantastic! really nice job, cant wait to see more :D
TRVartworkHobbyist Digital Artist
How do you draw futuristic ships and buildings?