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Broker 3D Mesh - WIP



For those that don't know the character: [link]

I was not satisfied with my Norin model at all so I've began remaking my cinematic models for Sigma. I decided to maybe start with a more complex creature instead so I've found myself working on Broker.

EDIT: Finished most of the textures. Raytracing is not on (hence the random black marks in the antennas). I'll probably take the model into zbrush soon to bring it up to super hi-poly quality.
Tell me what you guys think so far.

Broker and all related material are (c) ~UndyingNephalim
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So I finally get a chance to comment YAY XD

So this is the 3d model you've been working on. Looks far better than Norrin but I still have issues with anatomy here. I do think you have to relook at a wasp for the upper body. Yes, there are different kinds of wasps but she does just have boobs. No, I'm not being perverted. I am saying this due to the fact if you look up wasp on google, you see that the "chest" only sticks out to allow the use of the legs. If it was connected and solid, it would probably be harder for the wasp to move. Broker has boobs here. If anything, they need to be flatter and more angled. Either that or she needs a less human like torso. I know, it's human like and bug like at the same time but I see where the other "legs" would go and since they are not there, she has boobs. Also, I don't think it should be able to stand like that even if it is a bug. I know it walks by looking down but that seems highly unnatural for it if it has a true exoskeleton. You also have the problem of the belt. It would cut into the "stomach" and not allow her to bend over and walk. And don't tell me it's on hinges. That's just silly. Also, I know the clothes relate to status but the corset is out of place as is the idea of clothes equaling status. How do they get it on? do they dress each other? I also don't understand how the mouth works. The skin texture also leaves a lot to be desired. The close ups make it look as though she's made of flesh and veins. I do think the upper legs should be more in front. I don't get how she could hold herself up like that.

Sorry for the really random comments but I hope this silly critique helps.