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I've struggled for a long time trying to design and finalize Krystal's uniform during her stay with the Starfox team. I've experimented with different types of outfits, everything from variations on the Assault jumpsuit to Adam Wan's popular design. Seeing as I picture Krystal as the "Savage Warrior" having lived on a planet full of ten foot tall lizard monsters, I wanted to go for a heavily armed but lightly armored sort of look, a glass cannon if you will. I've noticed with Krystal's official uniforms that part of the problem is she sticks out like a sore thumb next to other members of the team. I wanted to help her blend in more while still having an outfit with variations from the other members. So here we are with Krystal's Starfox uniform in Event Horizon.
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Isn’t the ammo belt a little much?