Well, My Work is Probably Dead.

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Long story short, some individual took my mod, Hyrule: Total War, paid a fee, and attempted to get it approved on Steam Greenlight to potentially generate a commercial profit. Now this incident is flying around the web and despite intents it's probably only a matter of time before a Cease and Desist is in order. If you are followers of my work, I recommend that you try and get the Steam Greenlight page flagged and taken down here: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles…

Unfortunately, it's probably too late. I do not know this individual's intent. It's possible he was trying to help out with advertising and did so in the most spectacularly stupid way possible. Or it's possible he attempted to destroy all my work and get it shut down as several have tried to do in the past. Whatever the case is, I am not going to assume his intent or goal and I encourage you not to make the same assumptions.

Honestly though (rant time, feel free to look on past this clump of whining, crybaby text), trying to get Hyrule: Total War complete has become nothing but a drain. Between multiple attempts from various groups trying to shut my work down for pointless reasons and a persistent negative reaction from selective Zelda "fans," what started as a fun expression of something I loved my whole life has become a slog. I won't go into too much detail or throw a pity party, but all the fun of Zelda has been sucked out for me. This series is pretty much dead to me, and if almost a decade of my work that I've put thousands upon thousands upon thousands of hours into is shut down because of this incident that could have been avoided, it will be the final nail in Zelda's coffin for me.

I'm really thankful to all the followers that have supported my work all these years though. Without your kind support and feedback I probably would have given up years ago. And I also thank God for you Jim, and for letting me know this happened as soon as it did with your vigilant patrol of Steam Greenlight. Hopefully you calling this out as soon as it did prevents any legal trouble and this will all just blow over in a few days.
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Checked the link to Steam to see the process of this, and I got a message it has been taken down. Our flagging worked. :)
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I saw that, too! I'm glad it was taken down.
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Wish you luck bro, it's fucked up what happened to you.
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Found out about this whole affair through Jim Sterling youtu.be/uDeSgkS_GPQ This is a pretty ugly situation.
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FYI, it's been taken down off Greenlight as of right now.
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Nintendo WOULD have just had it removed from Steam and that could have been the end of it.  I say WOULD, but of course, that not going to be the case. Prepare for a cease and desist and possible legal action: you've made money off  MORE THAN ONE of their creations. gg nephy.

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In the case of Patreon, there are dozens, if not hundreds of individuals receiving money through Patreon for Zelda related art and creations. Patreon is a very legal grey area, since it technically falls under the category of charity and donations. I would be more than happy to remove all Zelda content from my Patreon if representatives at Nintendo felt it was an infringement.

There is also the case that my work falls under the category of being transitive, which Nintendo has officially sanctioned in the past: mynintendonews.com/2014/11/17/…

It could very well be the reason my work has gone on for seven years while so many projects have been shut down. It's been almost a week and I've received no word from Big N yet though.
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well i'm sorry that some idoit is to blame and that become disinterested. it's your baby and I understand where your coming form.  I hope to see more stuff from you. You got a lot of talent :)
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If it's any consolation, this is bringing even more attention to your amazing work. I'm now looking forward to SFEH's completion.
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Yeah this did bring a lot of attention to my stuff. If Nintendo ends up passing by this actually could end up being an insanely positive event for me.
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Very sorry to hear this has happened to you :(, I haven't played Hyrule Total War but I've watched all the missions on Youtube, I hope things work out for you in the end.
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whoever did this is a hater, jealous hater or a really fucked up hater
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The evidence is pointing to a clueless kid who probably was just trying to advertise and it backfired horribly, though still no confirmation yet.
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but still he/she should have told you SOMETHING
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Oh, so THIS is where the pain comes in. I was wondering why I wasn't feeling any at all after I'd gotten a root canal.

I'm serious. I'd rather be feeling what's supposed to be the horrendously painful aftermath of a root canal than for this to be a reality right now.

Down with WolfDampf! This fool has committed crimes against Zelda, against expressionism, and against we, the loyal UN Fanbase!
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It's looking like the person responsible might have been a clueless kid that didn't know any better. Talk about learning how fire burns by running into it.
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I noticed the DMCA on the page is gone...good sign or bad?
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Saw Jim's video and sorry it happened to you man. I hope your work goes more smoothly for the future
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I am so, very sorry that this happened to you :( I hope that thief gets his Steam account banned.
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It looks like the situation is being resolved smoothly so far. It's looking like the person responsible was a clueless 12 year old kid who didn't know any better. It's all a really embarrassing situation.
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Noo, that's so sad! I stumbled across your mod on some Nintendo site, and I was totally awestruck. I haven't played it, but I have watched every single mission on your YouTube channel, and I just love the way you've depicted this series, as well as its characters. Thumbs down for haters, who can't accept the fact that we share different opinions regarding certain things.
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I know you're pissed, I'd be too. It's been a day since you wrote this, little bit more than that actually, so maybe you calmed down. And I really hope you did, because try and take a step back. Look at this from a distance, if you can that is. I know I wouldn't be able to do that just now if something like that ever happened to me. But then again, if something like that does happen to me someday, I kinda hope someone will come over and tell me to take a step back and calm down a bit.

Let's check the facts:
- It was uploaded by a 13 years old
- It was uploaded on Greenlight Concepts, not Greenlight proper
- Nintendo already knew about your mod (I can't believe they didn't, they're way too maniac about their IPs for that

Someone took a mod you painfully worked on and uploaded it on a sharing platform that's open to everyone and is not meant to go and sell things on Steam. Concepts requires no fee, and things uploaded there CAN'T go on Steam, whatever the reception is. This could have gotten a million likes in a minute, it still wouldn't have been uploaded on Steam because it's Greenlight Concepts, not just plain Greenlight. Hell, I even think you don't even need to upload anything at all, actually: I think you can just put on a few screenshots, put a link to a YouTube video, write a description and be done with it. So I actually don't think your mod per se is even uploaded on Steam as we speak.

So... what's gonna happen? Nothing.
Big, fat, nothing. I'm fairly confident in this.

Kid will be grounded a bit (because Steam never does much else), he'll have the shame of his life (hopefully) and you'll be able to go on working on whatever you do right now because Nintendo won't go after you as long as you keep creating free stuffs. And it's a good thing because we NEED someone like you. Modders like you are what makes the gaming community so great. We need to balance things out: there are the ones who upload things left and right, steal, destroy or vandalize. And there are people like you. Without you, and modders like you, there wouldn't be much good left in the whole gaming community.

So... hang on. Try and tell yourself that it looked like a major blow, but landed as weak as a 8 years-old girly punch. People with your talents are a rarity, don't give up man. :)
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So far nothing bad has come of this on my end. I probably did just panic.
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