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6 - Dreams of Dreams

This one is from 2005, as I still don't have time or energy to draw new stuff. What a way to start my Lines project, but I suppose it's somehow fitting.

Currently, I feel overwhelmed with the need to find work immediately to pay bills and contribute meaningfully to family and pay off debt. So I have a lot of temp work and little time for business, business development, family, dreams and so on. And art.

I guess it is a natural human tendency to dream of impossible projects when we feel the most trapped. Like this one.


Art details:

I found the original scan - without any photoshopping improvements of contrast etc. I felt there was a kind of ... innocence, I suppose, to that version. So I chose to upload it and not fiddle around with it again. Pencils are supposed to be like that, right?

5 - Shadowy Reminders

14 years ago I did this and never finished, right before I ended up in hospital. It is part of a larger pic, obviously.

I tried to finish it tonight, and then failed immediately.

Then I did some photoshopping on it, hoping I could do some ... avant-garde-ish collage-shit with mist and effects and make it look like that was my intention all along.

But the truth is that it is just one of those insanely detailed pencils-drawings that had a certain energy a long time ago, but no longer feels fresh.

Even so I don't want to forget it.

I want to use it as a reminder - and then as a motivation to start again.

With something that is just as detailed and has just as much energy.

For now this one is frozen in time.

Like a slice of the past - almost literally - that is just there, always unfinished and kind of broken.

Right before I myself was almost broken, in a whole other story of life.

There is a strange fascination about that, and perhaps it is okay therefore to leave it.

Perhaps it is okay that some things are reminders of just that.

4 - Second Thoughts

This one I may hopefully be able to revive, too - some day.

A hiatused project called "Their Promised Land", a graphic novel about the US Civil War.

A young southern girl escapes a raid on her home plantation by Federal soldiers and flees into the wilderness. She is helped by a runaway slave. She heads for the front lines to try to find her brother who is in the Confederate army, hoping he is still alive.  During the road trip she has to disguise herself as a boy in order to avoid getting captured or raped. This is one such time, just after the Second Battle of Manasses - where she still does not find her brother. But lots of trouble, of course ...

I hope to be able to do this someday. There is something both magical and terrifying about the US Civil War. And plenty of stories.


Art details:

Face penciled in - the basics - from a photo, using a light board. And then I inserted some old drawings from the US Civil War (but I'm not sure of their origin). The latter were pasted in the background and blurred and smudged and penciled over a bit. I honestly don't think it works that well, but I like the overall mood and composition. And of course the may-never-be-told story that was the motivation for doing it in the first place.

3 - Both of Them Know

I think this one speaks for itself.


Art details:

Pure pencils again - but it got a stronger overhaul in Photoshop this time. I tried the "Auto Smart Tone" for the first time and it really added some solidity to the darker areas. I no longer have the original drawing and the scan was, well, 15 years old or some such and very much 'flat'.



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