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Unforgettable-Time Rules


1) To join the group, you need to be on dA for at least 6 months and have a minimum of 40 high quality images in your gallery.

Um unserer Gruppe beizutreten müsst ihr mindestens 6 Monate bei DA sein und mindestens 40 hochwertige Bilder in eurer Gallerie haben.

Pour rejoindre notre groupe, vous devez être sur dA pendant au moins de six mois et avoir un minimum de 40 images de haute qualité dans votre galerie.

2) Please read all the rules carefully, and follow these simple Guidelines to Our Folders. Please take a look at the information corner, too.

3) All rules from DeviantArt apply.

4) All work has to be yours and if not it must be fully credited to the original owner(s)

5) Any person submitting artwork containing sexually themed artwork (nudism, fetishism or pornography) will be removed and banned from the group.

6) All media is allowed but strictly no:
- Violent themed artwork (suicide, harming yourself/others);
- Dead animals/animal cruelty;
- Unaltered screenshots;
- Spam links;
- Advertising;
- Similar submissions being submitted the same day;
- Titles not written in English, French, German, Spanish;
- Titles with only asterisks, numbers, random letters or 'Untitled';
- Blurry, low-quality images;
- Large watermarks;
- WIPs;
- Racist, sexist or sexual-themed pieces of literature;
- Group jumpers (submitting your images and then leaving the group right after);
- Any artwork related to My Little Pony

7) There is no racism/sexism, abusive language or abuse of towards anyone allowed.

8) 3 submissions per week are allowed to the Submitting Folder.

9) Literature submissions must be written in English, French, German or Hungarian and will be read over before getting accepted. (Take into consideration your submission(s) may take a while to be accepted.)

10) Work that does not comply to the guidelines of our group or we deem unfit will be denied/removed.

11) When you submitt photographies of people, please make sure, that the persons gave their permission to post these pics.

12) Please do not submitt picutres of babies and kids under the age of 14. They are not able to give their personal permission to do that or do not know the consequences of it. Thank you for understanding.

If any concerns or problems occur please contact an admin:
Kitteh-Pawz and/or Finnyanne

Thank you and enjoy!

*** Rules are subject to change. ***


Information Corner

Hi Folks,

Here are your humble admins speaking...
In this section we like to give some information and pieces of advice to you :D...

1. When we suggest a pic of yours there is no need to post it again. When you agree to our request it will be in. So no need to re-post it.

2. If you have problems to submit to a special folder just let us know. We are not always aware when a folder is full.

3. As hard as it sounds, to discuss with us, why we declined a picture is fruitless. When we decline a pic, we always tell you the reason why and to submit it again, will do you no good.

4. As we recognize during our contests, a lot of fake accounts voted. If we caught someone doing this, the pic will be disqualified. And it will be a pleasure for us to do so.

5. Just for your information, people who do not take our warnings serious, do not be surprised to be kicked out of the group

6. According double submissions. For the fact that Kitteh-Pawz and I are living in different timezones, there can be a delay in accepting your pics of 6 hours. In this time, the automatic notification of a double submittion does not show up, because the pic is not official in the group. So please be careful and do not rely on the automatic answer. Again the notification shows only up, when a pic is accepted to the group.

7. When leaving the group, please remove your pics. We do not support artists, which are no members of the group.

8. When we ask of a pic of yours, please do not see that as an invitation to our group, it just means it is a good shot, that we like to see in our group and which we like to promote, to show it to a greater audiance. To join our group, you still have to meet the requirements. If you do not agree with that, just decline the request.

