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Malel - Vampiric Warbeast



This is my first photo shop picture I finish. I did It for a Seventh Sanctum contest Twilight of the Vampire. Where we had to redesign a vampire.

I used the Vampire Name Generator to pick a name. It game me "Malel".

I try to design a more deadly futuristic vampire. I got a idea for a war beast but it dint seam to war beast like it was to human like. originally it was supposed to be more bigger caveman like with more tech and a larger tooth fill mow that would have took up a third of fourth of his body. It also need some blood on him. I may work more on it in the future. I did this in four day. One I have time latter I'm going to redesign him so he can look like what I originally want him to look like. So you can consider this as the Mark one Vampire war beast. He sort of more like a shock troop.

His armor robotic claw are to help him gather blood some are blade to maim and needle to suck. the tubes on his body allow for the blood to transfer to his body. the tank on him are to store extra blood.
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Definitely my choice for the winner.