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"Holy depth and meaning Batman! The Anouki have been given a deep culture, mythos, background, and written language! I never expected those teletubbies to end up like this!"

"Never underestimate a disappointed fan with no life and a point to prove, Robin."

The Anouki from Hyrule: Total War. Never thought these guys would end up being my favorite race in the game.
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are these on Hyrule Conquest already or will they be added in the future?

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They've not been added yet.

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These guys look amazing.
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White Walkers anyone?
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A man or woman who outright laughs at the depths of their own brand of crazy is someone to admire.
mobilesuitsoldier's avatar
So this is when they get serious?
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Then what exactly do they use for their spear tips or are these staffs in their hands more of ceremonious purpose/religious statement?
Just would have that cleared up.
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They are probably a type of sharpened stone. They are not ceremonial.
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Question: Is that Ice they are using for their spear tips?

As for the artwork itself....Thumbs Up

Keep it up with your awesome artworks, the character you manage to give each one I had the fortune to lay my eyes upon so far is truly splendid.:) (Smile)
UndyingNephalim's avatar
They do not use ice as tips for their spears.
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I was content with the canon Anouki, but these guys?


Bring it on! With any luck, you'll make the canon Anouki look even more bastardized.

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:XD:  They look pretty good.  Can't wait to see some ingame footage of them!
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I've never seen the Anouki, but from the way you described them they sound pretty disappointing. You really have managed to give new meaning to each of the races in Hylian lore and made a lot of the throw away stuff amazing. Keep up the good work.
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Feast your eyes on the Anouki from Spirit Tracks:
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So wait, does this mean Anouki Won't have cute little gnome hats?
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wait what, in wich level of lore diguing are we talking?

Linkzilla's avatar
Coming up with an expanded universe of a pre-existing universe and manufacturing your own theology and mythologies to it are no easy feats.

You've done a top-notch job.
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This is amazing. You're turning H:TW into a masterpiece, Neph. Great work!
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Will they be integrated into the Hyrule Historia missions?
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