... to be continued :D


Gallery Folders

grainy days ending II by C-o-r
Charmaine by Erissera
Astral Witch by crimaart
GRABBAL by SunshineProxy
Submitting Folder
Admin - Queen's Folder
Pumpkin Bread by Kitteh-Pawz
Angel's Gate Lighthouse by Kitteh-Pawz
Sunset at the Beach by Kitteh-Pawz
Puppetry by Kitteh-Pawz
Admin - Swordswoman's Folder
Luzifer und Miss Ellie by Finnyanne
Seriously by Finnyanne
Cuddle Time by Finnyanne
I am not tiered yet by Finnyanne
Abstract and Surreal
Daydreaming is Keeping On by Hermetic-Wings
Daydreaming by Hermetic-Wings
Bethany Beach by haloeffect1
Frame by LatchDrom
Amphibians and Reptiles
Peek-A-Boo. by Sparkle-Photography
The cuteness of a lizard... by cricketumpire
Nope Rope. by Sparkle-Photography
Looks Can Be Deceiving. by Sparkle-Photography
portzelajn. by mitfoch
Get Low by tanikel
From the anatomist's sketchbook by faroutsider
Let Me by WillTC
Tulsa W4th Street by takmaj
092321ReNewTwoBase by Dragonforge
092121ReNew by Dragonforge
032321Lost by Dragonforge
Aquatic Life
Carpe diem... by cricketumpire
Vestiges of the Egyptian Atlantis by Dystopia-Maxima
Smoosh by LyricalAutumnWind
Don't be Shellfish by LyricalAutumnWind
Architecture, Statues and Cityscapes
SD Downtown 006 by JPattonPhotography
The Chateau by Val-Faustino
Isolated by polloscheggia
Brightcolpic 605 by Brightcol
Architecture - Interior
The Door at the End by Aleks-art
A Bit Ruffled. by Sparkle-Photography
Bees and Alike
Bee Q by derwahrehorst
Pelican In A Tree. by Sparkle-Photography
Birds of Prey
White-tailed eagles by DominikaAniola
Walking the Bridge II by Val-Faustino
Bindalm by callmenotwo
Butterflies and Moths
Looks Can Be Deceiving. by Sparkle-Photography
Chibis and Alike
Birthday Gift: Sami by Selunare
Tribute by faroutsider
Non Ce N'est Pas Fini by Hermetic-Wings
Cruella cosplay by F. Lovett by FLovett
Spring mess by rosaarvensis
Daisies and Cosmos
Daisy Stock by allison731
Narcissus by Catlaxy
Pink dahlia by irrlicht71
daydream by AnnieFF5
Digital Art
Moving Formulas by janhein
Digital Art - 3D
End game by faroutsider
Digital Art - Animals
Psychedelic Eagle by philippeL
Digital Art - Landscapes
Santa's playground by faroutsider
Digital Art - People
Botany lab by faroutsider
Digital Art - Wallpapers
Let Me Take You (On A Journey) by MorishitaKurumi
Digital Drawings and Paintings
The core by faroutsider
Domestic Cats
Dusts of gold... by cricketumpire
Domestic Dogs
When Your Lil Bud Photobombs Your Mushroom Pic by MoonlightMysteria
Ducks and Geese
Napping Is Always Better With A Buddy. by Sparkle-Photography
Exotic Animals
A mind melding... by cricketumpire
Exotic Birds
Rainbow Lorikeet by vanndra
Farm Animals
Counting chickens... by cricketumpire
Weirwood Gown Bustled by DaisyViktoria
Feathers, Shells and Stones
Tropical Shells by vanndra
Flowers and Blossoms
Frozen Optimism  by WindraWolf
Food of Nature
Kokoryczka by rosaarvensis
Food That Spoils Your Diet
Christmas Cookies by Catlaxy
Forest and Trees
Waldweg by callmenotwo
Forest Animals
Stalker by faroutsider
Bright-eyed floweret of the brook... by cricketumpire
Foxgloves and Bleeding Hearts
After the Rain by k-a-d-a-t-h
Fractal Edits
Eastern Hiccupflower by marshwood
Fungi, Cacti and Plants
Winter Spotlight: Jelly Ear by Clu-art
Graffiti and Street Artwork
Fortress by Catlaxy
Hints and Tricks
Making Feminine + Masculine Features (Stylized)ART ADVICE ARTICLE #11: TIPS FOR DRAWING FEMININE FEMALES AND MASCULINE MALESI'm not saying that all female characters should look feminine and all males should look masculine, not at all! But the point of this exercise was to effectively convey a character as either male or female despite hair length, clothing, etc. Every so often, I see people working in anime style asking how to make cartoon/anime guys look male even if they have long hair, so I made this to help in these situations. For this exercise, we'll take the same base sketch (so, in this case, we're not changing either the hairstyle or the face shape), and then use certain visual cues to make one look female and one, male. The results are interesting. : D,BASE SKETCH. I started off with an androgynous face and hairstyle for the base sketch. This is the same sketch used in all the drawings in this article.LINEART. The first thing I did was vary the lineart style. This is optional, but we're just throwing all options out there, and it's interesting to see the difference it makes. ,For the middle one, I turned the line stabilizer ON and used smooth, curving strokes. For the rightmost one, I turned the stabilizer OFF and used straighter lines and more jagged edges.Before we even get to the face, you can see the difference the lineart style alone makes. Now let's add the actual facial features...,Here, I drew the face, using the same lineart technique described above. In addition, I used the following differences:FACIAL