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robin hood

umm. yeah.

just mucking round with textures, and positive and negative space.

eh. not that happy with it. but eh.

texture. yay. i wanna get better at it. but still suck.

i need to get out of this hoodie phase im goin through...

and it also seems that barely any of my works on here seem to conform to the same dam style. i wanna get some more unity in my works...
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woahh! dude i really like it
you still seem to get that really arty feel to it even though its digital. which is really good.
looks swell
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i just used my tablet and photoshop.
i had a reference photo for the face, but it ended up not much like the original, but i was happy with it, so eh. the green was just straight pen. the texture is just a texture brush in the preset brushes, in the standard set. eyah.. i never gave those brushes much credit, but they can do a bit...
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lol it is very different to your other works but! i like wha you've done with the texture and positive and negative space =) what did u use to make dis?
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that is supper cool
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SO BEAUTIFUL...... *cant control arms*
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Very nice !
I love the texture :)
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