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interior design 2

3ds max 8.vray 1.50 rc2 and photoshop cs2 were used
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Indeed, a very nice design, warm, cozy, and friendly atmosphere. Frankly speaking, until we had children, we traveled and went camping very often with our company for many years. Then it became impossible for us to sleep on the ground, especially for me because of problems with the spine after pregnancy. To tell the truth, we always were very active and extremal on our trips. Now such kind of rest became unavailable to us. So, presently, we choose all-inclusive hotels with good beds and silent places. Morethenall for our house, we order a clever bed that changes its angle independence of your need from . Really the most important thing for us today became health and comfort.

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This I think it's best to translate my ideas into workable computer programs...
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very nice design
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best use of space and wonderfull 3ds!
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I have a question.
It looks like a room found in Japan or something.
Was that your aim, to create a contemporary asian room or something like that?
Whatever it is, it's amazing!
Keep up awesome work! :D
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very beautiful the design
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what can i say
very very exellent work amigo
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very very nice render and design.
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beautiful really so beautiful..
vry nyc wrk done...
Q8-SaRoOoNa-Q8's avatar
Wow could you give beginners tutorials ?
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