FEATURESThin, curves eyebrows vs. thick, angular eyebrowsCurves for drawing eyes (round, oval) vs. straight lines (rectangular)Upper lip vs. no upper lip Rounder bottom lip vs. more rectangular bottom lipSmoother jawline (it could have even been rounder) vs. angular jawlinePointed or rounded chin vs. square chinNeck curves inward to appear slimmer vs. straight lines for neckI didn't even add eyelashes and makeup or facial hair; it wasn't necessary. These items above, alone, were enough to make a difference.It's important to note that most of these in the list above are not actual, real differences between the faces of real men and women. Instead, they are ideas for stylistic decisions(*) to quickly get the idea of "female or male" across to the viewer.I kept the same face shape for this example to keep the base sketch unchanged, but you can, of course, vary face and bone structure, etc. In fact, this is encouraged!CLOSINGThese are not chemistry lab instructions - you can pick and choose what you do, do things differently, etc. and it won't blow up in your face. XD However, it shows several things you can do to make a character look male or female, without changing the basic character design.These are two articles I recommend reading in conjunction with this one. (*)The first explains what style really is (and walks you through finding your own), and the second explains why studying realism will help you make better cartoon/anime art:,Art Advice Issue #5 - How to Find your Own StyleAugust 16, 2016By far the most common concern I see people on DA,,The Misconception Behind 'Study Realism'November 28, 2020 ART ADVICE ISSUE #10 - THE MISCONCEPTION BEHIND(I'm sorry, I can't put them one next to the other)I hope someone finds it helpful. : )OTHER ART ADVICE ARTICLES:Issue #1 - Don't Let Anyone Make you Feel Bad About your Art: Assumptions & Artistic VisionIssue #2 - Dealing with Art Mistakes: How to Have a Positive OutlookIssue #3 - Advancing in Art: The Three PsIssue #4 - a - Basic Tips to Make your Art Look Better b - Advanced Tips for Photographing Traditional ArtIssue #5 - About Style and How to Find your OwnIssue #6 - Dealing with Art BlockIssue #7 - How to Ask for and Provide CritiqueIssue #8 - Random Traditional Art TipsIssue #9 - Debunking Common Art MythsIssue #10 - The Misconception Behind "Study Realism"You can also find these (and other helpful stuff) linked in the "Art Motivation Corner" (green) widget on the bottom right of my profile page.
Do You Believe In Magic ? by Silviya
Fragrance by IvanAndreevich
At the interview by VeraVision
Road to the moon by NagiSpider
Knick Knacks
Friendy Annie by AradiyaToys by AradiyaToys
Hotel by Sergiba
Huette by callmenotwo
Lilacs and Lavender
Just Lilac by skarzynscy
Lilies, Irises and Alike
Ecstasy by VeraVision
reading by Man90Ray
Protruding  by WindraWolf
Lofoten by Tindomiel-Heriroquen
If You Are My Love by MorishitaKurumi
Orchids by vanndra
garden of summer by AnnieFF5
my dear pocahontas by tanyusha1984
People - Black and White
H e l l o by CitizenFresh
Hoshiko - The Little Stargazer (Final Version) by MorishitaKurumi
Protected (2) by derwahrehorst
Cottontail. by Sparkle-Photography
ostertaltobel 2.23 by MK-NI
Red Squirrel #2 by DominikaAniola
Roses and Peonies
Wonders all around us by Cothoga
Rural and Urban Life
Mind Trip by AnthonyPresley
Sakura and Alike
Rebirth by WindraWolf
Skyscapes and Weather
Sundown an the Ammersee_01 by Barakwolf
Visitor by wroto
Smoke and Fire
Hot coffee VI by AlejandroCastillo
Spring Moments 13 by Clu-art
Can I ask you... by cricketumpire
Krakow Symbols In The Morning Light by skarzynscy
Still Life
Simple spell II by rosaarvensis
Sunflowers and Alike
Summer Impressions 135 by Clu-art
Superheroes and Villains
Rogue cosplay by F. Lovett by FLovett
Washing Wings by Aleks-art
Dreamcatcher by elvenphilosophy
Astrolabe by irrlicht71
The 4 Seasons
Winterland Stock by philippeL
Traditional Art
Forest awakening by Schoerie
Traditional Art - Animals
The Real Fish Constellation by Aleks-art
Traditional Art - People
Semi-real drawing study #1 by Calur
Octopus by DominikaAniola
Carpe diem by Cothoga
The Big Drop by Val-Faustino
Wild Canines
Too hot in here by siriablacky
Wild Felines
Yaaawn by PhotoDragonBird
Borrego Springs IMG 1467 by JPattonPhotography



Donation Pool

We are seeking donations for our group.
The points will be used towards future contests and/or keeping up with our Super Group status.

If you wish to donate, please do so to HERE!

Thank you so much! :D

Group Info

Hello everyone! :D
Welcome to Unforgettable-Time!

We're all about capturing unforgettable moments that cause an impact on you, others and the world!
Please check out our group, and join!
All art forms are accepted!

Share your work, and enjoy work from others! :meow:

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